I am sure you will have read the BBC report of “just a few” rockets being launched from southern Lebanon into Israel overnight. (aka Iran opens the northern front). I invite you to compare the paucity of the BBC coverage of the impact these rockets have had on the Israeli population at the receiving enfdwith that here from Fox. I suppose there wasn’t the room given the BBC need to further character assassinate Israel. Your views?


Been a busy morning for the BBC in the promotion of the Hamas cause. Around 6.45am they were phoning Gazans up and asking for feedback on how things were going in Hamastan! You can imagine the predictable results! I was wondering how they got these telephone numbers as it would be interesting to know who provided them and who set the calls. Then, half an hour later, it was time for a discussion on how the Egyptian government is coming under increasing pressure from its own people to open the crossing at Rafah – Gaza’s border with Egypt. The BBC reporter did mention the fact that this area is criss-crossed with tunnels which Hamas use for smuggling weapons into Gaza but for some odd reason, he never wondered who provided these weapons to Hamas, nor indeed where the cash came from to buy these weapons. After all, I thought Gaza was cash-strapped? Half an hour later, we enjoyed thought for the day with Dr Usama Hasan, a Muslim academic before segueing into an interview with Ron Prosor, the Israeli ambassador to the UK. Sarah Montague’s attack line was that the Israeli shelling on a UN school undermines any credence to their cause and she refused to accept the obvious, namely that Hamas use women and children as human shields, so committing war crimes. The second BBC attack line is that Israel was to blame for the breach of the cease-fire last year because it killed six Hamas terrorists! Ambassador Prosor performed admirably under the circumstances but the chill in the air during the interview was visceral. The BBC really are unhinged.


I very rarely watch BBC Breakfast TV but I have just been told about a gem that was on it this morning just after 8am. It appears we were treated to a short potted history of Gaza and the conclusion was that Hamas, after all, is democratically elected and all that Hamas really want to do is get on with building up the Gazan economy and making life better for the people of that area. The faux analogy with Northern Ireland was then employed with the suggestion that Israel should talk to the more “moderate” wing of Hamas, just like the British Government had engaged with the “moderate” Sinn Fein wing of the IRA. It’s all so risible, so totally detached from reality, that it is almost beyond comment but the reality is that many millions of people will have tuned in and been exposed to this pro-Hamas propaganda. And THAT is the danger of the BBC; it is a willing propagandist tool for terrorism, in this instance shilling for Hamas, the IRA — and for that, it deserves to be damned.

Moving on to other matters Gazan, I see the BBC is relentlessly quoting “500 deaths” without any effort to tell us how many of those killed are Hamas terrorists and how many other were killed because of Hamas. Just one big bite-sized media friendly number, natch. I also noted that on the Today programme this morning, the BBC explained that because of Israel’s refusal to let journalists into the conflict area, it had to rely on images provided by those residing in Gaza. (And they didn’t mean the IDF) It stopped short, however, of making it clear that all images and data provided to the BBC are Hamas approved – so no possibility of any bias there then!


Funny how the BBC keeps reporting that Gaza is “amongst the most densely populated places on Earth.” They were at it again this morning. When one considers that the population density of the Palestinian disputed territories is below that of, say The Channel Islands, the Hamas apologists preferred retort is to single out just the Gaza strip and base their argument on its population density. Well it IS indeed quite densely populated but there are over a thousand areas within West Yorkshire, for example, which have much higher levels of population density, as indeed has the little Satan’s Tel Aviv. So, in the interests of fairness, I wonder why BBC in these locations fail to preface ever report with this equally true demographic? Oh, that’s right – it’s about pushing the “Most Oppressed People in the Universe” narrative uber alles. It’s not news anymore, it is propaganda.

Not alone

I have been horrified and angered by the coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict. While paying scant regard to the provocation of 10,000 rockets fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza over the last seven years, the BBC has chosen to broadcast ‘human interest’ stories reminiscent of salacious photos in the cheaper red top newspapers.

Michael Fabricant MP on ConservativeHome.


Once again, my breath is taken away by the upfront admiration that most BBC reporters seem to be showing for Hamas. I just caught the dog-faced Lyse Doucet on BBC 24 News enquiring of Abu Bowen if many people will be surprised how plucky Hamas are still “fighting back”? Then there was the convenient conflation of Hamas terrorist deaths with civilian deaths – giving viewers the clear impression that ALL those killed in Gaza are innocent. (No mention of the Fatah assassinations carried out by Hamas in Gaza, memory hole) This is the same trick they used in 2006 during the Lebanon crisis. The BBC has morphed in the oast few days into the Hamas Broadcasting Corporation, wilfully spinning events to suit their Gazan soul-mates.


I was reading Abu Bowen’s latest insight into the Gaza conflict and I was struck by his admiration for Hezbollah. I’ve added a few comments of my own into his commentary As he puts it “Hamas fighters, (Aka Islamic terrorists…DV) who know Gaza better than the Israeli troops, have a belief in resistance and martyrdom. (Terrorism and homocide bombing…DV) Their objective will be to give the Israeli army the same humiliation (Humiliation, mmm, interesting unbiased choice of word..DV) that Hezbollah inflicted during 2006. For all their bravado, (Hiding behind women’s skirts..DV) Hamas are unlikely to be as formidable as Hezbollah. (Less Iranian munitions..DV? The rocky, hilly terrain of south Lebanon was not good for Israel’s armour. Gaza, on the other hand, is flat and sandy.” Goodness, if it weren’t for the terrain….

Lord Ha Ha

First I want to pay tribute to the fantastic work David has been doing raising awareness of BBC anti-Israel bias. So important at the moment. Paul Reynolds responds here to allegations of anti-Israel bias, following an article in which he outlines as he sees them the main aims of the “Israeli propaganda effort”. It’s funny- I never actually seem to have noticed this Israeli propaganda. When I listen to an offical speaking, I evaluate him as I do any other politician :-). One of the aims according to Reynolds is to “justify the air attacks” in Gaza. Well, duh. He goes on to say that “The sight of Hamas rockets streaking into Israel has been helpful in this respect”. Well, you don’t say?

Comical Pauli seems to think that highlighting hostile actions to justify reprisals is propaganda. Ha ha.

As far as I am concerned, propaganda might be said to involve something like limiting to a trivial level the public’s awareness of missile attacks taking place in violation of treaty over months and years. Now who could be accused of that, I wonder?

To support my point, I recommend reading this Huffington Post post, which explicitly accuses the BBC as I outline above:

“the BBC are subtly indoctrinating the minds of its viewers through implicit suggestion that Israel is the aggressor, almost randomly targeting Gaza.”


Great to see that Israel has defied even Annie Lennox and Bianca Jagger, and is now moving in to try and cleanse Gaza from Hamas terrorism. Did anyone catch Jeremy Al Bowen on the 10’Clock news instantly claiming that this military action was unlikely to work and soon Israelis would be asking was it worth it. Also, did you see Ken Livingstone and the London fedayeen getting lots of airtime as they wailed at the idea of Israel actually having the temerity to defend itself. Hamas must be eternally indebted to the rancid biased BBC – the shilling for Islamic savagery that passes for object reporting on the State broadcaster is truly shocking. My thoughts and prayers are with the brave men and women in the IDF who as I write this risk life and limb de-infesting the cess-pit of Gaza. God bless them.


Ok, I’m fed up with the relentless Palestinian propaganda that the BBC is serving up on what it chooses to call the “Aid Worker Diary.” Can someone direct me to whom in the BBC I can take my compliant since this one-sided narrative has gone on long enough. If you can help me – I will keep you all briefed on the subsequent conversation. If we are going to have “Aid Worker Diary” from Gaza, then we need to have “Aid worker Diary Sderot”.