Start the Week 10th June 2024

Looks like the BBC will be in full mourning on Monday as across Europe the Far Left is being beaten by partys more interested in caring for their people than those imported from the Third World . And a comment too – about corrupt Green policies imposing unnecessary burdens on us all . Enjoy .

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  1. Doobster78 says:

    The Reform Party announcements are great , the responses to the questions thereafter are even better , TV gold .

    Just earlier first question to the BBC woman , nothing about the economic policies just announced but her question ,

    One of the Reform Candidates has said some non pc stuff online about immigration and women , what will you do about it and is it a problem for you ?

    Perfect response from Nigel , well it’s not as big a problem as for the Green Party as they have had to suspend 20 candidates 😂

    Obviously the BBC woman was inferring all Reform are racist but he batted her off beautifully, now wait for the Green Party announcement and let’s she if her question is about their 20 suspensions, I very much suspect NOT


    • StewGreen says:

      Through the way Laura Kuenssberg presents he tweet it is clear that she is not impartial
      but rather supplying incendiary material for her lefty mates to retweet
      which they do in droves


      • MarkyMark says:

        Odd – they say unsavoury comments when they LIKE THE PERSON … and show the comments when they don’t.

        HA HA HA HAH
        “A Reform UK candidate claimed the country would be “far better” if it had “taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality” instead of fighting the Nazis in World War Two.

        Ian Gribbin, the party’s candidate in Bexhill and Battle, also wrote online that women were the “sponging gender” and should be “deprived of health care”.

        In posts from 2022 on the Unherd magazine website, seen by the BBC, he said Winston Churchill was “abysmal” and praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

        . . . . . . .

        Diane Abbott walks away after she’s asked to explain Jewish ‘costume’ comment


      • StewGreen says:

        Reform’s reply

        In July 2022, Mr Gribbin posted on the Unherd website: “Britain would be in a far better state today had we taken Hitler up on his offer of neutrality…. but oh no Britain’s warped mindset values weird notions of international morality rather than looking after its own people.”GPthjqdWwAEn1LG?format=jpg&name=small


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Evidence from offence archaeology proves that in the 1930s, the left-wing BBC supported left-wing National Socialism and Hitler, and opposed right-wing conservatism and Churchill.

        In 1933, Kuenssberg’s right-wing granddad was invited to join the left-wing SS. But ran away to right-wing Britain.

        In 1934, the Director-General of the BBC wrote: “I really admire the way Hitler has cleaned up what looked like an incipient revolt. I really admire the drastic actions taken, which were obviously badly needed.”

        In 1939, the Director-General of the BBC wrote: “Hitler continues his magnificent efficiency.”

        In 2000, left-wing Laura Kuenssberg joins the left-wing BBC.

        In 2006, Reith’s daughter, Marista Leishman, wrote that in the 1930s her father did everything possible to keep Winston Churchill, and other right-wing opponents of national socialism, off the BBC.


      • Mrs Kitty says:

        There are times I wish we had been.


    • StewGreen says:

      @Doobster as you said Farage and Tice spoke about economics
      then very first question was a BBC-gotcha from Lucy Manning

      23:44 Tice”you so uh you’ve heard our thoughts on the economics the Great British tax cut the polling industry
      Who’d like to start with a question ?”

      23:52 “hi Lucy Manning from BBC news
      There’s a story that BBC running today about one of your candidates Ian Gribbin who wrote that the UK would have been far better if it had taken Hitler up on its on his offer of neutrality instead of fighting the Nazis
      and that women were the sponging gender
      I just wondered if you thought he was a suitable candidate and have you got a problem with some of your candidates ?

      Farage ” not a big a problem, as with the green party You’ had to suspend 20 of their candidates for putting out really vile uh anti-semitic tweets
      um I think do you know
      It’s something I think every party will suffer because it was a snap election
      We had put in place a big vetting program but we run out of time
      Tice : That’s the reality we made it clear to all candidates and if people do inappropriate things
      say daft things then of course we’ll look at it and investigate it and that’s what we do
      but what we’re doing is pushing on with an agenda
      and the reason that we’re going up in the polls is that actually
      people like the message and that’s what people are focused on that’s what millions of people are looking for Hop how do we get ourselves out of this hole
      how do we grow ourselves out of this hole
      so look we’ll look at all these things
      but the reality is we’ve got action momentum and we’re moving forwards


      • StewGreen says:

        Her last tweet was another gotcha attempt Farage


        • BigBrotherCorporation says:

          Full article on the website now:

          Reform candidate said UK should have been neutral against Hitler

          By Joe Cassidy – no idea?

          Ian Gribben sounds like a loose cannon, and frankly, a total prick, but as Farage pointed out, however careful your vetting, every party has at least a few (in some cases more than a few).

          To be fair, he is technically correct, if the UK had remained neutral, we would have: not crippled our economy for decades to come, retained more of our empire, lost far less casualties, not had to pay the US reparations, and probably wouldn’t have any of the immigration/cultural enrichment problems we’re facing today.

          However, on the other hand…


  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    ‘Cracking down on’ ….. seems to be the new go-to description for any manifesto pledges now.

    Maybe they should be a ‘cracking down on’ those who make manifesto pledges and then fail to do the ‘cracking down’

    Cracking down on the boat smuggling gangs for example…and tax dodgers…and benefit cheats……


  3. Guest Who says:

    BBC Asian Teflon Gary opines.
    Far Right isn’t just two normal political words. It means something far more insidious. Racism, bigotry, division, hatred. I know what Far Right language sounds and feels like.


  4. tomo says:

    well, that actually makes sense?


  5. pugnazious says:

    Some might say…says the BBC’s EU mouthpiece, Katya Adler…

    ‘“The far right is on the march” is something you often hear said across Europe right now. “This feels like Europe of the 1930s.”’

    But of course this was a constant refrain from the BBC itself during the Brexit referendum…we’re heading back to the 30’s…coded dogwhistle for Brexiteers are Nazis.

    One other thing they assured us was that we would go to Hell in a handcart as the economy broke and companies fled Britain for the EU….erm….if we’re doing badly how about France, Germany, Italy and Japan to name but a few?….

    ‘The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has upgraded the UK’s 2024 GDP growth forecast, predicting that the UK will grow faster than other European G7 economies until 2029 (although slower than the US or Canada)….Real GDP grew by an average of 1.5 per cent per year between 2010 and 2023, putting us third in the G7, behind the US and Canada but ahead of France, Germany, Italy and Japan, and roughly at the median among a wider group of high-income OECD countries. ‘

    I might say that the BBC’s coverage has been appallingly misjudged…but it’s not ‘misjudged’ because every word and narrative has been carefully and deliberately chosen and shaped to present the picture of Britain, Brexit and those on the Right that the BBC wanted to peddle to us…a world where Nazis are on the rise again and ‘Little Englanders’ are destroying the economy wth their isolationist ideologies.

    In reality BBC ‘Verify’ should be turning its attention upon itself…but of course that would leave no time at all to look elsewhere given how toxic and dishonest the BBC is.


  6. pugnazious says:

    The media in lockstep with government in regard to trans issues in Scotland…but that’s true here as well…the BBC, charities, NGO’s and even Big Business ram this down our throats….as they did with covid…and the BBC was fully in step with the government there as well….a very dangerous state of affairs when the media becomes the government’s propaganda arm…. ‘no debate’ is not peculiar to Scotland…it’s prevalent down here as well…covid, trans, climate, immigration…..

    From the Times [Paywalled]….

    ‘“Scotland is the land of the Enlightenment but also the witch craze,” says one women’s rights activist quoted in this essay collection. It’s as good an explanation as any of how trans activism, with its irrational beliefs and passion for hunting out heretics, was embraced by the Scottish establishment.

    The peculiar character of Scottish civic society — some might call it incestuous — meant that “no debate” had an even firmer grip there than in England and Wales. Susan Dalgety and Lucy Hunter Blackburn (editors of this collection and, respectively, a journalist and a freelance researcher) write that the third sector “no longer challenged government but instead amplified its core messages”.

    The charities lobbying the government for change were also, in many cases, funded by the government. Organisations that might have been expected to at least ask questions about a sweeping change to the definition of sex and gender were in perfect ideological alignment with Sturgeon’s aims. ‘


  7. pugnazious says:


    ‘Barclays branches across UK targeted by protesters’

    ‘Protests’ or terrorism? Getting very close to ‘terrorism’ but you’d hardly know from the very neutral BBC report that has no hint of condemnation and isn’t bursting with the moral outrage that you’d get if it were a Rightwing group doing something similar.



    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Palestine Action – the group call themselves

      All roads lead to Rome perhaps?

      “The Palestine Action group said it has recently “partnered” with a group called Shut The System, an “underground climate movement.”


      • MarkyMark says:

        “underground climate movement.” – do they use oil when underground for the lights?

        take direct action against Israel’s arms trade in Britain

        Direct Action Training Day [Leicester]
        Date June 15, 2024
        Time All Day Event
        Website BOOK HERE

        Dismantle the war machine | #ShutElbitDown

        . . . .
        Registrant Contact Information:
        OrganizationGDPR Masked

        Their methods include protest, occupation of premises and criminal damage, destruction of property and vandalism.

        Their methods include protest, occupation of premises and criminal damage, destruction of property and vandalism.

        Their methods include protest, occupation of premises and criminal damage, destruction of property and vandalism.

        criminal damage


      • Greencoat says:

        If it was down – or up – to me these people would detained for three days while the windows of their homes were smashed and all their belongings sprayed with blue gloss paint.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      They may as well spray “Don’t do business with Jews”, but as far as the BBC is concerned, they are peaceful protesters.

      I think we can all see that the far left are the new antisemites.


    • atlas_shrugged says:

      Make UK like Gaza

      (c) Palestinian Action


  8. MarkyMark says:

    Lisa Shaw: Presenter’s death due to complications of Covid vaccine
    26 August 2021


  9. tomo says:

    One wonders if Turdeau and Lula get on?


    Give that man a medal.


    • pugnazious says:

      Teachers who ‘whisper in the ears’ of children that they maybe trans are essentially committing child abuse…taking very young and vulnerable, suggestive children and confusing them with ideas that have never occurred to them until teachers suggest they may like to think about it is abuse that has extreme consequences for the child….and all done without the knowledge of the parents.

      This is ‘conversion therapy’ in effect…trying to convert children into trans…..the BBC is always loudly against conversion therapy for gays but is quite happy, indeed takes part itself, in trying to convert young children into trans people.


      • digg says:

        Your post should be on a poster on every railway station and bus station in this Country Pug. But it’s far more likely you will have call from the thought police!


  10. tomo says:

    That’s a *nope* from me….


  11. tomo says:

    All have firm BBC approval….


  12. tomo says:

    We’ll see….. (just not on the BBC)


  13. Richard Pinder says:

    Lord Frost: “BBC Verify is becoming a tool for elite control of discourse”

    A ‘Lie’ is a lie but the BBC verifies the ‘Truth’ as malinformation, disinformation or misinformation.

    Nigel Farage tells the ‘Truth’ but the BBC verifies the ‘Truth’ as malinformation, disinformation or misinformation.

    Mark Steyn tells the ‘Truth’ but OFCOM verifies the ‘Truth’ as malinformation, disinformation or misinformation.

    So tomorrow at 10.30am on Tuesday June 11th in Court Two, before Mrs Justice Farbey DBE, Mark Steyn visits the Royal Courts of Justice in London, to fight against Ofcom. Supported by a crowd including statistician Professor Norman Fenton and many others.

    The official lie enforced by Ofcom is that the mRNA jab is 100 per cent “safe and effective” which is now scientifically and statistically indefensible, with hundreds of scientific papers providing Mark Steyn and many scientists and statisticians with an enormous amount of evidence to present before the judge.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Now presumably BBCOFCOM have the unlimited resources of the almighty State plus the lies of big pharma to destroy Mark Steyn –
      Or do they try to put it off to do ‘a deal’ or force mr Steyn to incur more legal expenses …
      Or do they cave in rather than have embarrassing evidence publicly aired ( although they’d try to get an injunction preventing proceedings being reported ?)

      In any event I hope mr Steyn is recovering okay – but I’m sure BBCOFCOM wouid want him to be added to the ‘unexplained death ‘ statistics…
      I wonder if mr Mosley is also now added to those statistics … he was I understand bigly enthusiastic about thr ‘vaccine / poison ‘….


  14. Rob in Cheshire says:

    I was listening to the news on Five Dead on Saturday night. The newsreader introduced a piece about the rise of the “far right” in Europe. But the academic they interviewed spoke of the “radical right”, not the same thing at all.

    On Sunday Five Dead described Giorgia Meloni as “far right”, when she is a great mate of Ursula von der Leyen these days.

    It seems the BBC has got a bee in its bonnet about the “far right”. No doubt Verify will be looking into this misinformation. Come on Marianna, you know you want to.


  15. tomo says:

    zero seats


    • micknotmike says:

      Evening Tomo,
      I’m not normally a grammar policeman, but when “Dan” refers to the “press core”, does he mean “press corps.”?
      He probably also says “I would of thought” instead of “I would have thought”. “I would of thought” is utterly meaningless.
      “Zero seats”, of course, means “wait and see”.
      Rant over; calm down Mick.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Thanks – let’s go for zero seats …


      • Scroblene says:

        Net Zero seats as well!

        The Tories have spent millions on their crackpot climate scams, and wasted far too much of our taxes on making UK Inc. reliant on Russian gas, and ridiculous wood chips from Canada!

        You wonder whether Sunka has had his strings pulled by Blair, rather like the imbecilic Biden being controlled by Bamalam!

        Tunbridge Wells has at last put a Reform candidate up –

        I’ve never heard of him, will probably never meet him, but his ideals are up there with ours at The Turrets, so he’ll get my vote!

        (I did once arrive at Staplehurst Station, in Kent, at around 6.30am, when Ann Widdecombe was standing for our constituency. One of her assistants popped up and gave me her Tory leaflet, and all I said was, “Of course I’m voting for her – bless her heart”!

        Over the small crowd, this powerful voice called out with a big grin, “Thank you”!

        There she was working her socks off!


  16. tomo says:

    Meanwhile north of Gretna Green


  17. tomo says:

    Alors! incroyable … je pense…


  18. atlas_shrugged says:

    Since corrupt UK PLC is trying to swerve an inquiry into the Turkish Juices the good people from Together/HART have started to have their own enquiry with video testimony from various experts.

    The People’s Vaccine Inquiry

    This won’t be on the bBC so it is therefore well worth a listen IMHO.


  19. tomo says:

    Why are we funding a Portuguese man living in Sweden (to study gay porn)?


  20. pugnazious says:

    Just looking at this…..

    ‘Wales tells National Coal Museum to find ‘historical injustices’ to teach’

    Naturally the BBC has been there already….

    ‘Black miners played an integral role in the story of the Welsh coal industry, but it’s a story that has rarely been told.’

    An ‘integral part’ of Welsh mining?

    ‘ Through a “very hard, long search”, Ms Gregory believes about 200 black miners worked in the country from the 1800s onwards.’

    200 people over 200 years? Boy….how would we have mined the coal without their help? Classic BBC…if there’s even one black person they are the essential lynchpin that made it all possible. One black soldier in the trenches in WW1 probably defeated the Kaiser for us.

    Oh hang on….Welsh miners were all black…it’s true….black people powered the industrial revolution….not to mention the Trans miner in the middle…can’t leave her and her important contribution out….



    • taffman says:

      Operative word “believes” .
      That looks like a “doctored” photograph?
      Is he wearing a ‘Mickey Mouse’ T shirt?
      As a young lad there were a few coalmines around me but the only black men I saw were the colliers that worked in private, small scale, collieries that had no communal showers to wash off the coal dust .
      I am amused at the look of disbelief on the face of the collier wearing glasses .


    • BRISSLES says:

      Dad clearly changed colour when he was a miner. Went underground as a white man, emerged at the end of his shift as a black man. Does this mean he was mixed race ?


  21. Non Snowflake says:

    Black footballers aren’t allowed to be associated with failure.

    Another ridiculous race-baiting story which the BBC just can’t wait to get onto it’s Sports home page.

    A few days ago England lost to Iceland, and some media outlets used a photo of the black England player Bukayo Saka in their match report. Predictably the woke, white-hating likes of Ian Wright and co have jumped on the bandwagon to criticize the photo, claiming that it associates black players with failure.

    This is of course double-standards from the people complaining. If only white players are featured anywhere then they complain about a lack of diversity, and when one black player has his photo taken in a negative light it suddenly becomes racist. Effectively, what the likes of Ian Wright are saying is that black players shouldn’t be associated with defeat because this somehow sends the wrong message, Or some bollocks.

    The article also harks back to the final of Euro 2020 which England lost to Italy, after 3 black players all missed in the penalty shootout. Now I don’t have a problem with players missing penalties, it can happen to anyone, but after that 2020 final there was a tiny percentage of comments on social media which were negative or racist towards the 3 players, and it was found that some of the comments actually originated from overseas. In other words the percentage of racist comments from UK-based users was tiny, but still gets blown way out of proportion, and of course gets a mention in this particular report.

    Just another race-baiting article built on the most flimsy and biased arguments.


    • pugnazious says:

      Yeah but…..only white faces can be blamed for the total failure of Africa to sort its shit out….colonisation, then decolonisation….we’re to blame…don’t know who is to blame for the previous thousands of years where Black Africa vegetated and produced nothing of any consequence….except slaves.


  22. StewGreen says:

    This symbol is the logo of which organisation?



  23. Fedup2 says:

    Mrs Justice Tipples has a decision to make . She presided over the prosecution of 2 12 year olds who slaughtered a 17 year old stranger in a park using a machete they regularly carried .

    The decision is whether they should be named . Now I have the strongest of feelings about this – people need to know who are killers – and any kid should be accountable for what they did .
    In this case – the death penalty might be the best way – take a life – have yours taken …. 12 years old or not ( brutal arnt I?)


    • digg says:

      Kids learn from kids so to stop kids thinking chopping people up and taking their innocent lives away is not a nice thing to do must involve ultimate sanctions to persuade them otherwise including the death penalty, and just fuck off you protectors of these vicious twats.


  24. Guest Who says:

    And Getty steps up.
    O-type blood donors needed after London cyber-attack


  25. Fedup2 says:

    From the guardian – Dot Byrne – who used to a be a senior bbc manager – writes about the BBC being safe with the red party ( it was safe with the blue one too)

    STARTS 5 July, if polling predictions are correct, the Tories will be out of power. Among the repercussions will be that the BBC and Channel 4 – two of our great creative organisations – will have to get creative and start solving some of their own problems. Bailing out broadcasters won’t be a Labour priority.

    The BBC’s licence fee, more than 100 years old, might be a good place to start. It’s clearly unjust in some regards: you pay it even if you want to watch every channel but those operated by the BBC, and a single mother in Barnsley pays the same as the king. All those clever people in the BBC (and an awful lot of people work there – more than 21,000 at last count) need to come up with an innovative alternative.

    I used to be head of news and current affairs at Channel 4, during a time when things were different. In 1998, when I started out as a commissioning editor, there were only five terrestrial TV channels, we had no streaming services to compete with, and there was not the plethora of websites and podcasts offering a brilliant range of radical views that we have now. But today we have an opportunity to redefine public service broadcasting, with the current market realities in mind. The BBC and Channel 4 were founded in two very different ages: the BBC’s original mission was to inform, educate and entertain – but now, when global streaming platforms with huge budgets dominate the TV space, we can get our entertainment in lots of different places. Similarly, Channel 4 was set up by the government in 1982 with a unique remit to stimulate the independent production sector, drive innovation, give voice to diverse communities and encourage debate. But are there many truly unique programmes being created under that remit 40-odd years on?

    In today’s market, the BBC should stick to what it does best: news and current affairs, children’s programming, documentaries about the UK, religious and ethical programmes, local radio and other key genres that commercial broadcasters and streamers have no interest in. Channel 4’s model must also evolve. Most people don’t realise it makes none of its own programmes – proposed changes allowing it to start doing so, and giving it the right to keep some of the intellectual property in its programmes and to borrow money, are much welcomed.

    We should also celebrate some of the other changes already being made. Among the doom-laden articles about Channel 4’s so-called demise, the fact that it will move most of its staff out of London was reported as if it was a negative. But this is terrific news. A few years ago, Channel 4 announced that Leeds would be its national headquarters – so many may be surprised they didn’t move those staff earlier. And this country desperately needs a major broadcaster that is genuinely based in the north. Granada Television was, in its day, the finest television company this country has had. It made Coronation Street and World in Action, and its success was very much tied to its being based in the north. Having worked there for more than a decade from 1982, I can say it was truly a time when some of the finest television was made by a northern company: think Jewel in the Crown, Brideshead Revisited and Disappearing World. This relocation is great news for the levelling up agenda, supported in theory by all politicians, but of which we see little in practice.

    And who’s to say good public TV never means cuts? Channel 4’s cuts of 18% in staff appear shocking, but look more closely. They bring the figures for those employed back to 2021 levels. At the height of Channel 4’s creative success in the 1980s – admittedly, very different times – its headcount was several hundred lower than today. Meanwhile, the BBC does need to be more frugal. Four people with three cameras recently turned up to interview me for a few minutes for a BBC education programme. They told me it was necessary, but in a time when people make award-winning programmes on mobile phones, this public broadcaster must change with the times. TV licence fee revenues in 2023 were £3.7bn. That’s an awful lot of money that could be better spent on hospitals.

    The aim should always be to save the programmes, not the institutions that make them. The BBC is a huge machine that, in in my view, is devoted to saving itself. This machine would have you believe that if you attack its financial model of balancing the popular and predictable with the special, you want to get rid of BBC News. No – we just need to be honest that a lot of what it does could, and indeed should, be done elsewhere.

    I have supported the BBC and Channel 4 against the attacks of the Tory right for more than a decade. But now that those attackers are fading from political power, we supporters need to ask searching questions.

    We need a moment of honesty. We need to know just which programmes are very special, and also which ones aren’t – and we might decide there is another way of making those that aren’t up to scratch.

    Whatever the changes, public broadcasting is a public service. As Keir Starmer said of the NHS, neither the BBC nor Channel 4 is “a shrine to be worshipped at”. So let’s finally take the chance to submit our broadcasters to the forensic, searching questions we would of any other vital national service.

    Dorothy Byrne is the president of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. She is a former head of news and current affairs at Channel 4, and delivered the MacTaggart lecture in 2019



  26. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    Seeing how the youth in Europe are voting I think the Tool might be getting ready for another U turn regarding giving the vote to children.


    • Sluff says:

      On that very topic, earlier today I joined a safeguarding/ child abuse training session. Don’t ask.

      One of the key threads was the relative immaturity, vulnerability, and impressionability of people 16 years and under and hence the need for vigilance and much else. Especially true in schools.

      There was a momentary penny dropping silence in the room. I swear it had dawned on some attendees that Labour want to give these very same impressionable, immature, vulnerable people the vote!!!!!!!!

      They cannot of course drive a car or drink in a pub. But apparently they should be able to vote.


  27. atlas_shrugged says:

    Today, Australia’s two most aggressive Covid-era premiers, Daniel Andrews (Victoria) and Mark McGowan (Western Australia), were awarded the nation’s top honour, the Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).

    In the 2024 King’s Birthday Honours roll, only six Australians received the award, which signifies “eminent achievement and merit of the highest degree in service to Australia or to humanity at large”.

    Andrews received the award for “eminent service to the people and parliament of Victoria, to public health, to policy and regulatory reform, and to infrastructure development”.

    McGowan received the same award for “eminent service to the people and Parliament of Western Australia, to public health and education, and to international trade relations”.

    Clearly the penny has not dropped yet with our WEF king!


  28. digg says:

    Watching bargain hunt which is mildly watchable as it tours old towns in the South of England with all their heritage of old England aura and architecture. However the adverts cut in and smash the magic as it seems we are now suddenly transported to Uganda….


    • Lucy Pevensey says:

      Ridiculous isn’t digg?

      Mr P often watches repeats of older programs like Last of The Summer Wine. The adverts come on with things like rappers shaking their bling & fat bums in the screen. What audience are they trying to appeal to?


      • BRISSLES says:

        Of late I’ve binged The West Wing (obsessed with Josh Lynham), and now The Good Wife. Every ad during the breaks features blacks only, or black husbands or black voice overs, and definitely mixed race kids. My friend above quoted Uganda, yep, right there.

        How the advertising agencies must REALLY hate that Johnny Depp is white, because its the only ad that features a solo white guy – although the accompanying wolves are mixed fur 😀


  29. tomo says:



  30. StewGreen says:

    Paul Joseph Watson
    When a third of Europeans are voting for parties labeled “far-right,”
    at what point do they have to acknowledge they’re not far-right, they’re just right.


  31. tomo says:

    Patrick , I’ve an idea


  32. StewGreen says:

    Yesterday channel : 1920’s Florida real estate developer chose a theme to attract buyers
    He made a copy Islamic town in Miami .. but it never survived the property crash, even though it survived a hurricane that destroyed most other developments
    2015 blurb
    Then Curtiss died in 1930, taking with him any hope of completing it. Of 100 Islamic-style buildings that were projected, only 70 were built. These days only 50 or so remain, in varying degrees of conservation or decay, said Vazquez.
    Twenty buildings here feature on the national registry of historic buildings, including town hall, which boasts towering minarets, six domes and ample gardens. It was the centerpiece of Curtiss’s grand plan.
    Now it is being restored. – Bars and churches – Indeed, the oasis that Curtiss foresaw dried up, and Opa-locka slid into decline. The nadir came toward the end of the 20th century as crime spread and the city earned a reputation for violence. The image has stuck, even today. Forty percent of its 16,000 residents — 65 percent of them black and 30 percent Latino — live under the poverty line. “Here, all there is are bars and churches.

    Despite that 2015 blurb , it doesn’t look like they’ve made much progress now


  33. tomo says:


  34. Althepalerp says:

    Has Sunak apologized to the President of the US for not bothering to turn up for that photo at Omaha beach?
    Has the MSM thought to ask?


  35. StewGreen says:

    1000 tweets today say Mr 77th Tobias Ellwood is an idiot

    Major gaslighting from Tobias Ellwood
    ‘Yeh see that lot, they’re extremists, they put nasty labels on their opposition’

    FFS he’s a libmob a #GuardianSupremacist
    He demonstrated their characteristic #projection

    He is what he accused others of
    TOBIAS Ellwood threw nasty labels on Reforn
    Yet it is he the nasty extremist, that doesn’t speak for regular people.

    His own tweet got 87 Likes and he’s locked it
    He’s lucky if his tweets get 20 Likes

    This one from Oakshott has more than 1,000


    • Fedup2 says:

      Vermin like Elwood might do betterer to respect the views of voters turning to Reform in droves – ignoring the vitriol from the political class like him as well as the BBC and newspapers …..

      .. I heard an interview tonight with a defeated lefty Belgiun who said people had stopped feeling uncomfortable voting for nationalist parties because they were more fed up with third world imports destroying their towns cities countries …


      • StewGreen says:

        That was the obvious Tomney should have put to him.
        If going lefty centre works, why has it turned out to be a disaster for the lefty-centre parties TODAY in the EU elections ?


    • tomo says:

      Will Elwood talk to his chums in 77th about Reform?


      • kingkp says:

        Ellwood is one of the worst creatures out there. He was heavily involved in Russiagate, working with the FBI and the CIA on UK soil to keep Operation Hurricane going. What are the chances this pos turns out to be a hero?
        If you believe this is real you need your head examined. It’s a classic false flag. The fact he is demonising Reform should also make you think twice.
        Don’t forget Farage was all for Tony Blair being put in charge of operation ‘inject the entire country with an experimental stab’. I would trust Farage as far as I can throw him. You’re not going to vote yourself out of this mess.


        • Mrs Kitty says:

          The only thing that redeems him is that when PC Keith Palmer was attacked Tobias attempted to save him not knowing if another attacker was around unlike like the weasley Sir Craig Mackey who locked his car doors and made no attempt to help.


    • MarkyMark says:

      Hamas are our friends (c) Corbyn


  36. StewGreen says:

    Libmob “How DARE a Reform Party candidate do a thought exercise 7 years ago about whether Britain should have tried being neutral towards Hitler”

    Libmob “How DARE Israel stand up to Hamas , cease fire, cease fire !”


  37. StewGreen says:

    Libmob the #GuardianSupremacists are the extremists
    yet they call YOU “extremist”

    EXPOSED: Civil servants call for ‘VIOLENCE’ and ‘ARREST’ of Nigel Farage branding Reform ‘EXTREMIST’
    Migration Policy dept


  38. StewGreen says:

    WGAP on the EU election results


  39. StewGreen says:

    Rotten Politics on the EXTREMIST head of the Met Police Mark Rowley

    BTW his channel has been completely demonetised for no reason
    He is not sweary


  40. pugnazious says:

    Another senseless tragedy by unknown perpetrators with mysterious motives…..

    ‘Nine Hindu pilgrims killed in bus attack in India’s Jammu’
    ‘Nine people have died and 33 injured after suspected militants fired on a bus carrying Hindu pilgrims.’

    Ah yes…those ‘militants’…they’re everywhere….are they Palestinian perhaps?

    Curious how the BBC rages about Modi and Hindu nationalism but somehow forgets to mention Muslim nationalism…in this case as they try to hijack India’s part of Kashmir [well…really all Kashmir, and indeed ‘Pakistan’ and Bangladesh, are Indian before being stolen by Muslim supremacists]…same goes for Israel….a 75 year old war to keep Islam supreme in ‘Palestine’ but the BBC never acknowledges that fact.


  41. pugnazious says:

    The naivete and stupidity of the BBC’s finest on display…this a clear demonstration of the mindset that reports from Gaza…any wonder they get it so wrong…they have no idea of what war and military operations are like….compound that with their pro-Palestinian bias and it’s a toxic mix that poisons and pollutes the narrative about Israel….

    ‘The BBC is facing significant backlash because one of its reporters suggested to former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson Jonathan Conricus that the Israeli military should have warned Palestinians before conducting Saturday’s daring surprise raid that rescued four hostages being held in Gaza for eight months.

    “Would there have been a warning to those civilians, for them to get out on time?” the BBC interviewer asked the former head of the IDF International Media Branch.’


  42. StewGreen says:

    Comcast SkyNews
    How can using such SMEAR word labels be within Ofcom IMPARTIALITY rules ?


  43. StewGreen says:

    Dan on Adam Boulton


  44. JohnC says:

    Sir Lenny Henry says his ITV series is one of ‘many black dramas’ getting axed

    Watched the IMDB trailer for it. The first words were from 2 black women on a boat:
    First woman: ‘3 weeks now and we’ll be in England’
    Second woman: ‘What if England don’t like me’

    So more ‘poor black victims of white supremecy racists’ then from Lenny.

    The IMDB ratings are almost ALL 10/10. And only 16 reviews even though it was out last year.

    Give up and retire Lenny. You have no talent. You never did. You made a career out of being black and now you are calling everyone who gave you what you have racists.

    But of course it’s only being cancelled because it’s about black people right ?.

    Look in the mirror if you want to see one more black racist with a chip on his shoulder.

    No doubt he’ll get an interview with the BBC to discuss it.


    • Non Snowflake says:

      This was mentioned on Twitter as well.

      The blindingly obvious thing to take from this is the “many black dramas” quote. If they only make up around 1 in 12 of the UK population then “many black dramas” sort of implies there are way more black dramas in the first place than there should be statistically. And if many *are* being axed then it will still leave quite a few existing. Plus of course there’s no mention of how many predominantly white dramas are also being axed.

      The other elephant in the room is the fact that surely some/all are being axed simply because they’re rubbish? Certainly if Lenny Henry’s acting and comedy levels are used as a yardstick then its a surprise if there are any black dramas left at all.


    • digg says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Henry is two-faced in my opinion.


  45. JohnC says:

    How Gaza hostage raid ended with Israel striking crowded streets

    Just like the BBC to paint the IDF as the villains for rescuing hostages from the terrorists in Gaza. No criticism anywhere about Hamas having a base in the midst of civilians in a UN refugee camp. Nor any question about how they can do that without the UN’s knowledge.

    They make out it was just a slaughter by the IDF. Then, later in the article, we get phrases like :
    ‘By now the IDF says their forces were coming under heavy fire from Palestinian fighters.’
    And it’s in the response to this that the civilians got killed. WHose fault is that BBC ?. Should the IDF have not returned fire and let themselves get shot in order to save some Palestinians who almost certainly hate them and support what those terrorists do ?.
    Then it degenerates into the usual dirty empathy trickery to pull you onto the side of the Palestinian.

    Well done IDF. A dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

    This report is from ‘Jon Donnison’ : another BBC reporter criticised for directly blaming Israel for that hospital attack which turned out to be Hamas themselves who did it. Just before the story disappeared.

    The BBC rejected that complaint because ‘though he suggested a strong probability of Israeli involvement, he was not offering a definitive judgement’. Just as they rejected all the others.

    What a complete farce it is that the BBC can judge complaints of bias themselves. And how guilty reporters are left to keep doing the same job.


  46. JohnC says:

    UN Security Council backs US Israel-Gaza ceasefire plan

    ‘The United Nations Security Council has voted to support a US-proposed Israel-Gaza ceasefire plan.’

    ‘The resolution states that Israel has accepted the ceasefire proposal, and urges Hamas to agree to it too.’

    Why on earth would they say that ‘Israel has accepted it’ in a resolution ?.

    Then we get:
    ‘Monday’s resolution comes 10 days after President Biden said the Israelis had agreed to the plan. But Mr Netanyahu has not yet endorsed the US proposal.’

    Israel say that any plan which does not include the complete destruction of Hamas is a non-starter. So is their ‘complete destruction’ in this plan ?.

    This all stinks of Biden trying to throw Israel under a bus just like he did Afghanistan purely for his own political gain.

    Every time I read a story like this, my respect for the UN drops another notch. They are ridiculous. Maybe gullible people fall for this kind of language in many of the shithole member states, but the blatant corruption of the whole organisation is a complete embarassment.

    The guy in charge of UNRWA should have been fired as soon as Hamas started fighting from UN refugee camps, schools and hospitals. The fact he is still in that job tells me everything I need to know. It’s infested by the Left. Burn the whole lot down and start again.


  47. andyjsnape says:

    Apple brings ChatGPT to iPhones in AI overhaul

    “Apple is to boost its Siri voice assistant and operating systems with OpenAI’s ChatGPT as it seeks to catch up in the AI race” Race? Seeks to catch up?

    “The announcement was not welcomed by all. Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and Twitter/X, threatened to ban iPhones from his companies due to “data security”.” – bbc doesn’t like Elon Musk with its constant negative reporting – why should this be a negative due to data security – surely this should be a positive and recommended to readers by the the bbc!


  48. Fedup2 says:

    Meesh gets the Islamic Gaza gig as always – full on anti Israel propaganda – courtesy of the Islamic Hamas ‘health ministry ‘ – the BBC – of course – just calls it ‘the health ministry ‘ –

    She chats to a Hamas spokesman about casualties during the hostage rescue – propaganda poured on – no mention about the cause of course – the kidnapping of Jews from Israel – those killed – im sure I heard a Hamas terrorist claim that 3 hostages had been killed during a rescue attempt but that story disappeared

    Keep going IDF – and more


  49. Fedup2 says:

    Not really about bias – but today is another opportunity to ensure the blues are destroyed on 4th July. This time it is the blue manifesto .
    Yawn – no one will read it -the political journo class will waste time and words on it – with no outcome ….

    But I think the important thing is that Reform – with Farage – is now a more recognisable entity as opposed to a ‘name’ – and the BBC has been unable to demonise Reform so far …


  50. Fedup2 says:

    The BBC has a miserable welfare correspondent called Michael Buchanan – today Buchanan did one of those easy reports about the failing NHS .

    Not much by way of explanation that there is no incentive to improve because the government will always be blamed – but the real reason is uncontrolled population growth – caused by the blues – and the impact of the ordinary British – who are just victims now …


    • MarkyMark says:

      BAN NURSING – IT IS UN HEALTHY – Obesity prevalence was high across all occupational groups including: among nurses (25.1%, 95% CI 20.9% to 29.4%); other healthcare professionals (14.4%, 95% CI 11.0% to 17.8%); non-health-related occupations (23.5%, 95% CI 22.9% to 24.1%); and unregistered care workers who had the highest prevalence of obesity (31.9%


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