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  1. G says:

    Lady Brooke:

    Windrush compensation top of the hit list. Home Office not fit for purpose.

    I wonder how Priti Useless’ parents are getting on with their claim against the Ugandan Government for when Idi Amin kicked all the Ugandan Asians out of that country………………


  2. StewGreen says:

    This applies to my earlier Bolt video

    The guy quote tweeted the black lawyer @VillLonaLaw who gave false information in the ABC 730 prog
    and she immediately blocked him


  3. MarkyMark says:

    When relationships end it might be because the spark has disappeared, or maybe you just can’t make time for one another.

    But can climate change cause break-ups?

    It might do, according to a new study which suggests albatrosses – some of the world’s most loyal creatures – are “divorcing” more.


  4. StewGreen says:

    Conform or else say libmob


  5. StewGreen says:

    When libmob do misinformation tweets, Twitters doesn’t generally put warning on them

    A tale made quoting Blue Tick tweets
    short version .. https://twitter.com/Lauren_Southern/status/1463203103943970821


  6. MarkyMark says:

    Reset is an organisation funded by the Home Office to provide training and support to prospective and approved community sponsor groups across the UK. Reset provides advice, guidance and support to sponsor groups throughout the entire journey of sponsorship, from application through to supporting a resettled family once they have arrived. If your community group is thinking about becoming a community sponsor, you can find out more about Reset and how they can support you by visiting Reset.



    More than 29 million people around the world have been forced to leave their homes and countries because of war or persecution. Community Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to welcome a refugee family into your neighbourhood and support them as they restart their lives, here in the UK.


    • tarien says:

      It is quite incomprehensible that anyone would seriously want to welcome a refugee with his or her family into your home- if they as I am assuming are people from Muslim countries, their ideology is alien to Christian values, their way of life is a long way from the way an ediginous Brit would live. These people should never have been allowed into this country. My folks and family members did not flee the UK when it was on the verge of an invasion in WW2, it stood and fought to protect its country and at cost of lives. We have and are still allowing the devil incarnate to run its eveil ways amongst us. Mad, the policy is madness and we and our children shall all pay for.


  7. MarkyMark says:

    The UK has made the largest ever donor investment to help end the devastating and harmful practice of female genital mutilation (FGM) by 2030.

    International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt today (Friday 23 November) announced a new UK aid package to support the African-led movement to end FGM and provide better protections for vulnerable girls in some of the world’s poorest countries. The announcement comes ahead of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women on Sunday.

    UK aid will provide an extra £50 million – the biggest single investment worldwide to date by any international donor – to tackle this issue across the most affected countries in Africa.


    As of 2015 there have been no convictions in the UK for performing or arranging FGM. By contrast, in France over 100 parents and two practitioners had been prosecuted by 2014 in over 40 criminal cases.


  8. JohnC says:

    I see the BBC have opened a HYS on Boris at PMQ’s. After a whole series of headlines on the article doing their best to kick him in the teeth.

    I’m quite sure the usual far-Left army of students and activists will be mobilised and the comments will be 5 times the usual amount and overwhelmingly against him. Maybe someone else can check : I don’t have the stomach.

    They sense this is their chance to get rid of him and they’ve been doing everything in their power to stick a knife in his back for the last few days.

    I’m no big fan of Boris but what the BBC are doing here is a disgusting abuse of their power and an example of their extreme bias.


    • Seppers says:

      I monitor the bbc website now after I started noticing that sort of thing quite a lot.
      I’m working, but when I can I’m going to devote some time to campaigning against them.


  9. Guest Who says:



    But as reassured Justin remains to illustrate that when the bbc settles stuff, it stays settled.


  10. s.trubble says:

    So the bBc

    Anti Monarchy
    Pro IRA/Hamas
    Anti Israel
    Pro Labour
    Anti Conservative
    Pro EU
    Anti Brexit
    Anti Ukip
    Pro Climate Change Nuttery
    Anti British

    All that for £159….or the jail.


  11. Square-Eyed says:

    At long last the truth about Russiagate is emerging among the mainstream media. Even the Washington Post is now making corrections to some of its archived reports on the story. What an opportunity for the fair Marianna, the Spring of our Discontent, to tell us all how the BBC got their accounts ever so slightly wrong. It could even be accompanied by a humble apology from the higher authorities at the BBC for misleading the British public. Or perhaps Marianna is just too busy at the moment writing the second volume of her memoirs, “Flying with Peppa.”


  12. Guest Who says:

    H/T Arthur T at ITBB for yet another BBC EdGud gem.


    … ‘Wisconsin: Child becomes sixth fatality in car-ramming’ …
    You need to look on the US and Canada pages to find it. ‘ car-ramming’ is a new term.

    In passing, glancing at the other featured stories is… novel.


  13. Guest Who says:

    No different to the U.K. award winning for being blonde in media then.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “But we have learnt somethings in the last 10 years. We have learnt that most of the press in free western countries are cowards. We’ve learnt that most of our artistic establishment are cowards. Most of our politicians are cowards. We’ve learnt that industries that spend much of their year in award ceremonies patting themselves on the back for their bravery, stop when bravery is required.” – Douglas Murray @5:00


  14. Guest Who says:

    I share mainly because of who the bbc kindergarten turns to at such times.


    • tarien says:

      No is the simple answer. Surely a female MP that has a child, must make arrangements for their babies during their time in Parliament.
      The Houses of Parliament are ment to be a place of serious affairs not a place for infants.


  15. Guest Who says:

    But always impartial.


  16. Guest Who says:

    Harking back to the BBC’s ‘news partnerships’ globally, reaching almost half a billion gullible saps.


    • MarkyMark says:

      22 Lost in manchester – to be found (c) Theresa May


    • Thoughtful says:

      Difficult to have even the slightest sympathy for the brain dead people of Waukesha when they voted in a DA who stood on a platform of releasing people on minimal bail.

      They probably thought they were being ‘nice’, like libtards do, and now it has cost some their lives and some have received life changing injuries but despite all of that you know damn fine well that if the polling booths were open tomorrow they’d be right back in there vaildating the DAs policy which led to the carnage.

      So suck it up Democrat voters in Waukesha you got what you voted for, I hope you’re pleased with yourselves.


  17. tomo says:


    I’m up for crowdfunding that – just to adjust the lady’s sneer



  18. Guest Who says:

    Has Marianna invented perpetual motion yet?

    Other than that feet story that won her an award.


  19. Guest Who says:

    Sopes needs to get Paul Mason in to properly analyse this.


    • Philip_2 says:

      Lefty Wright: Confirms what we hear from NZ and Aus.

      From your link above….

      “Perhaps it’s because I’m English, or perhaps it’s my age, or perhaps it’s just blind prejudice, but when I wake to the news that the Austrian government has interned an entire third of its national population as a ‘danger to public health’, a chill runs down my spine.

      I am watching all this from Ireland, the country which has the highest vaccination rate in Western Europe, at over 94% of the adult population. At the same time, curiously, we have the highest covid infection rates in Western Europe too. The government has not been able to explain this fact, but it is a trend that has recently manifested in some other highly-vaccinated places too: Gibraltar, Israel, West Flanders. High levels of vaccination do not seem to correspond with low-levels of disease; often quite the opposite.”

      And then the drugs called ‘Vaccinations’ are in part toxic. adding to the misery. Many will die. The consequences are that they will try harder to inject every one of us. But don’t expect any cure, there is none, as its has been proved that vaccinate carry more viral load. And as I have previously pointed out what goes in the ‘vaccine; is not what Doctors expect to see or report on. Natural immunity (if we survive) is far stronger.

      Proof of that is here:
      “Being vaccinated clearly does NOT prevent transmission..”

      And we can always ‘Ask-a-Doctor ‘; Vernon Coleman, states that it akin to ‘murder’ of the innocent.



      • TheRebelUK says:

        Phil2, you know that, I know that so do many In the science society. It’s all disgusting what these dictator politicians are doing to their people. THE MPs WORK FOR US!

        We don’t seem to care when the BBC shows countries where people are being locked down or worse, unless they get the Jab.
        It will continue until people kick back.
        Some dark days to come for us but there is still hope on our side.
        In the end usually the truth always comes out and those that are pointing these facts out will have truth on their side which lockdown fanatics won’t have at all.


  20. StewGreen says:

    20 drowned ?


    • Guest Who says:

      So it would seem.

      If any minors, especially tragic.

      Maybe some questions might get asked about the wisdom of encouraging those not experienced at sea to attempt trips at the end of November.

      Of those advertising the less unfortunate trips’ results.


    • MarkyMark says:

      “Several migrants LEAVING SAFE TOLERANT FRENCE BEACH headed for INTOLERANT RACIST UK drown in English Channel near Calais after their boat sinks, French government says WHILST WATCHING THEM LEAVE.”


  21. StewGreen says:

    Search in French
    some accounts say the count is 27
    Boris Johnson convoque une réunion de crise suite au décès d’au moins 27 migrants
    lors d’un naufrage dans la Manche, annonce Downing Street #AFP


    • StewGreen says:

      Before this sinking, the death toll since the start of the year stood at three dead and four missing.
      In 2020, six people were killed and three others were missing.
      Four deaths were recorded in 2019 #AFP

      That’s at least 15 dead in the last 3 years, before this

      Prime Minister Jean Castex
      “My thoughts are with the many missing and wounded, victims of criminal smugglers who exploit their distress and misery” #AFP


  22. vlad says:

    Now even the Royals hate the BBC.


  23. MarkyMark says:

    BBC report on BBC not doing something…
    Royal carol concert offered to ITV after BBC documentary dispute
    Published2 hours


    ‘Overblown claims’

    The strained relationship between the Royal Family and the BBC follows the broadcast of The Princes and the Press, hosted by the corporation’s media editor Amol Rajan.

    Representatives for the BBC, BBC Studios, ITV and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge declined to comment.


  24. Sluff says:

    BBC news
    31 dead on a boat crossing the channel. Or rather, in the channel.

    The BBC are distraught. They were on the beach in France to wave several boats off. We know this because they showed their own film.

    The PM is to hold a COBRA ‘crisis’ meeting.

    I can’t help feeling the opinions of large swathes of the UK population may differ significantly from that of the wokes, the Far Left, and the BBC.

    They pay your money and they take their chance to escape from……errrr…..France.

    The true issue of the economic chancers will reveal itself in the next few days should boats continue to sail in spite of today’s events.

    Does the government offer training courses for people smuggling?
    It seems to be very well paid, and demand is high.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Boris to send 10 more troops to Poland to help the borders.

      . . . . . .

      Gaddafi wants EU cash (£4bn) to stop African migrants {bbc.co.uk aug2010}

      “Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi says the EU should pay Libya at least 5bn euros (£4bn; $6.3bn) a year to stop illegal African immigration and avoid a ‘black Europe’.

      ‘We don’t know what will happen, what will be the reaction of the white and Christian Europeans faced with this influx of starving and ignorant Africans,’ Col Gaddafi said…

      He told them that Islam should become the religion of Europe and gave them free copies of the Koran, after he had lectured them for an hour on the freedoms enjoyed by women in Libya.”

      Aug 2010 … fast forward … Nov 2016

      Migrant crisis: Turkey (Erdogan) threatens EU with new surge (EU Tax Payers are paying Erdogan £2.6 billion) {bbc.co.uk nov2016}
      “Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that he will let hundreds of thousands of migrants travel on to Europe if pushed by the EU.

      ‘Listen to me: these border gates will be opened if you go any further,’ he warned the EU on Friday.”


    • Doublethinker says:

      By tomorrow morning the dumbo liberal BBC
      / Guardian line will be that racist Britain should be ashamed of forcing migrants to risk this dangerous crossing. We could , indeed should, give all who want to free seats on Eurostar , with a Chauffer service from their camp to the nearest SNCF station , acommodation at the hotel at St Pancras ( is it open yet?) and greater free handouts.
      It would be racist to expect anything in return from these poor persecuted refugees.


      • Guest Who says:

        Lewis still there, walking up and down roads?


        • MarkyMark says:

          Do they have a genuine need for asylum?
          The majority of refugees we meet come from Afghanistan, Sudan, Eritrean, Iraq, Iran and Syria. The Global Peace Index lists the 28 most dangerous countries in the world and all of these are included – indeed, Afghanistan is ranked as number one, Syria as two, Iraq as three and South Sudan as number four; these people are fleeing the worst and most dangerous countries on this planet.



          Sudan Economic Impact and Reform (SEIR) Programme
          UK – Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office

          To support Sudan’s economic recovery and lay the groundwork for growth by i. Mitigating the impact of economic reforms on the poorest and most…

          Read more …
          Project identifier:

          Start Date:

          Activity Status:

          Total Budget:


      • MarkyMark says:

        Budget: £231,011,954.42



  25. Fedup2 says:

    BBC 6pm news – from Scotland … has to start with drowned illegal immigrants which hopefully are all on the French side of the channel .
    You can see that the BBC wanted to lead with an interview with crankie about another referendum ….. good luck with that SNP – no oil revenue -ma whisky based economy – even more English money to run welfare . Wall up the border is an independence vote .

    Anyway – mr farage will have a field day with the channel drownings – the BBC / MSM has ignored the scandal for months years – but not him .

    Nut nut has called a whoopie dooo cobra – and priti will absolutely be dropping her gees absolutely later on in a ritual thoughts and prayers gig .

    Troll fodder ….


  26. Sluff says:

    I’m not saying that long term Windrush UK residents don’t have a case to be here, nor am I surprised if the utterly useless not-fit- for- purpose Home Office have let them down.
    But on Toady this morning somebody reckoned they were due £40,000.

    Do the authorities have the foggiest clue how long it would take ordinary working taxpayers to amass that amount if cash? And therefore how generous such largesse is?

    Evidently not. The taxpayer continues to be regarded as the magic money tree.


    • Guest Who says:

      Ed’s on it… mon.


      • MarkyMark says:

        The “EdStone” was a large stone tablet which was commissioned by the Labour Party during the 2015 United Kingdom general election.[1] The stone was 2.6 metres (8 ft 6 in) tall and featured six election pledges carved into it, together with the Labour logo, and a copy of signature of the party leader Ed Miliband. It was much mocked; for example, John Rentoul, Tony Blair’s biographer, described it as the “most absurd, ugly, embarrassing, childish, silly, patronising, idiotic, insane, ridiculous gimmick I have ever seen”.[2]

        The Labour Party failed to declare the cost of the stone in its election finances report, which led to an investigation by the Electoral Commission that uncovered £150,000 of undisclosed payments by the party during the election. The commission reported that the treasurer had committed two offences and the party was fined.[3]



      • MarkyMark says:



      • MarkyMark says:



    • MarkyMark says:

      Windrush paid no tax of National Insurance all those years so helped destroy the NHS?


  27. StewGreen says:

    27 migrants drowned in the English Channel from France to the UK,
    just hours after another group of 40 migrants were pictured
    launching rubber dinghies from the coast *under police surveillance*.

    https://mol.im/a/10238171 via


    • Fedup2 says:

      Wonder if there will be more drowned tomorrow ..?


      • taffman says:

        About time now that our Tory government started DEFENDING this our country.
        Make a start by getting rid of the buffoon that is running his useless cabinet . Next, he will be sending cruise ships over to Calais to pick them up and bring them over .
        Are the French launching their ‘Life Boats’ or laughing at us?


  28. Guest Who says:

    If the bbc, and those ovary bearing political tools that they park in green rooms can’t grasp a simple fact…


  29. Fedup2 says:

    Well it might nudge mr farage back into politics – then the red/blue labour parties will try to crush him again ….

    … on the drowned French illegals – I wonder if the news registers much there – although I suspect they are just pleased to be shot of them – one way or another ….


  30. MarkyMark says:

    Do refugees stay forever?
    Many refugees dream of returning home, where they have spent most of their lives and can be reunited with their loved ones. During 2016, the number of refugees returning home doubled.

    27/08/2021 9:40 am
    Home » UK holiday parks to house Afghan refugees?
    Pontins has apparently offered its UK holiday parks to the Government as temporary housing for Afghan refugees.

    The Telegraph said Government sources told it Pontins had ‘expressed interest’ in some of its six sites being used to help accommodate families fleeing the Taliban.


    • Zephir says:

      Marky Mark

      Re refugees at Pontins

      Fair enough, but only if they are kept away from doing the Punch and Judy, I wouldn’t trust them within 10 yards of a bunch of kids

      They can do the ballroom dancing and some stand up

      “Funny thing happened to me in the dinghy last week” etc


    • Banania says:

      I don’t think would stand the discipline.


  31. MarkyMark says:

    Sudan Free of Female Genital Mutilation Phase 2 (SFFGM2)



  32. Guest Who says:


    No word on bbc EdGuds on folk who know not to go for an outing in the Channel in Winter, and those queuing to have a chat with Lewis Goodhall pre trip.


  33. Zephir says:

    Stupid entitled showboating socialist twat of the day award goes to:

    ‘Parents who get paid a fraction of what you do pay for childcare so they can go to work’:

    Red Wall Tory MP turns on Labour’s Stella Creasy after she is banned from bringing her baby into Commons debates – as Speaker orders rules review



  34. Guest Who says:

    Award season!


    • Zephir says:

      How many stabees saved in the UK ?


    • MarkyMark says:

      1400+ raped kids – NewsNight in Rotherham?

      At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013, a report has found.

      Children as young as 11 were raped by multiple perpetrators, abducted, trafficked to other cities in England, beaten and intimidated, it said.

      The report, commissioned by Rotherham Borough Council, revealed there had been three previous inquiries.

      Council leader Roger Stone said he would step down with immediate effect.

      Mr Stone, who has been the leader since 2003, said: “I believe it is only right that as leader I take responsibility for the historic failings described so clearly.”

      The inquiry team noted fears among council staff of being labelled “racist” if they focused on victims’ descriptions of the majority of abusers as “Asian” men.



      • Zephir says:

        “Pakistanis” who should all be deported immediately upon conviction

        preferably dropped in the North Sea from 10 000 feet or thrown off Beachy Head and all council staff involved sacked and prosecuted for perverting the course of justice and aiding and abetting sex crimes and upon conviction put on the sex offenders register for life.


    • Banania says:

      What on earth is the point of going to Dover to talk about this? It is like standing outside No 10, only more expensive.


  35. Guest Who says:

    Springster is pretty safe.


  36. tomo says:

    62 injured 6 dead


  37. Northern Voter says:

    New Bulgarian Broadcasting Corporation programme to be shown later.

    Surviving a dunking in the Channel in winter.

    BBC weatherperson shows how to stay warm in waters below 2 degrees C. Wrap up warm, and swim for the nearest non English speaking country.


  38. MarkyMark says:

    20 french citizens die due to Macron’s negligence.


  39. theisland says:

    I believe this is in ?French waters.


  40. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #1 – yes, we do notice the blatant advertising on a broadcaster’s radio network that should not be carrying advertising according to its Royal Charter

    The BBC offended their ‘no advertising’ clause in the BBC Charter blatantly again today. After the Prime Interview is concluded there seems to be permanent advertising these days, anything up to ten minutes in duration, today it was an exhibition of artwork for the Beano and Dennis the Menace.

    Recently, it has been for music: Adele’s, Dave Grohl’s and Paul McCartney’s new albums and in the case of the latter, his book as well. With memories of the BBC being caught up in ‘the Payola Scandal’ that engulfed commercial radio stations on two continents in the 1950s and 1960s, the BBC ought to make it clear that no money has changed hands when they advertise records, books, exhibitions and artworks sales.


    • Philip_2 says:

      I noticed back in the 1980;s the BBC starting to ‘plug’ its own programs and then political slogans; linked to own programs and channels; linked to programs devoted to left wing ‘influences’ (unknown always) selling a new book, song or just a fashionable minority victim group demanding compensation, and then inserting that in ‘Woman’s Hour’, or ‘The Archers’ as ‘feed ins’ to left wing politics next as ‘Ads. The BBC is full of self-promotion these days. And that is why I left all of it behind and now welcome Ads from independent TV companies that need the money and we can ‘choose’ what we want to watch and listen to. Talk Radio.

      There is no going back for me. With the £159 you save you can buy a ROKU stick which offers comparable range (and often) a better range of programming with a huge variety, some with Ads and some without. And then for ‘unbiased’ news and discussion we have GB News where even the Ads are often acceptable, (compared to the BBC identical versions of advertising itself 24/7 for its ‘collective wisdom’ of the world contrived); ‘clipped and stuffed’ for a captive liberal lefty Guardian audience it ‘imagines’ is the UK market. Its own Ads are there as non stop promotions of its small range of goods. Its fixation on ‘yoof’ is well known despite its core audience is over 75.


    • JimS says:

      “The BBC ought to make it clear that no money has changed hands when they advertise records, books, exhibitions and artworks sales.”

      Payment for advertising just makes it worse!

      Why do certain companies get a ‘free ride’, Apple, Disney, Virgin etc. Why do certain authors get free plugs on all channels, or even better, get pushed as ‘Book of the Week’?

      The BBC knows it is guilty of all of this and its pathetic excuse is just to add in ‘other XXX are available’ giving their favoured party the advertising and leaving us to go and look for the alternatives that the BBC has ‘helpfully’ assured us exist, something I am sure we can all work out for ourselves.


      • Deborah says:

        The other morning on Today was an item about Radiohead. My first thought was it was Radio4 trying to be relevant with the Youth. Then I thought that the probable average age of a Radiohead fan was probably over 40. But I hadn’t factored in who might get free tickets for what.

        It’s like Glastonbury. I don’t think the BBC cares whether their audience wants it on the tv, but all about whether they can go for free.


  41. StewGreen says:

    10:35pm bBC1 Zara McDermott : Uncovering Rape Culture,
    she explores the ‘rape culture’ raging in British schools
    & the impact easy access to violent & graphic porn
    is having on young adults
    No comments are on Twitter yet


  42. Philip_2 says:

    I seem to be reading a printed version of biasedbbv.tv Its is a UK newspaper called The Light Paper I was not expecting much, from a free edition, but it has some good reads and covers much of the same topics we discuss here but globally. Worth a look.

    Check it out. Issue 15.

    Click to access Light-15-iFinal.pdf


  43. Sluff says:

    BBC webshite first headline
    Dozens killed as migrant boat capsizes.

    Well now, given 31 deaths that works out at 2 dozen.
    So technically yes dozens plural but I suspect we would all agree that is deliberately misleading.

    No prizes for guessing where the woke BBC sympathies lie.
    It’s not with indigenous British citizens who pay the telly tax and pick up the tab for the economic chancers, that’s for sure.


  44. JimS says:

    If only Hitler had known the truth and Operation Sea Lion had gone ahead!

    Given how easy it now appears to be to cross The Channel and make unauthorised landfall I wonder how many landings there are of drugs, guns and other contraband?

    Quite a lot since HMRC doesn’t believe in borders, (unless you are white and hold British citizenship by virtue of birth).


  45. JohnC says:

    I see the black BLM supporter mowing down 40 people in his SUV and killing 6 – including a child – has disappeared from the BBC website completely now.

    Instead we have multiple articles about an illegal boat carrying people trying to illegally enter our country has capsized. And this story – being on-agenda – will continue for days.

    It’s the story all the underhand tricks of sending the coastguard and RNLI out to pick them up has been trying so hard to avoid. All to stop the public from knowing what is going on.

    What is the point of it ?. Is it to force the French to stop them or is it for us to ferry them across safely ourselves ?. I know where my money goes.

    What no BBC hypocrites ever mentions is that they are fleeing France, not Syria or Iran. There is no justification whatsoever for agreeing to allow them in.


    • tarien says:

      And then we have the director of the Red Cross on TV last night claiming that we should rescue and accept these poor souls-25000 so far but many many thousands more have come since and it looks as if tyhere are many thousands more on the way through Europe. Without doubt it is a duplicitous invasion, that will close down the Christian Democratic Values of life in Europe within a few years. About 60 million followers of the teachings of Islam in Europe already.


  46. Zephir says:

    Someone sympathetic to him has started a “go fund me page” to raise money for his latest bail, believe it or not:

    GoFundMe pulls fundraiser for Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks


    This is from his social media accounts:

    Waukesha suspect rapped about ‘Drugs, guns, murder’ and ‘f— Donald Trump’ and his supporters
    ‘Drugs, guns, murder that’s all we know,’ Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. rapped in one song

    In another track, he declares, “They gon’ need a cleaner for the s— we did, all my killers can see where them bodies hid.”

    “Just grab a trigger and pull, whatcha waiting for?”


    Brooks has been in and out of jail for decades for a slew of felonies and lesser charges, ranging from strangling a woman to impregnating a minor.

    his 50-page rap sheet showed numerous drug charges in addition to violent felonies and sex crimes over the past two decades.


  47. Zephir says:

    Worth remembering how Rittenhouse was vilified by the media and lefty “celebs” around the world whilst on trial

    Lets see what they have to say about the above individual


  48. Zephir says:

    Coming to a country near you soon….

    Fairfax County schools reinstates books with explicit images, claiming they don’t include pedophilia
    An outraged parent who called the books ‘porn’ dubbed the county ‘FairfaXXX County’

    “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison includes long sections of a boy reminiscing about explicit experiences he had at 10 years old and “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” by Maia Kobabe includes photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man”

    Stacy Langton, the Fairfax County mother who confronted the school board with images from the books in September, told Fox News that the FCPS report is “very intellectually dishonest.”

    “Unless FCPS is using a different dictionary, pedophilia means adults having sex with children, and that is precisely what is being depicted in the particular panel in Gender Queer,” Langton told Fox News in an interview on Tuesday.

    “You guys in the press have been in a quandary since you can’t broadcast the images because it violates FCC regulations,” she said. “The FCC says the materials can’t be broadcast because they’re obscene but FCPS says they’re not obscene. How does the committee come to the conclusion that these materials are not obscene when nobody can print them or broadcast them on a national level?”


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