I just had the misfortune to listen to the BBC’S PM news programme whilst cleaning my car. What an absolute disgrace! Did anyone else hear it? Not sure where to start. We were treated to a BBC reporter stating that although Hamas rockets now looked like they could target many more parts of Israel than has previously been the case (Cue applause?) we had to remember that “only four” Israelis had died so far. Only four. Meanwhile, as he briskly moved on, HUNDREDS of Palestinians have been killed. Once again the preferred BBC tactic of lumping Hamas terrorists and any innocent by-standers in one easy media bite-sized number being used for maximum impact. Then, just in case your sympathies with the Jihadists in Gazan had not been fully engaged, cue Red Ken! Yes, Livingstone was wheeled on to demonstrate his unrelenting and stomach-churning hatred of Israel, mouthing every pro-Palestinian cliche you could imagine. At no point was any other point of view allowed. Why? Can’t PM find anyone who thinks Israel may have a case worth making? The BBC – giving you all the news Hamas want you to hear.

BTW, On a totally different theme, I also caught the ubiquitous Vince Cable being interviewed on the economy. His big plan for 2009 is to go after those in the financial institutions who “misled” ordinary people into making poor investment decisions. Nothing changes.


I see the BBC have been quick to provide those well-known political scientists Annie Lennox, Alexei Sayle, Bianca Jagger and their pals Livingstone and Galloway, with lots of publicity for their impassioned protest on behalf of the savages of Hamastan. You know I remember when Sayle was funny, just as I remember when Lennox release decent songs, but those days are long gone and so these clapped out dhimmified goons do their little act for the British Muslim Initiative and the BBC give them uncritical profile.


I am puzzled that the world media has not reported the startling news that Hamas have left Gaza. That is certainly the impression the BBC conveys because in its latest reports on the cleansing of Gaza, it reports that 391 “Palestinians” have been killed so far. Yes, but apparently not one of these has been a Hamas terrorist. So, as in Lebanon in 2006, the BBC refuses to number how many of the dead are Islamic Jihadi militia and instead lumps them all into one big convenient number which is then used to portray Israel as the cruel oppressor of poor innocent Arabs. I also note the continued pro-Hamas testimony of Jeremy Bowen, a man who makes Orla Guerin seem objective on Middle Eastern affairs! It would a lot more honest if the BBC just came clean, admitted they loath Israel and are license payer funded shills for the so-called Palestinians. The pretence of neutrality is so risible as to beyond parody.


When it comes to finding instances of unambiguous BBC bias, you do not have to look very far. I was studying the main BBC news portal covering the conflict between Israel and Hamas and was being royally entertained by the..ahem... absolute neutrality of side-bar items such as “Grieving Palestinians struggle on” and “Grief and fear in Gaza” not forgetting “Israel’s mixed motives” when I spotted another item entitled “Aid worker diary -part three.” You should read it.

It is a diary of Hatem Shurrab who is an aid worker in Gaza with the British-based “charity” Islamic Relief Worldwide. Yes, you heard that right. In this third tear-jerking instalment of his diary, Hatem writes about the psychological impact of Israel’s air strikes on Gaza’s children. In fact all Hatem does is spout pro-Palestinian propaganda even sharing with us the shocking news that the brother of one of his work colleagues has been killed in an Israeli attack. Then again, quite a few Hamas terrorists have been killed in Israeli attacks, haven’t they, Hatem? Interesting that Islamic Relief manages to get its views embedded into the main BBC site – I can’t seem to find a balancing series of opinions from an Israeli point of view. Can you? The bias in the BBC output at the moment is shocking – every bit as as bad as it was when Hezbollah fought Israel back in 2006. It seems that the hatred of Israel runs deep in the BBC and such profound endemic anti-Semitism is reason enough to pull the license tax.


Another day and the continued BBC onslaught against Israel shows no sign of abating. During this morning’s Cormac Murphy O’Connor produced programme (Featuring Thought for the day by Jerome Murphy O’Connor – keep it in the family, eh?) there was a truly wretched item just after the 8am news which started with the UN special rapporteur, and noted anti-Israeli activist Richard Falk whinging on about the “daily atrocities” that Israel is committing. This set up things for Jeremy Al Bowen who rose to the challenge once again asserting that he believed Israel’s military strategy could not succeed as well as being politically non-sustainable. Next we segued into Richard Haas, the current president of the US Council on Foreign Relations. Haas gave a modest defence of Israel, though he is a keen advocate of the “Two State Solution” and shills for the PA. Since when did holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas come to represent moderation? He also suggested that the current Middle East situation could take a few lessons from Northern Ireland where the IRA were told they could not bomb and shoot their way into government. (This somewhat surprised me since I have lived through three decades of IRA bombing and shooting and now they are in government! Go figure.) The BBC has moved into full-on support for Hamas and I will be damned if this is not documented here on a daily basis. Israel fights to defend it’s people from Hamas Islamic savagery, the BBC seeks to undermine this at every junction.What is it that drives such vicious anti-Israel feeling at the BBC?


Well folks, I looked forward to getting the latest analysis of the cleansing of Gaza from the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Al Bowen and I was not disappointed. According to Jeremy, the suffering is all on side (Hint – and it’s not that of Israel) Jeremy also was quick to pour scorn on Israel’s current military and political assumptions for good measure. A Gazan “doctor” was then wheeled on to inform us that wicked Israel is now targeting families and kids. This isn’t news, folks, it is rank Pali-propaganda and we are witnessing the BBC in full-on anti-Israel mode.


Glad to see that Israel has finally responded to the endless rocketing from Hamas but as you can imagine, the BBC is outraged. Israeli F-16 bombers have pounded key targets across the Gaza Strip, killing at least 225 people, “local medics” say.Most of those killed were “policemen” in the Hamas militant (aka terrorist) movement, which controls Gaza, but women and children also died, the Gaza “officials” said. The entire emphasis of the BBC report is aimed at painting Israel as the aggressors, the bad guys, and I note that the predictably pro-Palestinian babble from Ban ki-Moon is also faithfully recorded. The UN, the BBC, all mouthpieces for rampant Palestinian propaganda – and now all outraged when Israel finally moves to crush Hamas killers.


It’s a rare week that passes without the BBC providing a welcome bully pulpit for those who like to bash Israel. And so it was this morning that Oxfam was afforded the opportunity to attack those bad Jews for having the temerity to stop the free movement of goods (and weapons!) in and out of that land running with milk and honey which is Gaza. When it was mildly suggested to the Oxfam spokesman by the BBC interviewer that “militants”(Love that word, so much nicer than depraved Hamas terrorists) were firing off rockets into Israel (even one was launched during the interview!) the Oxfam response was to dismiss that aspect of things entirely and focus instead on the “humanitarian” plight of those who live in the moral sewer of Gaza. The BBC interviewer did not pursue this line of enquiry as it was obvious where his sympathies lay. The only opinion expressed was the venomous anti-Israel take from Oxfam – the utterly discredited Hamas-apologists. It’s a disgrace that the BBC gets away with this constant shilling for the shelling Palestinians. It appears that the BBC, along with those such as Oxfam, have their eyes firmly closed when it comes to reporting on what is actually going in in Gaza.