Interesting poll results over on Politics Home. It seems that the BBC is trusted more than any other news provider. However, a breakdown of figures by political affiliation reveals that this high rating is due to the overwhelming approval of Labour and Liberal Democrat supporters. Well there’s a surprise! Conservative minded people do NOT put their trust in the BBC and this poll should give the BBC pause for thought. But it won’t. This is because the BBC is steeped in leftism and this comes across loud and clear to lefty viewers – it’s a home from home for them but a cold place for many of the rest of us. Why should we pay for such a biased organisation?

The fightback continues… against Boris

The BBC is leading the way in blunting the Conservatives’ revival with this special coverage of… well, what exactly about Ray Lewis? Headlined “Mayor’s aide in sex claims enquiry” it’s never clear what the sex claims are in fact. The article is filled with something else on the financial side apparently pursued by the oh-so-upright Church of England back in the 90’s. It’s basically a mess of conflation. The usual suspects, the rat pack of journos, can be heard on the BBC’s televised clip from Deputy Mayor Ray’s press conference- Jon Snow et al getting very snooty indeed. Boris is getting a going-over and the BBC is desperate to be in the vanguard.

I didn’t notice this level of zeal, or even any interest at all, in the case against Lee Jasper.


I wonder if any B-BBC readers happened to catch an amazing hatchet-job on the Conservative Party carried out by Nick Robinson on the 10 0’Clock News? The background to Robinson’s “analysis” was tomorrows excellent poll showing for Cameron’s party and Robinson instantly brought up references to “Tory Sleaze” with Spelman once more being used to undermine Cameron. Robinson intoned that Conservative poll ratings would most likely fall (wishful thinking Nick?) and threw in some images of the 1970’s as Thatcher fought to bring the Unions under control. I thought this was an amazing instance of bias and wonder if anyone else has comment on it? It seems that the BBC are determined to try and undermine Cameron and give whatever aid they can to the busted flush Brown.

[UPDATE BY NATALIE SOLENT: Actually it seems Brown is ahead in the polls. Brown is at 46%, Cameron at 28%. This may surprise some of you, so here is a picture from BBC News to prove it. Hat tip: Moonbat Nibbler.]


This glowing report of life in Ramallah in the “occupied” West Bank by BBC reporter Aleem Maqbool is well worth a read for anyone who thinks the BBC is no biased. Is Aleem a BBC employee or does he by chance work for for Fatah? I’m sure the next of kin of all those Israelis murdered by the Palestinian Jihad spawn that infest modern downtown Ramallah will greatly appreciate Aleem’s chilled out report. Maybe they’ll join him for a cool ice-cream at Rukab’s?


I was wondering if you have a special moment that embodies BBC bias? I have three that I wanted to share. The first was the absolutely depraved Question Time programme that followed the 9/11 slaughter. I’ll never forget the baying of that anti-American rabble in the audience even as the dead lay burning in the mangled debris of the twin towers. As most of us remained stunned as to what had happened the BBC’s biased audience showed its true colours. Then I recall the BBC’s coverage of the 1998 referendum on the Good Friday Agreement here in Northern Ireland and the broad smiles and backslapping from the news reporters when it became clear that the establishment side had won the day. All notion of impartiality was discarded on that infamous day. Finally, I recall Barbara Plett’s words as she recalled her impressions of Yasser Arafat”When the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry.” Quite – weeping over the imminent demise of an aids-raddled mass murderer, the BBC incarnate. So, what were your defining moments?


. Just watched the BBC Ten O’Clock News and was intrigued by the breaking news that there has been a fall out between the NHS and one of its primary IT suppliers Fujitsu. What really stunned me was the BBC assertion that “The estimated final overall cost of computerising the NHS in England is currently £12.7bn. While the NHS’s Connecting for Health programme has overrun, tough contracts have so far kept it broadly within budget. What? The alleged “tough contracts” have seen the cost of this IT farce jump from £2.3 billion to £6 billion, then £9 billion and currently £12.4 billion – it is by any standards MASSIVELY over-budget anfd with little prospect of attaining the time-scales promised by the NHS. I find it staggering that the BBC thinks it can get away with such unmitigated propagandising on behalf of the NHS. This is not just bias, it is lies.


. Can I take a minute of your time to thank you all for your many and excellent contributions here. I hope you are enjoying my period in residence and I have gained much from your eagle-eyed dissection of the BBC. I think the site is frequently distinguished by good debate and most trolls have gone away – which is a good thing. One favour I would ask of everyone is that even when debate gets heated, please try and keep it civil! I appreciate that many of you loath the BBC and get a tad heated in the accompanying discussions but let’s show them that we have the sense to moderate the TENOR, though not the substance, of what we say. I hope that is OK with you all but it will help me so thanks in advance. I always think of blogs like a good pub – a place where you can argue and debate but not be offensive! Cheers!!


I hope this short commercial break will not affect your enjoyment of B-BBC but I wanted to take a few moments of your time to tell you about my new book called “Unionism Decayed” and to explain why I think it has a direct relevance to this site. For over ten years, I have watched the role the State Broadcaster has played in the relentless and merciless perversion of democracy in Northern Ireland. I have seen the bias, the spin and the neo-Stalinist questioning of the character of those people like myself who oppose putting murderers into government! I watched the BBC’s chief political correspondent jump ship and become part of the very administration that he was supposed to impartially report upon. I watched BBC behaviour during a crunch referendum that was bias incarnate. Worst of all, I have seen how the BBC can help crush the spirit of freedom by acting as a compelling echo chamber for an immoral appeasing government. It’s all detailed in my book along with my own political journey over this period. If you are interested in reading about this, please email me here and I will provide you with pricing details. My final observation is that you can be sure that the views I express are verboten on Al Beeb – the terrorists friend – so perhaps that is the finest recommendation I can have?


None of us, I suspect, enjoys paying high prices for our petrol, but the announcement by Shell and BP of record profits this morning has been met by official dismay at the BBC. All morning there has been studied rumination over just how greedy these oil companies really are and why it is that with such large profits they cannot lower the price of the petrol that they sell on the forecourt. There has been precious little discussion on the fact that 60% of the forecourt price of petrol goes to Mr Broon and his grasping greedy government. I wonder why it is that the BBC does not question why government has failed to give us a break by taking a smaller cut of what the motorist is asked to pay?


. Have you noticed the flurry of BBC interviews granted to senior Labour Ministers in advance of this weeks local council and London Mayoral elections? I watched Gavin Esler conduct a simpering interview with Nulabour harridan Hazel Blears on Newsnight last evening and she got away with blue murder with but the mildest of rebukes coming back from Esler. It’s as if we are living back in 1997 and the BBC have reverted to get Labour back into power mode. This morning, on Breakfast news, I watched the dreadful Harriet Harman do a repeat performance. It’s 1997 all over again. The reality is that Labour has been in power for over a decade now and carries full political responsibility for many of the ills that afflict this society but BBC interviewers seem reluctant to go in and challenge them the closer we get to the elections. I suggest that this is a foretaste for what we will experience when Prudence Brown finally is forced to call a general election. The real challenge for the Conservative Party does not lie with Labour or the Lib-Dems, it lies with a biased national broadcaster which when all is said and done wants to see the neo-marxists in Labour stay in power in perpetuity. Operation Save Gordon is underway – watch it grow.