Midweek Thread 1 September 2021

Two Thirds of 2021 gone – a pandemic -a military defeat- and a BBC so mired in its own propaganda – beyond bias – that the truth is alien to it .

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  1. StewGreen says:

    Pet Passports
    to go into the EU you are required to have an Animal Health Certificate
    However the trick is do it once, then when you arrive in the EU
    register your dog as EU and buy a pet passport for €20.
    You’ll be asked for the address of your EU-second-home
    If you are going to get your dog a rabies vaccine, don’t use a UK vet , use an EU one, cos that is the only one that can enter it into a EU pet-passport.


  2. StewGreen says:

    What was on Socialist Woman’s Hour today ?
    Afghan Refugee Resettlement, Greenham Common, Rebecca Welch the first female referee in the men’s game
    – “we hear from Refugee Action, on what is currently being done currently, and what *we* can do to help.

    – “Forty years ago this week .. Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. …
    They stayed there for almost twenty years
    in what would become the largest, most *effective* woman-led protest since the Suffrage campaign.”

    Was it effective ?

    “she went from working full-time as an NHS administrator, only playing football for fun, to eleven years later, making history as the first woman on the EFL’s referees list this season.
    Presented by Emma Barnett


  3. Zephir says:

    A wimmin referee,, that’ll go down well when we play Turkey, no coaching team on the sidelines just a team of domestic abuse counsellors and someone good with make up at hiding black eyes

    and she’ll have to hand out the oranges at half time or else


  4. tomo says:


  5. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 – BBC stirring anti-Government feeling using weaponised Afghans to do so

    Mike Bird, Leader of Walsall Council is happy to oblige. Disgraceful. That’s it. ‘Nuff said.


  6. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #2 – BBC trying to do more political campaigning around OFCOM and its Piers Morgan decision.

    Disgraceful. All over again.


  7. tomo says:

    errr… ooops….

    That’s going to nettle a few Aussies….


  8. StewGreen says:

    \\Tim Martin roasted on Twitter as Wetherspoons ‘runs out of beer’// The Independent *
    Tweeted by all the regular anti-Brexit guys.
    I suspect the normal Momentum Twitter army have been unleashed

    * The Independent is the original ambush-name .. It’s owned by a Russian oligarch and used to push propaganda .


    • StewGreen says:

      “It’s spin”
      What you’d expect is that yesterday Twitter would have loads of people saying YESTERDAY , that their local Wetherspoons was out of beer
      But no date specific searching shows that last night at 11:37pm the Metro released its story
      Then at 11:49pm AC Grayling retweeted it
      (That is suspiciously quick)

      What I do spot is at 12:22 Tuesday ONE person tweeted a sign at ONE pub saying they were out of 3 undrinkable beers
      cos of “lack of lorry drivers” and “strike action”

      AFAIK a GXO Logistics Drinks strike had been planned , but is now settled with a payrise.


    • harry142857 says:

      The Ofcom decision has gone down well at the “Independent” as well. Seething would be an understatement, judging by the comments. Always good for a laugh 😂


      • Guest Who says:

        A fewer wiser heads at OFCOM prevailed rather than the juvenile classes in most MSM these days.

        Have the latter no concept of precedent?

        If PM’s opinion as a media gob had seen the full blast of selective censorious wrath over the least popular couple on the planet, imagine the next BS, Naga, Maxine, Lewis, etc round would be pretty sticky to wave off.


    • Guest Who says:

      If only the media, especially joke ones like the Indy, knew how anyone rational views subbing based around ‘fury’, ‘roast’, etc when it is clear it is by six of their mates in the relevant activist group, be it on Brexit, XR, Llamas, exploding gas mains or errant nonentity faux pas.

      YAB, Femi, Ash and Owen live in their nasty little bubble, which is a mercy for those who work for a living.


  9. Zephir says:

    What is it with the police and their continual obsession with LGTB

    I see the RNLI now have a wimmin on TV telling us how she will save fishermens lives, yeh right



    • Philip_2 says:

      In a word Stonewall. Started by Tony Blair and still sponsored by public funds. Under Mandleson (then Minister of the Department for Industry) he even managed to award this (new charity) a Queens award to industry. It also received large funding from the National Lottery and of course the BBC are proud sponsors since it started. Its funded largely by government even though it provided no ‘public benefit’ as a charity has to prove. Its an NGO (and Gordon Brown invested in 21,000 (quasi NGO’s) more before he left office. They are also called Sock puppets. (you cannot see the hand that provides the money). Labour Councils were also big providers to Stonewall in red wall seats in the North.


      • tomo says:

        I have a vague recollection that gubbermint departments and NDPBs have sloshed cash into Stonewall’s coffers – 5-6 years ago when fat twat Lord Smiffy of Finchley was Environment Agency bigwig – he was generous with other people’s money.


      • Zephir says:

        “started by Tony Blair” … how many stories about trouble and strife in this country and abroad could be prefixed with that..and he still wears a smug smile

        Thatcher was despised (mostly) by the left but this one is hated left, right and centre, what a legacy.

        Never mind, he always has the nagging doubt that his wife and Hinge and Bracket are never seen in the same room at the same time



      • TrickCyclist says:

        “Started by Tony Blair” – I can’t find any reference to this. The founding members listed on Wikipedia include Ian McKellen, Matthew Parris, a couple of EastEnders and a fat lesbian called Lisa Power. I’ve been vaguely aware of Stonewall over the years but it doesn’t affect me directly so I haven’t been paying attention. Perhaps you know much more than I do, but it seems like fodder for the late night Trolls to me.


        • Zephir says:

          It was just a few more votes in his pocket as he freely admitted:

          “Now everyone is entirely in favour of this. There is a greater competition for the so-called gay and lesbian vote.”

          There is a cynicism behind that remark, and some of the references to “intelligence and sensitivity” with the abuse heaped upon some on social media nowadays from that very same community

          “The Prime Minister was speaking at the Stonewall Equality dinner at the Dorchester Hotel, central London, this evening.

          He was introduced by Stonewall’s chief executive, Ben Summerskill.

          Ben Summerskill: I would like to welcome all of you here tonight. I am delighted to introduce our opening speaker.

          I first met him 14 years ago, when my job was to show him round Harrow Rd police station in west London – don’t ask.


          He had just been appointed Shadow Home Secretary, and I will always remember that during a QA with a number of police officers, he said very firmly that he thought in the fullness of time, it was critically important that police services reflected the communities they serve. There was a lot of shuffling of size 12 feet.


          Needless to say, three, I think were women, and two were black. I do remember thinking at the time, this is a guy who takes equality seriously and I think there was evidence of that in the intervening years.

          I think it was James Callaghan who said rather ruefully, shortly after he retired, that as far as he could see the only real success he had in government was the relocation of the driver and vehicle licensing centre.


          My own view is that, even with civil partnerships alone, almost matches …

          Laughter, Applause

          He has done so much more than that for gay people in this country. He has been a good friend, a good friend to Stonewall, a good friend to gay people across Britain. I am delighted to introduce him, he is the MP for Sedgefield, Tony Blair.


          Tony Blair Thank you very much indeed. It is a real honour to be here this evening at the Stonewall Equality dinner, and to say thank you to Ben for that kind introduction.

          Actually, I remember Harrow Rd police station.


          I remember it particularly because there was a member of my staff at the time who had a very good sense of humour and she said to me, because she knew some of the issues that were going to come up, including gay rights, that actually I should go for it. It went down really well.


          And afterwards she said: “Can you still not tell when I am joking?”


          Just before I came here tonight, I, er, this is a sad reflection of type of thing you do towards the end of your time in office, I got out one of my old speeches and re-read it.


          It was a speech back in 1994, when, I think it was on an amendment by Edwina Currie and Neil Kinnock, interestingly enough, it wasn’t a combination that was often found.

          They had come together to move an amendment on equality on the age of consent. The thing that really struck me, re-reading the speech this evening, was just how a whole lot of things that nowadays we would more or less take for granted.

          I mean, you had to start literally with the very, very first principles. including arguments like: “how do you stop people being persuaded to be gay?”

          And I was thinking that is an interesting idea.

          I have got five really good arguments in favour of being gay. And I remember saying to the guy who was on the opposite side afterwards: “You know, I am not gay and I wouldn’t be persuaded by five really good arguments.”

          And he said to me: “No, no, of course not, of course not.” And I said: “But maybe it is the same the other way round?” He had never thought of it like that at all obviously.


          The interesting thing is that you then fast-forward to last night in the House of Lords, and the fact is the vote was won, which is an incredible thing.


          And I really just wanted to say two things about the changes that have happened over the past ten years, which you will know very well.

          There are a lot of important things, but I think civil partnerships is really the thing … as I was saying to people earlier, it doesn’t just give you a lot of pride, but it actually brought real joy.

          I don’t know whether you remember the very first day, and it was quite a bizarre circumstance that the first ceremonies were actually in Northern Ireland.


          I was so struck by it, it was so alive, I remember actually seeing the pictures on television. It is not often that you sort of skip around in my job, I can assure you, But it really the fact that that the people were so happy and the fact that you felt just one major, major change had happened, of which everyone can feel really proud.

          And now I think we were just saying, was it 16,000 civil partnerships, and what is interesting now is that other countries in Europe are looking at this legislation, and it is very divisive still in Spain and Italy at the moment. But nonetheless it is happening.

          This is my second reflection about it all.

          There are a whole load of different pieces of legislation, which I will not rehearse here, but what has happened is that the culture of the country has changed in a definable way as a result of it. And here is what I think is really interesting.

          The change in the culture and the civilising effect of it has gone far greater than the gay and lesbian community.

          In other words, by taking a stand on these issues and by removing prejudice and discrimination, and by enabling people to stand proud as what they are, it has had an impact that I think is far more profound in the way the country thinks about itself.

          And I want to say we have an immensely proud history, that is able to stand on its own merits in the 21st Century and say that we know we have a great future.

          One thing I think is very important for any country that is to succeed in the future you make the most of the talents and abilities of your people.

          If you allow discrimination to fester, that is a complete rejection of that modernising and civilising notion.


          That is what is really important and it is why as the day approaches … I mean even I get casual about this legacy business


          Well I think it is actually part of the last ten years – that certainly I will look back on with a lot of pride.

          However there is one final thing I wanted to say to you and it is this.

          It would not have happened really, I mean, some people this evening have been very kind and said that it took a certain amount of political courage.

          Well yes it did, but you know I remember back in the early ’80s when this type of issue was condemned as political correctness, when this was the loony-left, as it were, engaged in this.

          Stonewall, in my view, played a fundamental and often insufficiently recognised part in achieving this. I want to tell you why.

          When you are trying to do something that is difficult, divisive and when, as a politician, you do something that you know is going to be controversial … it is all very well saying well I want to do this and you can see some of you people are up for it and some of them are thinking “well, hmm”


          What actually matters enormously is that the people from outside politics that you are trying to do it with have a sufficient intelligence and sensitivity, which I think has really defined the Stonewall campaign, I define it as a polite determination.

          In other words, a complete push and drive to get the thing done, but also a way of doing it that is always looking to bring people onside, that is always looking to understand sensitivities, that is always willing to say, “look, this is something we would like to help get done with you in a sensible and intelligent way.”

          What Stonewall did, and Angela Mason, who I thought was absolutely fantastic when she was the Head, and now Ben what they did was remarkable and it is a real tribute.


          And you see here we are this evening at the Stonewall Equality dinner, and a lot of the tables are from some of the best-known names in business and commerce, and this is part of the diversity agenda now of these big companies.

          Now everyone is entirely in favour of this. There is a greater competition for the so-called gay and lesbian vote.

          This is a fantastic thing that all the party leaders today, and in the future actually all of them will be, I think, in favour of equality.


        • Philip_2 says:

          I am afraid its all true. What is worse is that Blair chose the one person who was part of a former terrorist group to head it. I remember it well and so will you when I recall the name… as

          Angela Mason ((formerly called Angla Weir during her Angry Brigade trial). She was Ben Summerskills predeceessor, made public when Angela Mason was promoted into a well paid job in Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1989.

          The link I have has been deleted but you should be able to search for ‘Angry Brigade’ and Angela Weir to find out that bit of history that has been buried since.

          Although not all history:


          • TrickCyclist says:

            “Angela Mason was promoted into a well paid job in Tony Blair’s Labour government in 1989.”
            Sorry, I don’t want to sound like a troll, but I don’t know how to respond to that statement.


  10. Rich says:

    For some reason this caught my eye and I read it. Have a quick look at it.


    The bBc actually seem to me to be promoting taking illegal substances, as if it’s normal, just part and parcel of growing up, necessary to enhance your enjoyment of live music. The twisted logic and sick attempt to normalize such dangerous behaviour, excusing it in the way that they are here is despicable and outrageously obscene.

    Thank God so few of the generation that this is aimed at will actually see it.


    • Zephir says:

      BBC obituary via their twitter feed of a nonentity to most:

      Lee Scratch Perry, famous as a drug abuser:

      The bbc gushes:

      “”Shamanistic and reliably stoned, “Scratch” nevertheless had a remarkable work ethic.”

      “reliably stoned” says the bbc and they want to educate children..

      yep, get drugged up and surprise everyone when you turn up in a recording studio now and again


      • Zephir says:

        Name me one song, one single song…anyone ?


        • micknotmike says:

          He wrote the one (Can’t remember the name) which goes “Uh uh uh oh yeah uh uh me kill policeman uh uh smacko bitcho uh oh yea”. Oh hang on, i could be thinking of Kenny west, who now calls himself “yawn” or somesuch.


  11. Philip_2 says:

    The US may struggle to recover from Joe Biden’s weakness ..
    …there are also ominous signs that, this time, Biden’s America may struggle to bounce back from the brink….

    The problem is institutional, too. In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph last week, the writer Bari Weiss gave a pessimistic analysis of events. America’s elite institutions, she claimed, were effectively lost to the identitarian mob and would need rebuilding from the bottom up. Joseph Schumpeter, the economist who devised the concept of creative destruction, predicted that intellectuals would be central to its demise. The prosperity and intellectual freedom common to many capitalist systems, he noted, would produce “an atmosphere of almost universal hostility to its own social order”, by creating a lofty academic class removed from and opposed to the free market.

    The identity politics championed by many members of elite institutions has spilled over into the riots and senseless violence of groups like BLM and Antifa. Mismanagement by hard-Left leaders has condemned cities like Portland to a state of constant civil unrest unlike anything seen in decades. Even the dynamism of the San Francisco Bay area – a place where you feel the future has already touched down – sits alongside massive social dysfunction and rampant homelessness.

    It is also too soon to say whether America’s identitarian shift is simply a passing fad, or a secular trend that will permanently transform the national character.

    In the Telegraph today. by Madeline Grant

    I agree with the above writer that its (here in UK) the same) being used by our institutions in this country (started under Tony Blair to replace the guardians of the nation with toadies, all ex labour MPs or left wing worthies). They cannot be voted out and have access to public funds.

    The BBC is the worst offender.
    We even celebrate public services (NHS) when its been largely empty and acted as a ‘super spreader’ in parts.

    -How close is the BBC alignment to BIDEN global politics?
    -Is the BBC part of the ‘institutional problem’?
    -Why does the BBC always declare its has no bias?
    -Even when proved and still take money from left wing globalists.
    -Always short or money Over £7 Billion overall, £4.3 from TV license.
    -Accept money from EU for policy roll out, (and never declare it as such in BBC accounts).

    BBC pays minimal tax on profits. No corporation tax. Has private health (BUPA) care and sponsors trendy left wing causes including Transgender activists (against former Feminists who are now deemed disposable items). ‘Women are people with breasts’, is often stated. Only in the BBC is equal opportunity pointless. BBC does not offer equal pay or jobs.

    But the global identity politics is all about the left toe-hold in America. Everything that happens there happens here, and Biden is far removed even from the leftish centre of Obama. And of course he was not elected without help from FaceBook and other social media firm giants such as Twitter manipulating data (news) feeds and (possible) voting machines in key states via a ‘third-party’ firm. And the pandemic has helped the global lockdown for first phase of Climate Change.

    Except for reasons unknown, the Taliban are totally unaffected from the virus (all of them). Curious that.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Perhaps more relevant than ever before. From a 1995 interview with author/commentator Ben Wattenburg, Thomas Sowell provides insight as to how ruling class elites use the perception of crisis to increase their powers and promote their self-interests.


  12. tomo says:

    class ….


  13. StewGreen says:

    Laurie Taylor programme starts “… when were teaching the prisoners about *Marxism*”
    .. That’s his BBC universe


  14. Fedup2 says:

    Watching a grown man refusing to say the date on which he went on holiday is painful and funny at the same time . When that man is the Foreign Secretary of the UK – at the time of the fall of a country which we have an interest in – makes it even more painful .

    Seems the MOD saw what was about to happen and cancelled leave whilst. The FCO civil servants were in their dachas ….

    For what it’s worth – Raab – should be toast – not that it matters ….


  15. StewGreen says:

    Lincoln news, for the last two days BBC bulletins have told us a 21 year old guy has been convicted of “far right terrorism”
    .. I guessed that meant the usual thing .. having weird fascination with Nazi stuff, and having downloaded the Anarchist Cookbook

    ..but today’s bulletin had this line Lincolnshire Police is to appeal against the sentence
    Acting police chief Kerrin Wilson has she is extremely disappointed”
    so I checked
    The radio reports had failed to highlight a key line
    “He was convicted by a jury of one count of possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist and cleared of six other counts of the same offence.

    I actually don’t think her tweet complains, so I wonder what post they are talking about.
    .. https://twitter.com/Kerrinwilson999/status/1432995193129771015
    but the truth is the judge didn’t consider him so dangerous that he should be jailed
    Rather he got a suspended sentence ..for 2 years.


    • Zephir says:

      ” one count of possessing information likely to be useful to a terrorist ” damn, I have an Argos catalogue somewhere here with a selection of kitchen knives, and a bus timetable, thats all our recent enrichers needed, best chuck them in the bin just in case.
      Wonder what this one had, a Screwfix catalogue, or an account with Homebase ?


    • StewGreen says:

      BTW owning the Anarchist Cookbook is not illegal to own in the U.K.
      This came up in other trials .. It’s on amazon apparently

      The sentence conditions are very interesting but the radio report omitted them

      Judge Timothy Spencer QC told Ben John, 21, he could stay out of prison as long as he steered clear of white-supremacy literature and read books and plays by Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens.
      The former De Montfort University student will have to return to court every four months to be tested on his reading by the judge after avoiding jail “by the skin of his teeth”, Leicestershire Live reports.
      John had first been identified as a terror risk days after his 18th birthday and was referred to the Prevent programme


  16. StewGreen says:

    4:30pm R4 : Making the news “less London” : The Media Show
    Why news outlets are claiming to have a non-metropolitan outlook on reporting the UK.

    \\ The BBC in March announced plans to shift focus from the capital in a “commitment to better reflect, represent, and serve all parts of the country”.
    When GB News launched, it promised to “reach out to non-metropolitan audiences beyond London and engage them in our national conversation”.
    So what does it mean to have a “non-metropolitan” bias? //>/i>

    Lorna Willis, CEO of Archant, “we are interested in campaigning against NHS cuts” sounds very lefty
    – Nick Mitchell, Editor of NationalWorld, “covering the Yorkshire Banksy”
    – Ifan Morgan Jones, founder of Nation.Cymru
    – Shazia Ali, The People’s Newsroom : “promoting people’s diverse led journalism”
    I don’t hear anyone who sounds non-lefty.


  17. Dover Sentry says:

    Spot on, Stew!


  18. Zephir says:

    Our 85% white, indigenous population are so hard to find, none so blind that will not see, they even managed to find the one and only black farmer amongst the thousands who are not for quotes and stories on agricultural issues


    • MarkyMark says:

      According to racial equality activist Richard Lapchick, the NBA in 2020 was composed of 74.2 percent black players, 16.9 percent white players, 2.2 percent Latino players of any race, and 0.4 percent Asian players. There were 6.3 percent of the players classified as “other” races.


      • Zephir says:

        Talking of race and sport, Mexico do not do too well in the Olympics, the theory goes that any Mexican than run, jump or swim is now in the USA


  19. MarkyMark says:

    Raab …. On 6 June 2021, Esher and Walton Connect (business club) paid the £300 annual fee for my website. (Registered 21 June 2021)

    Name of donor: Arbuthnot Banking Group
    Address of donor: Arbuthnot House, 7 Wilson St, London EC2M 2SN

    Amount of donation, or nature and value if donation in kind: The services of a member of staff for my Westminster office for six months, value £44,258.99



  20. Tabs says:

    The BBC News channel just showed the winning photograph and an interview with the photographer who won some Bird Photograph competition.

    Why is the BBC showing a competition winner you may ask? It is because the winning photo is of the US/Mexico border wall and shows a tiny road runner bird running towards it. The bird makes up barely 5% of the photo and the only reason it won is the politics rather than photo skills. The photographer was banging on about how birds (and people) migrate and the wall stops that.

    I didn’t catch the start of the interview but I would guess Trump got mentioned.


  21. Sluff says:

    Typical BBC.
    Get out the hankies.

    They give prodigious airtime for a ‘British’ man who has escaped from Afgee with his Afghan wife but had to leave their baby in Kabul.
    The man has learned quickly, using carefully chosen words to effectively blackmail the government, ‘they can do anything’,

    On next, endless snowflake coverage of how people are helping Afghans..

    The BBC seem to have become an arm of the Refugee Council.
    ‘Its good for our economy and to embrace those who want to settle in the UK’ says a carefully chosen woke.


    • pugnazious says:

      LOL…BBC presenter said they were a ‘boon’ to us…If so let’s have millions more. On the one hand the BBC tells us how poverty-stricken councils are, on the other we can afford to house and feed and ‘integrate’ thousands of new arrrivals….who’ll use up water, electricity and need cars, NHS resources and school places….how does that relate to the other BBC narrative about climate change and the environment as they concrete over Britain, add to the pollution and overuse our scarce resources like water, bleeding us dry to help these people?

      BBC says 5,000 are coming this year with more in the next few years to take it to 20,000….but often forget to mention that 15,000 have been shipped in already under a different system…so that’ll be 20,000 this year alone.

      Already had one on the BBC demanding a house for his big family…came here in July and is living, no doubt quite comfortably, in a hotel…it’s all too terrible apparently…..of course maybe he’d like to go back and fight for his own country as did our troops who lived in crap conditions for 6 months at a time…and being shot at and bombed whilst there.


  22. Johnda says:

    Head line news on bbc “ no women in the new afghan government” no sh*t Sherlock.


    • G.W.F. says:

      And no wimmin at the top of their occupations says Tallies. But they can work.
      We will get this topic repeated, until the Tallies produce pictures of wimmin holding top jobs and thus our media will clamour for us to give aid to Afghanistan


  23. StewGreen says:

    ITV local news
    item #4 Women in fear of violence
    Part 2 The special case of Women of Colour
    “Sistah Space is a place for black women”

    A national syndicated item, shoved into our region
    At the end they gave an excuse that there is a BAME women’s charity in Rotherham, and then quickly moved on.


  24. vlad says:

    This isn’t BBC related, except in as much as the BBC haven’t picked up on it.

    In the Imbecile’s speech yesterday – or rather the speech written for him that he was thoroughly coached to read from the autocue, like a trained monkey – he said:

    “That assumption, that the Afghan government would be able to hold on for a period of time beyond military drawdown, turned out not to be accurate.”

    (Previously, various aides and spokesmen had made similar comments, that the army was expected to resist the Taliban for a few weeks or months, rather than days.)

    Does he realise what he’s saying? Leaving aside the fact that the army collapsed so quickly because the US withdrew air cover, satellite and drone intel and logistical support, without which the army couldn’t operate – leaving that aside, he and his aides are saying that they expected the army to fight on for a few weeks or months before being overrun.

    Do they realise what a chillingly cynical admission that is? That they knew the Afghans couldn’t win, or even hold out for long, but they expected them to keep on fighting nonetheless, until their inevitable defeat, so the US could pull out with some degree of order and dignity. Like a sacrificial rearguard.

    So the Afghans were expected to fight and die, then inevitably be overrun and have to endure the savage retribution of the Taliban, to save Biden’s political skin?

    That was his plan? C’mon man.


  25. Guest Who says:

    Yay, Vile’s muse.


  26. Fedup2 says:

    C4 showed footage of Raab being questioned about the ‘Principle Risk Report for Afgee ‘dated 22 July – predicting the nature of the collapse of Afgee

    Raab looked lost and had the look of someone who either hadn’t read it or grasped the content – and went on his holidays to Crete .

    Dead politician walking – although nut nut will keep him inside the tent …. Fascinating that the Foreign Secretary is as hapless as the Idiot holding the job of Home Secretary …

    As for Biden – C4 just cannot criticise the demented man directly …


  27. taffman says:

    “Covid-19 death toll passes 8,000 mark in Wales”
    “There were 18 deaths involving Covid-19 in the latest weekly figures, one fewer than the week before.”
    We can now add new wording to the Deaths – “caused by”, ” linked to” , “because of” and now – “involving” .
    I smell a rat.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Would you believe COVID was patented (lots) well before 2002?

      Even more problematic, the patent record showed that in 1999 Anthony Fauci, head of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), found the ‘malleability’ of the coronavirus made it a potential candidate for vaccines against HIV (the purported cause of AIDS, for which US taxpayers have contributed more than $300billion in research and treatment over the past 35 years).

      ‘Anthony Fauci funded research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, specifically to create – and you cannot help but lament what I am about to read, because this comes directly from a patent application filed on April 19, 2002 – “an infectious replication defective coronavirus”.’

      This virus was specifically targeted to invade human lung epithelia, the protective cells lining the lungs, Martin said.

      ‘In other words, we made SARS. Before there was ever any alleged outbreak in Asia, which as you know followed that by several months. …

      Fancy that! And I guess there are several hundred varients to be patented,bottle and sold as a cold cure.
      So manufactured and patented with vaccine cures!

      How convenient for those current global Climate changers!



  28. Thoughtful says:

    Ofcom has exhonerated Piers Morgan over the accusations of the meaningless word ‘racism’ and media like the Mail are describing it a victory for freedom of speech, it is however not a victory at all/

    The ‘people’ making these false allegations cost Morgan his job – as their false allegations do for very many others, and yet there is no come back for them and they are free to use their meaningless bully word again and again, wrecking lives with impunity.

    Morgan has been put through months of worry awaiting an outcome, and he probably won’t get his job back. Ofcom has said he didn’t do anything wrong, yet he has no redress for this false accusation.

    I ask all of you, where is the victory in that ?


    • Philip_2 says:

      The left have got the result they wanted. It does not have to have any truth in it. An accusation is enough. But I would not be surprised if he turns up on GB news morning slot. American left are pretty vindictive if they are not put on a throne as gods of wisdom .


  29. pugnazious says:

    Very funny….and also very educational and pointed.

    The BBC is, of course, not too happy that Piers Morgan has not been hung, drawn and quartered by Ofcom for his comments about the lying, dishonest, duplicitous, treacherous little chancer that is Meghan Markle. The BBC tries its best to make out that despite the ruling Morgan is still guilty.

    WATO wheeled in some Black whinger from Lenny Henry’s Race Bait and Hate Group….Montague asked him for his thoughts on the decision…..hmmm….he didn’t exactly say what his thoughts were but launched straight into a rant about there not being any black editors in the BBC….I take it that he means that Morgan is guilty and was only let off because those at Ofcom etc were white [isn’t that a bit racist to say that?]…..Morgan worked for ITV and Ofcom is not [well some might dispute] the BBC….however that didn’t stop him…and nor did Sarah Montague who rolled over and accepted the whipping as do all her colleagues when faced with a POC being racist about whites.

    What was so funny was as she said nothing at all it was for her own editor to pop in and note that, er, she was a person of colour herself! How on earth could Montague not mention that without being prompted and fight back? The reply was…well one’s just not enough.

    And…of course…it’s all bo**ocks….I don’t know how many editors or execs or chiefs there are who are Bame but a cursory glance on Google reveals some in senior positions…including overseeing BBC One…

    For a start there’s a whole network for Asians…headed by an Asian…Arif Ansari is Head of News, BBC Asian Network.

    Faisal Islam …economics editor of BBC News.

    George Alagiah somewhat famous BBC News presenter.

    Sarah Asante – commissioning editor, BBC comedy

    ‘The BBC’s radical overhaul of its content team is starting to shape up as it has named Syeda Irtizaali and Jo Smith as the new portfolio editors of television channels BBC One, BBC Two, and BBC Four…..Stepping into one of these new roles is Irtizaali, who will oversee BBC One, the corporation’s biggest and most important TV channel. ‘

    Of course we have June Sarpong who is the BBC’s race thought police commissar….very powerful position.

    There was of course news editorial director Kamal Ahmed before he was made redundant.

    Oh…how about all those blacks and Asians being shoehorned into programmes…Clive Myrie on Mastermind…a new black team captain on Question Of Sport….Amol Rajan joining Mishal Husain on Today…..Nudger[coz you have to nudge me awake when she’s on] Munchetty promoted beyond her dubious talents and so many, many more black and brown faces taking over our screens and airwaves…..even the POC’s themselves have noticed…and this is from 2008…just think what he’d say now!…

    ‘Too many black and Asian faces on TV, says BBC director Samir Shah’
    ‘Broadcasters have overcompensated for their lack of executives from ethnic minorities by putting too many black and Asian faces on screen, a leading television industry figure said last night.

    Samir Shah, a member of the BBC’s board of directors, said this had led to a “world of deracinated coloured people flickering across our screens – to the irritation of many viewers and the embarrassment of the very people such actions are meant to appease”.’

    Whilst funny it demonstrates a couple of serious problems….one that BBC presenters always fail to challenge such claims…it was the same when Muslims were justifying various extreme and radical behaviours…BBC presenters would not dare counter anything they said with facts or maybe the truth.
    The second problem, compounded by the unwillingness of the BBC to challenge the claims, is the Bame communities ability and willingness to believe everything they are told about discrimination and racism and how they are suffering terribly under it….and there are those who knowingly exploit this industrial manufacturing of the Big Lie that keeps their faces on the telly and sells books.

    A classic example of the delusion that they are all victims was the bame 18 year old girl singer who was surprised that she could be successful in the music industry because…she just hadn’t heard of any bame singers…musical success was for white girls only.

    ‘When “Saturday Night Live” star Bowen Yang asked the “Brutal” singer how her Filipino American background factors into how she approaches her career, she said it’s “something incredible to think about.”

    “I sometimes get DMs from little girls being like, ‘I’ve never seen someone who looked like me in your position.’ And I’m literally going to cry, like, just thinking about it,” Rodrigo, 18, said in the V Magazine feature.

    “I feel like I grew up never seeing that. Also, it was always like, ‘Pop star,’ that’s a white girl.”’

    I mean really?

    It’s the biggest problem now with bames creating their own myths and legends about evil racist whites…not just historical but still going on today.

    We really need the BBC to stand up to these charlattans and race baiters and those fooled into believing the hype….otherwise there is no way out of this and it will only get worse.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Pug Radio1Xtra is effectively a BBC black radio station
      just like Asian Network is a brown network
      but don’t forget lots of immigrant families simply watch special networks aimed at them both foreign and specialist UK channels eg Black Nigerian Cristian/Muslim etc


    • Banania says:

      She doesn’t look like me, but I am not complaining.


  30. StewGreen says:

    All Creatures Great and Small trailer for series 2
    …at one point a middle aged black woman is shown in the middle of the 1950’s Yorkshire vets’ surgery.
    I doubt the writer himself wrote such a character.


    • Philip_2 says:

      I believe it is a stipulation by OFCOM, that they have to be represented no matter the context or historical inaccuracy of the times. Adverts on the telly are prone to over representation for example for the same reason. Its annoying and a parody, but the BBC are happy enough to include them all on Antiques Roadshow as bystanders you will never see in real life.


    • StewGreen says:

      Actually season two will take place in 1938 Britain
      so older black people would’ve been very rare in the Yorkshire countryside.


    • tomo says:

      About 18 months back I watched TOTP on a hotel TV …. it were proper surreal….


  31. taffman says:

    Amazing coincidences, or something more sinister?
    China gets belligerent
    Covid outbreak hits the West
    Black Lives Matter
    Extinction Rebellion
    Mass invasion by criminals on our shores
    The pulling down of statues
    The rewriting and airbrushing of our history
    The survival of the far-left BBC
    The fall of Afghanistan
    New ‘hate laws’ in the UK
    Gradual erosion of freedom of speech
    Etc. Etc. Etc.
    All in two years.


    • Philip_2 says:

      But it took twenty years of planning!


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      It has been rather an eventful last two years, taffman, in fact, it’s been rather an eventful, what… five and a half years? And the pace doesn’t seem to be slowing.

      I think the first time I noticed the mask slipping, and saw the gurning face of madness and corruption that lurks behind, was during the referendum campaign leading up to Brexit.

      Since then I’ve known that things really aren’t ‘ok’, and that it’s not just my imagination.

      I can’t be alone in having experienced that terrifying ‘moment of awareness’?


      • taffman says:

        What I find amazing is the deafening silence coming from most of the conservative MPs outside the cabinet.


      • Garry Lavin says:

        You’re not alone. We’ve always half known….but hoped for the best….but now the facade has slipped. Aided by the internet of course.

        I suspect those anti misinformation people are instructed to push the mask back up….


  32. Thoughtful says:

    There are number of criticisms of Biden and his retreat from Kabul, no doubt wholly justified, and there are criticisms about the number of ‘Americans’ left behind in the country.

    One such criticism was made by Tucker Carlson of a class of up to perhaps 250 kids on a school trip who were still there and no ones knows where they are.

    Made me think. Even those on the centre right seem to think that the state is there to bail people out of their own stupidity and to prevent the consequence of bad decisions comming down on those who made them

    So no questions were raised about what on Earth any school thought a trip to Afghanistan was a good idea, especially at a time when the military was supposed to be withdrawing. What were they even doing there in the first place?

    The conservative in me believes the State has a duty to those who it sent into a potentially dangerous situation and largely had little choice about it, it has a duty to those who helped it, and whom it promised to protect.
    It does not have any duty at all to those who made a concious choice to go to a danger zone when they did not need to be there.


  33. pugnazious says:

    Odd…only yesterday I heard the BBC telling us that no matter how long ago an Afghan worked with the Allies they were entitled to be evacuated….

    ”I thought the BBC were family but they have abandoned me to the Taliban’ says Afghan former employee as the corporation says it can only help rescue current staff’


    Anyone heard of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe lately or any of the other Iranians the BBC used and abandoned?


  34. taffman says:

    “Afghanistan: How can the West stop terror bases?”
    Lets hope and prey our government are forward thinking enough to boost our armed forces ready for the defence of the realm .
    We should be very concerned .


    • pugnazious says:

      Plenty of terror bases here….remember C4 Dispatches….Undercover Mosque?

      A quote from Lieutenant Colonel Balfour, 1779, during the War of Independence…‘How strange must our system of politicks appear in future ages, when it appears, that while we were carrying on offensive wars in all quarters of the globe with vast fleets and armies, that an enemy rode triumphant in our own harbours.’


  35. theisland says:


    • pugnazious says:

      What you don’t realise is that every refugee is highly educated and skilled and will be a ‘boon’ to Britain…they just need a bit of investment to realise that boon. Come on! Believe! How many times does the BBC, refugee activists and Tory MPs have to tell you!


      • BRISSLES says:

        I suppose we can take it as read then, that for decades to come, the name Mohammed (and all its versions) will be top of the leader board for boys names in this country.


  36. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    On GB News just now there was a boss of a company saying he has reduced the working week for his employees from 5 days to 4 days, pay them the same as for 5 days, and they have the same profits and get the same work done.

    Nobody pointed out that he could have let 20% of his employees go, still work 5 days and save 20% of his wage bill plus other gains.

    He said they work harder for the 4 days.


  37. pugnazious says:

    Joe Biden to Ghani….


    “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban.”

    “And there is a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture,”

    Curiously the BBC is entirely disinterested in the leaked phone call between Biden and Ghani as Biden suggests lying to the world….the call showing he knew Afghanistan might soon fall to the Taliban. The BBC are hounding Raab over ‘intelligence failures’ and yet…nothing for dear old Biden….in fact Biden’s speech got a glowing report this morning as he explained away his actions….the BBC deciding instead to go again for Raab who was merely a victim of circumstance….at the mercy of er….Joe Biden’s decision to bail.


  38. tomo says:

    I may have seen this before – but it just dropped in my Twitter feed.


  39. Sluff says:

    Going out on a limb here.
    But i feel sure the main failure in the US was in intelligence. They had no idea how gutless, spineless, and bottleless was the Afghan army, police, and general population, all of whom rolled over and allowed a comparatively small number of Taleban to just take over a city of 5 million without barely a shot being fired. It seems none of the locals gave a toss about their womenfolk and the instinct of many was to flee to the West, not stand and fight.
    Am I heartless? Or unfair? Or is it just an inconvenient truth?

    As for Biden, sure he screwed up but was he wrong? The Afghans were clearly not prepared to fight for their own country so why the hell should the US do it for them? Ditto the UK? It’s got to be a fair point. And to be fair he’s not backing down, and like it or not he’s defending his policy robustly, facing down his critics and on this one not cow-towing to the media and his opponents. We’ve not had a leader in the UK do that since Maggie. Would that our government did that now and then instead of whimping out every time the BBC dredge up a hard luck story on any topic.
    That doesn’t make me a sleepy Joe fan, please note. Just saying it as I see it. Rather more impartially than…err…….certain state broadcasters I could mention.
    I wonder what Jezza and the ‘Stop the War’ pacifist coalition have to say? Something rather different from the utterly incoherent blatant Labour politicking. Not that the BBC will ask. Might embarrass SirKier and that would never do.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Sluff – I think you are wrong on several points

      The idea that Afgee was a country is just wrong – it’s a series of tribal areas . Loyalty was fluid. Add to that an Afgee army – based on goods wages from the US/UK – claiming for huge numbers of troops in order to inflate pay packets – with only a small number ready to fight … and it becomes a predicable disaster .
      We will never know how or why the ‘ intelligence community ‘ failed to predict the rapidity of the afgee army fall – but even from 3000 miles away – the reality can be recognised .
      Add the vested interests of income streams ‘ and projects to make these third world peasants more like us and the recipe for failure is just there ,

      Not every place ( not country ) wants a McDonald’s and Nando’s in Main Street . .

      The interesting thing – now – is how long will it be before China goes in and stabilises the economy …. Or maybe they will be wise enough to realise that the dump is more trouble than it is worth …


    • JohnC says:

      I wonder why so many have missed the point here.
      It’s not the withdrawal which is such a disaster, it’s the shambolic manner in which it was done. The amount of arms and equipment the Taliban have now is astounding : there can be no excuse for allowing them to get it.

      And Joe has already tried to blame Trump for this. When that wasn’t washing, the strategy changed to make Joe take all of the blame himself in order to save the rest of the government. Notice how he stands alone when giving the bad news : that’s not his own idea.

      The bottom line here is that his advisers come up with all the plans and the President uses his judgement to approve them. Joe is unable to even answer simple questions from reporters now. If his staff are anything like the calibre of Harris, they are people chosen for all the wrong reasons and I’m not surprised in the least about the result. They have made decisions based on their own politics without caring about the real world situation – as the Left do all the time.

      IMHO Joe owns this 100% and if he had any integrity at all, he would resign. While he hangs on, every murder and atrocity by the Taliban is pinned on him. I see no leadership from him whatsoever. Just a puppet following instructions.

      ‘Stop The War’ got shown for what they are when Russia eradicated ISIS along with a lot of civilians. They went silent. Just another Left-wing activist group of hypocrites whose only interest is to target our own government.


  40. lordelpus says:

    I am amazed at the utter stupidity of the media and government of this country.Sob stories on all channels about Afghans/channel migrants,criticism of police for actually arresting XR vandals.And we have a government too weak to understand that tough action against illegal immigration and XR at the start would have stopped all this.


    • JohnC says:

      Social media is destroying the civilised world.
      As someone said, it’s like handing the microphone to the handful of activists and hecklers at the back.


  41. JohnC says:

    Yesterday I was reading an article in ‘The Telegraph’ and – as sometimes happens – I thought to myself ‘My God, who wrote this rubbish’. So I went to the top to see and it was Dominic Raab.

    Another big disappointment. I thought he might be the ‘quiet and competent’ type.


  42. Guest Who says:

    BBC News

    “It’s not about money, it’s about being considered equal,” said forward Stephanie Roche.


    Republic of Ireland: FAI announces equal pay for men’s and women’s senior teams

    Cheryl as Captain on just a wee bit more?


    • Rich says:

      The FAI are renowned for their shifty shenanigans, they’ll probably have made it performance related.

      The men’s team are currently ranked 47th in the FIFA Men’s Rankings, the women are ranked 33rd in their equivalent rankings. The men rank below football giants Qatar and Iran, while the women are further down their table than Ukraine and Vietnam.

      Lewes FC, currently 13th in the Isthmian League Premier Division kicked this all off, referring to themselves as “Equality FC” along the way. Reminds me of that David Brent song, ” Equality Street”. The equally funded ladies play in the Second Division of the FA Women’s Championship.

      To be honest I thought that they would be paying match-day subs to play at those levels, there are no doubt better players in pub leagues, but it seems they are semi-pro and well worth it obviously.


  43. Guest Who says:

    BBC Newsbeat can, on occasion, reach an audience of over 30.

    Stuart Mitchell was a big fan of Tiesto.

    Over the weekend, his ashes were fired from confetti cannons at the DJ’s headline set at Creamfields festival, as an “unforgettable tribute” to him

    “I thought ‘oh my goodness, he’s going to Creamfields’,” Stuart’s sister said.

    “But I did not expect ‘we blew him out of a cannon’.”



  44. Guest Who says:

    Like bbc headlines, you sometimes get suckered by a spoof.


  45. Guest Who says:

    I remember her first album in the 60’s. If I was there.


  46. Guest Who says:

    Look out Gary.


    • tomo says:

      Phew! – that puke gets $2.5 million/month!!!

      On the basis that it’s usually useful to know what the opposition is up to I’ve watched more of Maddow that is likely conducive to maintaining regular blood pressure.

      She’s either a monumental plank or a lying, cynical, shameless propagandist – if the two roles combined, that’d work too!

      £2.5 million a month …. worth it ?


  47. Guest Who says:

    How it works.


  48. Guest Who says:

    Springster liked this too. Guy has hit the big time.

    Just needs to get a book deal.


    • JohnC says:

      Had to search to discover he’s already on the BBC gravy train.
      It used to be like that at British Aerospace. All the senior managers were long-term employees who knew nothing else but ‘BAE speak’ and couldn’t tie their shoelaces on their own.
      Big man in the office. Idiot outside the main gates.


  49. JohnC says:

    Texas abortion law: Biden vows to defend women’s constitutional rights
    The BBC are in full Biden promotion mode now in their desperation to restore his reputation. Anything linking him to Afghanistan is gone from the front pages.
    It’s so obvious it’s pathetic.