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  1. Guest Who says:

    And in.


  2. brexiteerkent says:

    Hull grooming gang of 150 ‘men’ rape 13 year old schoolgirl sometimes ten at a time .. Any sign of this on BBC website ? Not yet. ( as at 0700 ) I can’t even find it on local news pages.

    ( sky news link : https://news.sky.com/story/amp/i-was-raped-by-150-men-young-women-claim-grooming-gang-at-large-in-hull-12469237 )

    Headline BBC news is instead about the ‘ Windrush scandal ‘ . As usual, it is what they Don’t say more than what they do say.


    • Zephir says:

      I read this

      This is shocking it should be headline news everyhere

      there was a primary aged girl there as well

      The scum should all be castrated at the very least

      Where is all the usual outrage that the word of the victims is not enough ?

      Is it because of the nature of the perpetrators ?


      • Zelazek says:


        The answer to your last question is of course YES.

        So why do politicians, the media and the ruling elite continue to ignore the industrial rape brought to our country by these third world savages? That is the question I like to ask.

        It’s because if they acknowledged the barbarism of the alien races they have brought here they would have to admit they were wrong. And that they have been wrong since the 1950s.

        They have believed all this time in their multicultural fantasyland. They are too fond of it. They are too much invested in it and therefore they must suppress any story that seems to contradict it and threaten their delusion.

        They would have to admit that Enoch Powell called it right. They could never do that.

        They would have to admit that the uneducated white plebs whom they so despise had, from the start, a surer instinct about the dangers of mass immigration than they did. They could never do that.

        They would have to admit that some cultures are superior to others, that some races have higher average IQs than others. They could never do that.

        They would have to admit that their mass immigration policies are destroying the societies of white Christian Europe, the best societies that ever existed anywhere on Earth. They could never do that.

        They would have to admit that homogeneous societies work better than multicultural societies. They could never do that.

        They would have to admit that their whole philosophy was the result of some profound self-hatred and evil desire to see everything that was good about their country destroyed. If they did that, their virtuous self-image would be tarnished.
        They’d have to kill themselves.


    • StewGreen says:

      Looks to be a Sky exclusive, so of course BBC can’t cover it first.
      However BBC should have covered it years ago.
      “You can see Jason Farrell’s special report, Burden of Proof, on Sky News at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 8pm, 9pm on Wednesday on Sky News”


    • NCBBC says:

      I’ve been going on about this “war crime” for more then twenty tears. It became very clearly apparent when Labour was in power.

      Why war crime? We may not realise it but Islam is at war with Christendom. We may not even realise that they see us as Christendom, but thats how they see us.

      But ignorance is bliss.


    • MarkyMark says:

      A member of a gang who sexually exploited a child has had his sentence for abusing the girl reduced.

      Naim Khan, 43, was jailed for 24 years in 2020 for a series of sexual offences against the teenager in Oxford when she was aged between 13 and 15.

      The Court of Appeal in London found a previous jail term had not been properly taken into account when he was sentenced.

      His prison term was reduced to 21 years.


      • tarien says:

        Why do we waste time and money-execute him or if this offends the soft belly of the public then castrate him.


  3. Guest Who says:

    Like rabbits.


  4. Guest Who says:

    BBC #callsfor are always fascinating.

    As is the cure all of more ‘training’.

    Like degree holding nurses being unaware that provision of water can help dehydrated bedridden patients, presumably the poor souls tasked with apprehending fleeing lawbreakers will be brought up to speed to how to do so by other means.


  5. Guest Who says:

    In light of XR manifesto ambitions back in 2018, such phrasing being served up by Twitter as ‘relevant’ in interesting.


  6. Thoughtful says:

    Just heard some deeply troubling news that whilst China is threatening Taiwan and Russia is rattling sabres over Ukraine, and Iran is quietly working to become a nuclear power Biden is making ever growing steps to destroy the United States ability to even defend itself let alone project power around the globe.

    The Democrats have made the insane decision that all officers in the military have to have a covid vaccine or leave (be sacked). This does not extend to the men and NCOs.

    In other words the entire command and control of the US military is likely to be so badly compromised that it will be unable to function.

    This is on top of a lack of combat training because of the crazed prioritisation of ‘diversity’ training over combat training.

    We are witnessing the most evil ideology the world has ever seen – one which has killed more people than any other destroying the USA before our eyes.


    • G says:

      That would be worth a bit of extra bonus to Joe from Beijing. There must contractually be a bit of extra bonus involved if Joe get’s the job done faster than agreed.

      How’s Billy Bunter doing in comparison?


  7. Guest Who says:

    Nads not really cutting the mustard.

    Seems the blob are keen to get a worthier foe. Ok.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Does make one wonder how a flaky lightweight like Dorries got such an important job . Perhaps it was one of those political ‘deals’ or she has got quality dirt on nut nut ….

      Why people express themselves on a frankly dumb forum like twitter is beyond me . Nicholson remains a repulsive creature eh?


      • StewGreen says:

        I don’t think Dorries came across as “flaky”
        it wasn’t a winning answer
        but he had the microphone control, so she stood up to him.
        He managed to get over that she had sent aggressive offensive tweets
        However such tweets are NOT illegal, it’s free speech unless someone sues for defamation etc.


        • Fedup2 says:

          I wasn’t referring specifically to this piece of video . She is just a scatty lightweight who can keep quiet – as previous twitter rants appear to signify .
          I think there would need to be a heavy weight with a forensic mind to properly take on the BBC . Not much ‘talent ‘ to choose from ….


  8. Guest Who says:

    Meanwhile the bbc has been provided with footage by Labour.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper face probe after claiming more than £14,000 travel expenses for their children
      UPDATED: 13:34, 7 March 2011


  9. Fedup2 says:

    Today watch
    Boy – does that BBC love coloured folk . Arrivals from the third world in the 1960s too feckless to get their nationality sorted out are to get free money from the taxpayer . BBC loves this . Yet they are too lazy to claim the cash .

    So the BBC wants to find a better way to give away money . I’m guessing these people don’t listen to the BBC yet alone the Today programme –

    Also – the Honorable Stella Creasy is on a mission to take her kid into the Commons . Great idea . I think every MP should be able to take their children into that place . Maybe they could take their pets in as well .


  10. Guest Who says:

    Sopes knows how tricky it can be. Hence the big bucks.


    • Guest Who says:

      How the BBC N. America team channel their partner media colleagues will be interesting.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Do you recall the stick Ronald Reagan got when he went even a bit ‘off message ‘. This character can’t even read the autocue ‘end of quote ‘…..
      And the MSM remains silent . …. Just shows the power of omission …


      • MarkyMark says:


        President Trump’s 100 Days President Biden’s 0 Day 

        Dear Winston Smith in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth,

        You covered President Trump’s 100 Days and then produced a Beyond 100 Days to hold power to account.

        Why have you not done the same for President Biden to hold power to account?

        ‘Omission is the greatest form of lie.’ 


        Thank you again for contacting us,

        BBC Complaints Team


  11. Fedup2 says:

    The Sun reports that some Christmas thing the future king was going to do and covered by the BBC has now gone to ITV as a result of the ‘press’ documentary the BBC is putting out .

    I wonder if the hole in the BBC schedule will be filled by ‘Mrs browns ‘ boys “ – which I suppose is a documentary about homosexuals or similar … ?


  12. StewGreen says:

    Boston : another murder where yet again the perp and victim have east European names.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Springster liked this.

    Expect rooftop gazing across London shots soon.


  14. Guest Who says:


    W1A has nothing but in its studios.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Not really filling the seasonal ‘Madonna and child ‘ narrative since she is so enthusiastic on killing unborn babies … irony ..


    • R P McMurphy says:

      What next, taking an elderly relative with dementia you are caring for along ?

      Is she using this baby as a prop ? Look at me, look at me.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Mr McMurphy – I think that is an excellent idea . Ed Davey can bring the kid he does his second job for ….


        • AWOL says:

          Can the Leader of the House bring in all of his brood?
          No, you say. If we are all equal then fathers are the same as mothers?
          What is the point of having a House creche if it isn’t used?


          • JohnC says:

            To use it to provoke men into saying something you can then put out on the BBC.

            aka misandry and sexism.

            Of course they shouldn’t be allowed to take them into the house. They are there to run the country ffs. How much will this woman be concentrating on the business at hand with it on her lap ?.


    • StewGreen says:

      It’s not a news story, until it is resolved
      At the moment it is a discussion between authorities and Creasy
      She has a right to try to
      And other people have a right to say if the baby disturbs them
      It’s good she serves her constituents by coming in, and if it works calmly that is a good thing
      but if it sets a precedent and the next baby leads to parliamentary time being wasted that is bad.
      It would be perfectly possible for her to be in journalists sound proof booth etc.

      It being reported now, is PR for her, rather than information for the public.


      • Fedup2 says:

        Creasy is in a solid labour constituency . I’m sitting in it at the moment . But she has no real connection with it . Her labour council has screwed the roads in favour of cyclists and her Mayor is stealing money from car drivers on a daily basis .

        But Stella girl – you concentrate on whether you can take a kid into your workplace …. Very ambitious our honourable Stella

        By the way – one of the reasons that public transport in London is failing is because the mayor admitted that the extended ULEZ scheme isn’t getting the revenue they expected …
        Ie the idea that it was all about air quality – was a lie .


        • Swelter says:

          Greasy Creasy can afford childcare that a lot of this country can’t. The House of Commons is meant to be a place for serious adult debate, not a place for yummy mummies to parade their offspring like it is an offshoot of Cafe Nero. Where have all the adults who think as adults gone?


          • Up2snuff says:

            Perhaps, just perhaps, one of Stella Creasey’s constituents will tell her she is meant to be solving problems for Walthamstow not creating them for Westminster.


  15. Fedup2 says:

    Today Watch

    Rajan ‘interviews’ Raab . Rajan plays a tape of nut nut shuffling his papers at the CBI on Monday . Then follows up with the ‘peppa pig’ bit .
    Obviously the BBC has ‘disapproved ‘ nut nut – it’s a long way from offering prayers when he had covid …Raab responded in that all too familiar polite way politicians do to avoid a sound bite .
    Personally – I’d have walked – or taken the BBC vermin s head off .

    Rajan had preceded this by quoting from Tom Bingham s book on ‘the rule of law ‘ – which I have read – with rajan trying to sound authoritative – questioning whether the mandatory life sentence for killing plod means there is not ‘equality before the law’
    What an inane question . Since when has there been equality before the law – a theory – but in practice ? Joke .

    14 minutes of wasted air time and disservice to those who still pay for it .


    • JimS says:

      I thought ‘equality before the law’ meant that the accused, whether they be lout or lord, get treated the same?

      The ‘law’, the written code, has never and can never be ‘equal’ because of the way it comes about, often in response to perceived ‘problems’.

      This is quite apparent if one looks at safety laws, in the past written in response to specific accidents but which do nothing to ‘prevent’ unforseen accidents in other industries. That is why newer legislation requires people to self-assess what they propose to do and to work in a safe way.

      For example: “We provide you with a safety lamp to inspect a large fuel tank because the law requires it for working in an explosive atmosphere but we don’t provide a safety harness for going down the slippery ladder because not enough people have been killed yet to make it law”.


    • G says:


      BBC headline:

      “PC Andrew Harper’s widow wins bid to change law”

      A “bid” to change law? What happened to the ‘bids’ in the past troubles in Northern Ireland which saw the death of perhaps hundreds of “emergency service workers”. Silence. But now, our Stazi has been taken that little bit further from those they so-say ‘protect’. Beef up the laws on Self-Defence? No Parliament will work toward ultimate control of the public – just as we are witnessing right now. The public are never going to be given more power to protect themselves which, to survive these days is becoming increasingly necessary.

      Let’s make a, “bid”.

      What other “emergency service workers” display a range of weapons hanging from belts and ultimately hidden in locked boxes in the boot of the ‘Police Car’?


      • Fedup2 says:

        The problem is that one particularly awful case – combined with inadequate sentencing – leads to a ‘bad ‘ law . I’m a great believer in capital punishment – which would have been ideal in the case of the 3 youths in that case .

        But window dressing a 10 year sentence – cat C – and pretending it is ‘life ‘ is just a deceit .


    • Thoughtful says:

      I think there might be some confusion as to what equality before the law actually means.

      It is supposed to mean that each law applies to everyone the same and that has been a desireable position since the time of ancient Greece.

      However that is not to say the law is fair or that the process is equal.
      In our ‘system’ of judge made laws the rich get to make laws which they want, such as the super injuctions or JK Rowling who has so much money she can buy the laws she wants through constant appeals.

      The law in Britain is a protection racket where the one who puts the most in the pockets of the greedy weasels wins.
      The man who represents himself has a fool for a client, not because his case is weaker or less well put, but because he has denied a greedy weasel fees and the judge will punish him for that.

      We are also seeing via the prosecutions brought a large slkant in favour of better justice for the Left when incidents happen – that is a most disturbing development.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Likely the same kind of poll that reckons the bbc needs more fact checking specialists in Antarctica.

    Breeders gotta breed.


  17. AsISeeIt says:

    I’m all for law and order – to quote the late great golf commentator Peter Alliss caught in a hot mike incident – I’d flog them… all the way to the gallows. Metaphorically.

    However, I’m not sure that discriminatory laws favouring public sector workers are either fair or wise: ‘LIFE for killing police & nurses‘ (Daily Mail) ‘Harper’s law triumph for campaigning widow who watched killers of PC husband smirking in dock

    If your problem is dock smirkers – then bring in life sentences for dock workers, lorry drivers, butchers, bakers, candlestick makers – and all other murder victims, whatever their employment might happen to be.

    To be fair, our failing Home Secretary could do with some good headlines to take our minds off the tens of thousands of smirking dinghy law breakers she’s letting off scot free: ‘Pritti pays tribute to family who battled for law change in honour of hero officer‘ (Daily Express) – nice headline – won at no political cost or effort whatsoever. Good news too for lazy boy Boris.

    Speaking of our public sector heroes – here’s one to raise the old blood pressure: ‘NHS pay rises to attract better bosses‘ (Telegraph)

    Do sit back and try to relax as the NHS search for a vein from which to extract ever more of the national life blood.

    Business chiefs call for end to tax increases‘ (Telegraph) – we were told to listen to the corporates – at least when they endorsed climate alarmism.

    Here’s a small victory of sorts: ‘Wills & Kate bin BBC. They switch Xmas concert to ITV‘ (The Sun)

    What are our more left-leaning press titles concerned about today?

    The Guardian has apparently been down to the shops and is checking prices: ‘Chicken feed. Why is the UK’s favourite meat so cheap?

    Oh dear, the Gruan ain’t happy about cheap grub for the masses: ‘Fifty years ago, a medium broiler cost the equivalent of £11 today. Now it is less than a latte or a pint of beer, raising serious ethical and environmental questions‘ – I do like the societal divide our Guardianistas instinctively draw between those who calibrate prices on the metric latte system and those still stuck with the old fashioned imperial pint of beer measurements.

    What else discomforts the Guardian? ‘Windrush victims still unpaid after four years‘ – perhaps it is fortunate then that fried chicken is so cheap – otherwise certain communities might go hungry.

    What worries the ‘i’ newspaper? Well, if one were to say the title was a little coronaphobic that would be an understatement: ‘Winter warning 1000 covid deaths in a week for first time since March‘ – this in a nation of near 70 millions, with likely more than a 1000 newcommers entering by various means legal and illegal per day.

    The FT has looked a little closer at the mortality figures: ‘Excess deaths raise questions for NHS. The UK has entered a third phase of excess deaths, with the fgures not readily explained by Covid-19. They raise the possibility that more people have been dying due to heath service strains

    Hey doc, thank you for seeing me – via Zoom. I’ve got this health service strain… I read about it in the press. Tell me, is it dangerous? Be frank with me, how long have I got? Isn’t there anything you could prescribe… other than a nice big payrise for NHS bosses?


  18. Zephir says:

    HOLLYWOOD, CA—In a show of support for the brave hero who paused burning down black-owned businesses to sacrifice his life fighting off the evil assassin Kyle Rittenhouse, actor and keen observer of murder trials Mark Ruffalo donated $50 million to found The Joseph Rosenbaum Elementary School.

    “I heard he just loved little kids, especially boys,” said the Marvel actor, who prides himself on fully investigating the facts before posting on Twitter. “The least I can do is memorialize him for decades with a school built in his name so generations of children will always be reminded who Joseph Rosenbaum really was.”

    Ruffalo, a movie star famous for his role as The Hulk in over three hundred Marvel movies, displayed his keen sense of logic and reasoning when he reminded everyone that Joseph Rosenbaum was just one of the millions of young black men who are thoughtlessly slaughtered every year by members of the KKK.

    Then, with dramatic flair, Mark Ruffalo gestured behind him at the commemorative statue, showing happy children sitting on the beloved martyr’s lap.



  19. Guest Who says:

    Blonde on, bottle blonde.

    Seems Springster is now channeling her inner Hannie Schaft.

    Who was a red head.

    No word if she saw Paul Mason the other side whilst under cover.


    • Fedup2 says:

      WoT I did in my summer holiday . Mum and dad very proud . But I only got a C !
      ( bbc got big plans for this one – even sent her to a war zone _ nice hotel roof though )


    • Peter Grimes says:

      Is Our Marianna of the Rack trans?

      Very heavy moustache line!


  20. Guest Who says:

    Vague news

    Just as the bbc likes it.


  21. Guest Who says:

    Seems Gareth Southgate and Gary Lineker are doing a fact finding tour of somewhere nice to try to better understand the issues.

    Using Lily Allen’s dedicated bbc crew if still not on loan to Lewis Goodhall walking along French roads looking for young kids.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Taking an Islamic version of the knee. They could show solidarity with their mohamidan comrades.



    • Doublethinker says:

      Hypocrisy , greed, cowardice, fashion consciousness , lacking a moral compass or just too thick to understand , or all of the above , footballers , ex footballers and the MSM will go along with it and make even more money. The supreme irony will be if they continue taking the knee whilst in Qatar .


  22. Guest Who says:

    Which the brief for which is surely to wheel out Femi, Champion and YAB in rotation to decry the majority inhabitants of this fair aisle for not conforming to the bubble.


  23. Zelazek says:

    The BBC really should be criticising hard the government’s intention to pass “Harper’s Law”. This is the idea that the murderers of emergency service workers should be given mandatory life sentences. We all remember the awful killing of PC Harper by a trio of gypsies.

    PC Harper’s widow is quoted as saying “Emergency services workers require extra protection.”

    No. No group requires “extra protection”. We all require the full and equal protection of the law before which we are all supposed to be equal. The essence of the problem is that sentences are too lenient for violent crimes. Criminals do not fear the law anymore and this is making all of us, not just emergency services workers, unsafe. If the death penalty were to be reintroduced for murder, then criminals would start to fear the law. There would be a huge reduction in not just the murder rate, but in attempted murder and assault. (These additional benefits are often not appreciated by abolitionists.)

    If this law is passed I can foresee ordinary members of the public feeling like second class citizens when the murderers of their relatives don’t get life.

    Why do our politicians and journalists not have critical thinking skills anymore? They are being swayed by emotion into passing a law that is inherently discriminatory and unjust.


  24. Jeff says:

    So, the recent carnage in the US where a racist rapper mowed down white grannies and white kids has been put at the back of the cupboard by the BBC. A bit awkward this one…Wrong colour victims, wrong colour killer…

    And they don’t seem overly interested in the revolting revelations from Hull about Pakistani paedo gangs raping primary school girls. Is there anywhere in Blighty that this isn’t happening?

    I’m afraid it’s the usual ploy by our ghastly state broadcaster; if there are any nasty events that depict minorities in an unfavourable light, they wheel out another historic ethnic grievance. Usually it’s the sainted Stephen Lawrence, but this time it’s…The Windrush kerfuffle.

    Undoubtedly it would be a bit tiresome if you’ve lived here since the 1950’s to have your citizenship questioned, but for FFS, does it really compare to a race motivated mass homicide or the industrial scale rape of kids?


  25. tomo says:

    The front page of bbc.co.uk a couple of minutes ago delivered to a UK browser…..


    No sign of the Waukesha massacre – the page delivered to North America is let’s say …. a bit different.


    – It even mentions The Dancing Grannies

    Nadine …. are you paying attention ?

    I’d add that the BBC team are getting cuter at this game – I’ve been following these antics for some years and they *must* have a list of what content is delivered to what IP address….


  26. Guest Who says:

    Maaaaate. Tripes, more like.


    Interesting how, along with the Graun, the BBc sources from a paper so popular it is no longer a paper.


  27. Guest Who says:

    Blimey, the next RIB better be full of puppies.



  28. Docmarooned says:

    Good ol Spiked online giving the BBC and springster a kicking today over the rubbish she produces. Technically she does have the correct title in disinformation since that is all she produces- Disinformation!


    • StewGreen says:

      That’s ambush naming
      eg GreenPeace is an org that is neither green, nor peaceful


  29. theisland says:

    Ascension Island gets my vote for offshore processing. Apparently it was ‘looked at’ a few months ago but deemed ‘impractical’ (yeah right!).

    It could also be used for terrorists, deportees and their supporters.


    • Old Goat says:

      Mr. Hilter thought it might be a good idea to send the Jooz to Madagascar, but that didn’t happen, either.


  30. Thatcherrevolutionary says:
  31. Guest Who says:

    Being a specialist blonde on… well, everything… does impose certain limitations on accuracy.

    Not optimal as the face of a £5B ‘news’ fact checking operation.


    • MarkyMark says:

      BBC call fake news … corrections …

      Monday 11th March 2019: BBC News bulletins, BBC One and BBC News Channel, 3 March 2019
      In an interview with Shamima Begum’s husband, we incorrectly stated that in the UK, “sex with someone under 16 is statutory rape.”

      In fact, that charge does not exist in UK Law. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 instead refers to this as “sexual activity with a child”.

      Friday 1st March 2019: World at One, BBC Radio 4, 17 January 2019
      We said, “At the moment, offshore wind is now £57.50 per MWH”. We should clarify that we meant to specify that this is the current estimated cost for 2022-2023.



    • theisland says:

      Thread on @clim8resistance

      The BBC’s arms claim to uncover and expose conspiracy theories. But on their journey, they invent conspiracy theories.

      They claim to counter ‘misinformation’, but in their desperation, they create, reproduce and transmit it.


  32. StewGreen says:

    Waukesha “car crash”
    You could probably do a similar side-by-side for BBC reporting


    • tomo says:

      undoubtedly ….

      As you know it’s a bit of a hobby horse of mine that the BBC is increasingly crafting content for individual visitors to its web site in a way designed to balkanise the audience.

      see upthread. They’ve now modified what’s delivered to archive.is – a .co.uk used usually to deliver the uk web page there but no longer – it now goes to .com.

      nooo… not insidious at all – eh?


    • StewGreen says:

      That day Nov 22 @BBCBreaking tweeted
      “At least five dead and more than 40 injured, including several children,
      after *car drove* into parade in US state of Wisconsin, police say

      “car drove” they have used that before, but it’s not something I as a native English speaker would say.
      .. https://twitter.com/BBCBreaking/status/1462666544593477633


      • MarkyMark says:

        “I am not kidding. @BBCNews website leaves the impression the Syrian suicide bomber as a victim in a ‘German blast’.” – Tarek Fatah 24jul2016


      • maxincony says:


        ‘car drove’ they have used that before, but it’s not something I as a native English speaker would say.


        StewGreen, Sept 19, 2018:

        Stewards from an Islamic event approached a car , and then got abuse, and then the car drove into the crowd, injuring 3


        • StewGreen says:

          Yes, I did and to me is still incorrect English
          Why did I use that phrase , was it a special circumstance ?
          Yes, cos I was paraphrasing the BBC lines

          The car then drove near the mosque … colliding with three people”

          2:06 PM I posted someone’s tweet
          which included a link to the BBC story

          In the intro I paraphrased what that BBC story said

          In the next comment at 2:25 PM
          I quoted the BBC article
          and you can see how I got my paraphrasing from the original BBC lines.

          BBC say \\ Before the attack a group of three men and a woman in their mid 20s were asked to leave a private car park at the premises by volunteer stewards, police said.
          The group had allegedly been behaving anti-socially, drinking and using drugs.
          Speaking at the scene, Ch Supt Simon Rose said when the stewards challenged the group,
          “they were subjected to a tirade of Islamophobic and racist abuse”.
          The car then drove near the mosque
          and the group were involved in a confrontation with a large number of people outside.
          Their car was then reportedly damaged by some of the crowd before it sped off,
          colliding with three people
          . //


          • maxincony says:


            Yes, I did and to me is still incorrect English…

            So it’s not something you would say; apart from when you said it. Well thank goodness for that.

            Martin Stokes was jailed for five years by the way.

            “Stokes shouted racist abuse and then deliberately drove at [Muslim] worshippers leaving the community centre, before fleeing the scene…”



            • StewGreen says:

              It’s not something I would say; apart from when I said it
              paraphrasing the BBC text which used it

              .. You are a bitter person aren’t you Maxi ?


              • maxincony says:


                It’s not something I would say; apart from when I said it

                Odd isn’t it, how you complained about a news report saying; “the car drove…” when the person behind the wheel was Black…

                …but didn’t complain (and used the same phrase yourself) when a news report was about a White person behind the wheel.

                I notice these things. I also notice the inordinate amount of time you spend trying to justify yourself to yourself.


  33. MarkyMark says:

    “Today my thoughts are with those in Manchester who were lost on that terrible night and their loved ones who have so bravely battled to rebuild their lives. All of you – and many more in this great city – are the very best of what this country stands for. ”

    22 Lost in Manchester …. why is this a terrible statement?

    Lost … so they will be found?

    Lost …. weasel words rather than killed or murdered so as not to upset anyone or cause HATE.

    Lost ….. a child given a Western education and opportunity decided Islam was better, but we cannot look into this problem because all cultures are EQUAL.

    Lost …… children killed for an ideology, but that ideology cannot be criticised.

    Lost …….. 1400+ kids were “transformed” over 16 years in 1 town, why not use the word groomed rather than raped.

    Lost ……… the UK has lost the ability to state the actual events, so it is the UK that HAS LOST.


  34. Philip_2 says:

    Listening to Julia Hartley Brewer on TalkRadio this morning was talking to Lord (Matt) Ridley on his new book (VIRAL) about the cause of the global pandemic and the media claims that it was the fault of BATS in China and nearby ‘wet markets’ that caused it. This was peddled by the media that banned any deviation from the line. This was officially the US and UK government line until recently. now its become clear this is not the case and most of us know that it was an and is an artificial ‘lab’ virus released into the wild. Only now can the cause be traced. Although you can buy the book, I can make a pretty good guess, as the information is also called by the left as ‘conspiracy theories’ when in fact a conspiracy does exist and its no theory.

    Lord Ridley book :(here) Maps out the origins. (which may support the following links I have collected, although not read his book yet).
    Its clear that WUHAN is in the news but I suspect they were not the perpetrators.

    And, of course such VACCINATIONS are becoming a mandatory Vaccination But what goes into the vaccines? when it is now clear the VACCINES are not that effective and are (in some) suspect – in extending – or creating multiple VIRUS alerts that don’t exist! Particularly Pfizer as reported to German drug authorities is highly suspect. Read a fully researched paper by two doctors in NZ claiming that the SARS virus (2b) was manipulated to ‘extend’ into biological (human) targets. And the next question is who funded the WUHAN lab to cross-species BATS to Humans. You will be not surprised to learn the US was funding that program.

    (2) The VIRUS (PCR test and vaccine) is not a proper ‘VACCINE’ or ‘PCR’ test is something ‘else’ entirely to extend the pandemic. To be honest, this is global FRAUD by drug companies charging our governments Astronomical amounts per person every six months — for life. Only Astro Zenica stand out as being unique and handed out at cost in UK. It works differently to Pfizer although both claim to do the same thing. Not all things are equal in drugs.

    Be aware that all VACCINATIONS may reduce your life chances with ‘complications’ for your children in later life.
    Particularly If and many are already immune. You are six times more likely to die taking a VACCINE, so that’s the problem, not reported. Plus the not well known fact – release earlier this week – that you can still ‘pass on’ the (so called) VIRUS and it offers ‘no real protection’ to those you work with. The fact is that it ‘carries’ six times wider than an ‘un-vaccinated’ person, is of real concern. Its as IF they want it to spread by such vaccination!

    So why is the reported case of COVID soaring across Europe? To be locked up and prevented from public speaking and being apparently ‘healthy’ but perverted from living your normal life? Why are Doctors afraid to voice concerns about the lack of ingredients in Pfizer for example? And why the hell are **SORUS and GATES blaming a Chinese labs for the pandemic blaming ‘Bats’ when it now clear they specifically were involved in FUNDING (Bat related) viruses in China and its not clear if it was released in multiple places around the world. (Blamed on world Travel but there were reports three years ago of government flights releasing aerosols to ‘combat global warming’). Who knows the truth there.

    So a good conspiracy if it were true, but the VIRUS was launched a year or two well before – before the media were given the ‘global emergency’ PANDEMIC and had to follow the WHO ‘official line’ until quite recently – over the past few months – when we can now ask how this was allowed, when its clear that something is not being investigated by western governments (until now perhaps). Who would you ask, or have tracked down the source as an ‘outbreak’ when it was in part ‘engineered’?

    At the end of it all, this is the final culmination of UN AGENDA 21 which many mocked and disbelieved that it would or could never work. Those who thought it ‘impossible’ are not laughing now. The fact that is linked to ‘Climate Change’ and ‘population control’ still seems far fetched until its all linked to ‘sustainability’ (a UN term) as a world role model designed ultimately to lower the population to a zero increase bu ANY MEANS HOW. A totalitarian global super state with digital ID cards passports runs by those that sponsored the (so called) VIRUS outbreak. Even now the common cold is also a VIRUS, but the PCR test will ensure you are counted as a COVID virus victim and could pass it on…. as a continuation of the same ‘emergency’. The Virus of the Common Cold. There are a lot worse viruses out there. Ebola, Smallpox- for example, are far more dangerous as are the current backlog of all ‘hospital’ and routine health issues which are now backlogged into the far distant future. This is not going away.

    And the current media fascination with MASKS is completely pointless and ineffective outside a hospital situation. Most of the masks are not surgical standards, and not may of us could afford them if they were. The masks, the PCR tests, and the false ‘alerts’ are what has driven Austria into lock down. It has nothing to do with the ‘un-vaccinated’ , who are less likely to ‘pass on’ a virus. Totally the opposite to BBC ‘claims’ and Sky media ‘reports’ over the past two years. But as the US research shows no observable difference in being masked!!

    All the links confirm the observations, that the pandemic was ‘man made’ by a shadow organisation based in the US.

    (1a) US Drug Research:
    Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States. – (so COVID vaccination is spurious)

    (2b) NZ Drug Research:
    Basis of this article, read the last few pages to see the photographs of what is put into the vaccine. It will not cure SARS, and arguable that it will harm or shorten your life chances.

    (3c) UK Drug Research:
    Developers of AstraZeneca vaccine finds that vaccinated hospital personnel are acting as super-spreaders — asymptomatic but a viral load 251 TIMES that of the unvaccinated. And listener in Vietnam trapped in country and under house arrest for weeks due to COVID (only 700 deaths reported in a country of 98 MILLION in a year and a half). So the (so called) Vaccinated are responsible for spreading the COVID virus seems to be an ‘advantage’ in the media and certain governments proposing ‘emergency lock-downs’. Think Scotland, or Wales. But being vaccinated clearly does NOT prevent transmission as the media state the opposite. And then you ask why is this.

    (4a) Ironically Astra Zenica has a different system for dealing with the Virus. Its slow to work but may offer more long term protection than almost all others as it stimulates ‘T-cells’ (unlike others Vaccines). Quoted in Telegraph today. Quoted being better than Pfizer-Biotech and Moderna it is said. But none last more than six months before your due another shot (without any guarantee that you won’t die of SARS in the meantime). As its UK produced, one can hope that is is more slightly more effective than the other miracle ‘cures’ being peddled.

    An Agenda based on fear by whom?
    The aim is a never ending global ‘emergency’.The US Drug companies are making serious money and they are immune from prosecution, as long as it lasts. So no end in sight for a lifetime of misery and effective ‘early’ death by proxy of (so called) COVID complications. In fact all the approved COVID drug companies have ‘immunity’; from prosecution, licensed to each country by order!
    US companies are making killing in the market for these ‘essential’ life serving drugs!

    So I remain sceptical. This is all about political control, not health. Governments do not care much if we live or die, but if they can control the media. Children are also targets of the global media wars as propaganda. The message is ‘compliance’ mirroring the calls of China, which did use ‘emergency’ measures, even though they were only indirectly responsible for its release. Lord Matt Ridley’s book published today, indicates that the Chinese has been studying Bats for years without any outbreak and the so called bat’ market was a thousand miles away. Go figure who released the TOXIN and who paid for biological research into ‘cross-species’ into a more effective weapon. US or China?

    I just hope I am wrong. Look at Europe, it cannot end well. Listen to the main media channels and they claim BORIS (or insert CORBYN) that he has not gone far enough. The belief that we are all doomed has reached critical certainty, orchestrated by FAUCI, SOROS and GATES.

    Pandemic, Climate, Food, Transport and compulsory ID cards are all tools in play (the UN Agenda policy keyword was ‘sustainability’). Green is about compliance and big (GM) monoculture, served by big US companies based in IT and Pharma Drugs. A political over reach of funding its own interests. Politics not democracy.

    Perhaps it is the end or the world as we know it. Marxists and Globalist have indeed merged. But for how long? The BBC are the useful idiots for ‘climate change’ and other fashionable phobias. Its taken this long to reach ‘the long walk’ to Marxism.

    On the other hand it could all be a nightmare, one that will go down in history as a false claim by a powerful influential group that is infiltrates into most media organisations. It gives them a ‘Common Purpose’ to play on the fears of the public and lets governments introduce’ emergency powers’, even though the whole fiasco was a conspiracy right from the start. This is 2021, it is UN Agenda 21 that claims all the measure they are proposing are ‘sustainable’ once net zero population is achieved. Those involved believe in this and ‘Climate Change’ is real blaming Fossils, believe in Islam (as harmless), believe in de-funding the Police, live sexual education in schools, every gender matters (all 1,642 of them), and other daft and unprovable claims. At some point it will become obvious that all this nonsense is ‘unsustainable’ although the media will change course to another ‘emergency’ when given instructions to do so by political masters.


  35. MarkyMark says:

    BBC’s Global Disinformation unit launched a new team in India following its continued commitment to combat fake news.


    The @BBCYoungReporter initiative has rolled out media awareness workshops for 7000 school students in India.

    BBC News has launched a new ‘Disinformation Unit’ in India to uncover, analyse and report on the spread of fake news. A team of dedicated journalists will focus on highlighting false information, debunking viral social media content and investigate how and why it spreads. The team will provide audiences with useful tips and information on how to spot ‘fake news’ and prevent it from spreading further.

    Audiences will also be able to report on any fake news they think should be investigated by messaging the BBC’s Disinformation Unit.

    This newly launched Unit in India is an extension of the BBC’s continued commitment to combat misinformation, and is a



    • harry142857 says:

      “This newly launched Unit in India is an extension of the BBC’s continued commitment to combat misinformation.”

      Didn’t they learn a lesson about sticking their noses into other countries business.

      Like that Iranian Nazarin woman.


    • StewGreen says:

      BTW when I looked at that tweet this morning 5 out of engagements (quote tweets, Likes) had come from BBC staff associated with that dept


    • G says:

      “Audiences will also be able to report on any fake news they think should be investigated by messaging the BBC’s Disinformation Unit.”

      Time for us, en masse, to report the fake news our, “most trusted” dishes out daily. Feasible?


  36. MarkyMark says:

    Released On: 13 Nov 2021Available for over a year
    The BBC World Service has appointed its first disinformation editor. But what exactly does this entail? And how might their work benefit you the listener?
    They join us in the studio to answer your questions.
    Plus the use of background music. Your reaction to the idea of having two versions of the same programme!



  37. MarkyMark says:

    Traditional continental Christmas markets that fill town squares and city centres across the UK will be smaller and less European this year.

    The Covid pandemic has meant 10,000 professional full-time stallholders have left the industry.

    And Brexit has made importing both goods and people to Britain more complicated.



  38. StewGreen says:

    Tonia Buxton


    • MarkyMark says:

      Least we forget how it all works … videos, words, pictures … you don’t get to choose the arrangement …

      Chaos as police stop Hungary migrant train – Gavin Hewitt – BBC -Sep 2015 @53s
      “… the a really distressing incident happened. A women who was carrying a small baby began crying for help (photo of lady carrying baby). One of her companions tried to help her (photo of man with women on track, riot police reaching towards them) Somehow there became a push and a shove with the police. She ended up on the railway lines (by the male refugee dragging her and the baby to the floor, but this is not said) with the riot police trying to pull her back, and this of course inflamed all the other people…”
      -Gavin Hewitt – Sep 2015

      Watch the video and the male refugee (companion trying to help?) drags the women and baby to the floor, by force.

      Even the Mirror (03Sept2015) says “… this refugee couple cradle their tiny baby, after throwing themselves (NO! Male refugee drags women and baby onto train tracks) on train tracks as police try to take them to migrant camps in Hungary”

      Gets better. Two days (05Sept2015) later the Mirror then report it as
      “Refugee who dragged pregnant wife and baby son onto train track did it because ‘death would be better’”

      1. BBC Version uses words and pictures to hide the video version
      2. The Mirror shows the video but uses words to tell a different version

      Can I suggest a little story – “Male refugee forces pregnant women refugee holding child down onto a train track, police drag him away for her safety? Riot police then lift women with child off track with tender arms.”



  39. MarkyMark says:

    Biden given a free pass …. no mention on website.



  40. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday I was in the most Covid dangerous place I have ever been : inside a doctors surgery where there were 4 lines of 40 people total INSIDE
    I waited about 30 minutes in a line outside the pharmacy vaccine booth , right in front of the doctors reception
    the same booth the surgery sent me last time.
    When I got served
    “No you are not on our list, you must be on the surgery list
    You have to go outside and round the back and join the Covid queue ”

    FFS The same building was running 2 different flu vaccination routes.
    So I went round the back, but that queue was too long so I had to come back just before the 12pm closing.
    My original actual appoint was 12:50pm, but the surgery had phoned in the morning to say they’d cancelled afternoon work and could I just join the line anytime in the morning.
    Still no news on my booster.

    I think all four lines should have been just a few yards away on the outside of the building not inside.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Stew – over a year ago I had to go for a blood test . I opened the door to the surgery to go in . It was crammed full with no ventilation . I stood at the door and asked so lazy fat nurse if the place could be ventilated . She looked at me as though I was special needs .

      So I waited outside in the cold until my number came up . And there is a ‘mystery ‘ about how the NHS spreads covid .

      I emailed the practice manager but got a ‘go away ‘ response …I’m glad at the moment I don’t engage with the NHS ….inshala


  41. MarkyMark says:

    Oxford, 2011. For nearly a year detectives have been receiving reports of girls disappearing, some as young as 13, only to return days later, refusing to tell anyone where they had been.

    Sometimes they would be bruised, bleeding and half-naked.

    For the past few months a Thames Valley Police team has been investigating the cases, but making little headway.

    But in the early hours of 14 November, the man leading the small group, Det Insp Simon Morton, made a connection that would spark the biggest criminal investigation in the city’s history.

    The senior investigating officer said he had just finished debriefing a surveillance team when the “penny dropped”.

    As he sat in the police briefing room and stared at the names of suspects written on a whiteboard, Mr Morton suddenly realised he wasn’t looking merely at a set of sexual predators, but a highly organised crime group.

    “I started scribbling like mad,” he said. “In honesty, I was annoyed I hadn’t seen it before – it was so bloody obvious.”



  42. tomo says:

    ref my wibbling about BBC customised web content delivery –

    I’ve just been reminded of an associated term – the silo mentality

    The BBC are intent on silo-ing their audience?

    bbc.co.uk/news now has ZERO mention of Waukesha massacre


  43. MarkyMark says:

    Such was the gang’s hold over its victims, when one of the girls was left naked and abandoned after a gang rape, it was one of her abusers she phoned for help, not her social worker or the police.

    Some of the girls contracted sexually transmitted infections and became pregnant – or both – with one 12-year-old girl, who was branded with the initial of a man who claimed to “own her”, being made to have a back-room abortion.

    In Rotherham and Rochdale, similar grooming gangs were coming to light. Mr Morton visited the investigation team in Rotherham, swapping notes.



  44. MarkyMark says:

    Twice in the summer, the Chinese military launched a rocket into space that circled the globe before speeding towards its target.


    U.S. issues first passport with ‘X’ gender marker


  45. MarkyMark says:

    However, China – currently the biggest producer of CO2 in the world – says it’s aiming for “carbon neutrality” by 2060. It hasn’t set out exactly what this means or how it will get there.

    Russia – the third-largest producer of oil worldwide – has also pledged to reach net zero by 2060, although its draft commitment hasn’t been legally ratified.

    India – the world’s fourth biggest emitter of CO2 after China, the US and the EU – has promised to cut its emissions to net zero by 2070.



  46. MarkyMark says:

    Senior Tories faced bad ops earlier this week as they were filmed dashing from their annual winter fundraising ball to vote for the PM’s controversial social care reforms. A huge amount of cash was raised at the ball: an hour’s cricket with Rishi Sunak went for £35,000; dinner with Gove for £25,000; karaoke with Liz Truss fetched £22,000. All the while the 500 guests dined on smoked salmon and beef…

    – – – – – –

    No Marcus Rashford?


  47. andyjsnape says:

    1st world news brought to you by the bBC

    NFT or non-fungible token is Collins Dictionary’s word of the year

    Why do people still pay for this cr*p!


  48. StewGreen says:

    Bolt, the media are still lying “every statement in this ABC report just last night, about Rittenhouse is false”
    .. That’s a big claim, but seems right.


    • Guest Who says:

      Uh huh.

      With what though?

      And why is an MP who prefers green rooms to serving her constituents running U.K. energy policy using bbc headline sub treatments?

      And why is every bbc local democracy controlled medium quietly allowing XR to take over local government?


  49. MarkyMark says:

    Information on how many MP’s have take the Covid-19 vaccine and those that have not.

    This information is not held by the House of Commons. MPs are not employed
    by the House and we have no role in monitoring or managing their
    healthcare arrangements.