BBC journalist ashamed to own a SodaStream

Scarlett Johansson’s admirable decision to sever ties with Oxfam over its criticism of her adverts for Israeli company SodaStream has led one BBC World Service journalist to declare his shame at owning one of the products:


Update. Tweet deleted. Here’s the screengrab for posterity:


Perhaps Robert Pigott should stay off Twitter a while longer

In his first tweet in over a year BBC religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott seems to think that a parody article about Sarah Palin at the Daily Currant is real:

He’s in good moronic company – Piers Morgan fell for it too (and then pretended he knew all along it was fake).

It’s not the first time a BBC journalist has been duped by a bit of lame satire that fits newsroom groupthink prejudice about US conservatives. BBC Brazil had to apologise when its lefty US correspondent Lucas Mendes wrote an article about a Texan GOP senator without realising the original information was a parody.

And in the all-too-likely event Pigott claims he knew the Palin article was a parody, why choose this as the topic of his first tweet since September 2012?