You have to almost admire the brass neck of the BBC. This morning, we were treated to the thoughts of Ed Balls, interviewed by Sarak Montague. on Today @ 7.34am. He was allowed to spout his usual playbook mantra which reduces down to attacking Cameron over and over again for a “lack of leadership” and now condemning Germany for it daring to insist that Greece honours its debts. Just ten minutes later, we had the excremental Thought for the Day with Canon Dr Alan Billings, an Anglican priest. His big idea was…yes, you’ve guessed it, that forgiving Debt is a rather good idea and that if this is true of individuals than it must surely by true of Government. How charming. Listening to these two leftists arguing for the dishonouring of Debt, one can understand why lending dries up – who on Earth would lend to those whose primary motivation lies in finding ways not to repay that which they borrow???? The BBC continues to push the Obama-Hollande line and is keen to give Labour the opportunity to ride on the back of it. It appears that rampant spending by central Government, leading to more borrowing and higher taxes, is the exciting new way forward and the BBC seem to think it is refreshing and worthy of serial advocacy.



So, the Socialist candidate Francois Hollande managed to outpoll Sarkozy in the first round of  the French Presidential race. And aren’t the BBC happy about it? I suggest that the idea of a French President determined to raise upper tax threshold to 75%, increase the number of State Workers whilst raising the minimum wage and thus ignoring the concept of fiscal austerity is their kind of guy. I can only imagine how the BBC will treat this item tomorrow morning on the Today programme! I’m going to be out of the UK for the next few days so will do my best to post here but hope fellow writers can step up whilst I am gone! Au revoir…


I love the BBC’ s lack of pretence that it desperately wants to see Francois Hollande become the next French President. Here’s a cute little item from the BBC’s Hugh Schofield headed. “Nicolas Sarkozy: Why is the French president so disliked?” With his plans to increase the upper tax threshold to 75%, abandon any attempt at austerity and pursue hard core Socialist plans on business, it’s easy to see why the BBC love Francois.

Katie Connolly Tells A Lie About Her Beloved Obamessiah

Accompanying a news brief on the BBC website about Prime Minster Julia Gillard of Australia’s first trip to the US to meet with the President is an “analysis” inset from JournoList groupie Katie Connolly. She discusses the recent history of personal relationships (it seems like the Beeboids are much happier with this union of two leaders than when Bush was in charge, but never mind) between Australia and US leaders, and says this:

Kevin Rudd and Barack Obama – both cerebral centrists with a deep interest in world affairs – were said to have a strong personal rapport.

A centrist? This is a blatant, biased lie. Nobody honest can say that the President is or ever was a centrist. A reminder of Candidate Obamessiah:

“I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” (at 4:41 in)

These are not the words of a centrist. The same Candidate also told ACORN that the group would shape His agenda, This is not the behavior of a centrist.

A centrist candidate would not join in the SEIU chant and celebrate union power. That’s from the Left. The President’s very close ties to SEIU and union powerbrokers is not the behavior of a centrist. Unless we’re supposed to believe now that Ed Miliband and Ed Balls are centrist?

Back when He was a State Senator in Illinois, He complained openly that the Supreme Court didn’t advocate wealth redistribution:

“Maybe I’m showing my bias here as a legislator as well as a law professor. But, I’m not optimistic about bringing major redistributive change through the courts. The institution just isn’t structured that way.”

These are not the words of a centrist.

Anita Dunn, a top campaign adviser and White House Communications Director Anita Dunn stated openly that her favorite political philosophers were Mao Tse-Tung and Mother Theresa. A centrist would never have such a far-Left ideologue in His inner circle.

As President, He hasn’t governed as a centrist. Far from it, in fact. Nationalized health care – “ObamaCare” – is not a centrist idea: it’s a Socialist concept. It may be mainstream in Britain and Europe, but it’s an idea of the Left.

His “cap-and-trade” policy of favoring corporations who engage in approved behavior is known as “corporatism”, which is a fixture of Socialist governing. The way the President has attacked Republicans for the past two years is not the behavior of a centrist.

I could go on and on, but suffice to say that Katie Connolly has no credibility as an honest newsbroker. Don’t trust her, and don’t trust the BBC on US issues.


Start the day the socialist way! All morning BBC Today has been droning on about the alleged “fact” that “inequality” between the richest and the poorest has been getting greater in the UK. BBC keen to explain on several occasions how this gap INCREASED during the years of evil Conservative government but even under the more enlightened rule of Labour, it has still grown, Isn’t it just awful and how delightful for the BBC to be able to find only those commentators who take the whimsies of the National Equality Panel seriously. Just imagine had they gone to speak to someone who disputes the basis of this risible study and the ludicrous conclusions it draws? Still, that’s never going to happen. I am disappointed Today did not hail the achievements of the Dear leader on this issue since thanks to his staggering mismanagement of the economy we are all poorer. Equality of outcome??

Fanfare cancelled

Yesterday I was rather sickened to see close-up the visage of our Prime Minister(discredited to all but Labour loyalists and those who know nothing about him ie. gullible foreigners) splayed across the BBC frontpage. Not another interminable G20 pose-fest, I thought. Not another opportunity for G. Brown to mince across our screens flaunting his moral compass. Yet it was: Gordon had yet another populist wheeze- a tax of financial transactions- to “save the world” with.

The BBC was kindly obliging him, as they have always done. They seemed to sense a chance to hype Gordon as the world’s saviour again- which bombast is the only way to cover the reality that he is the world’s biggest bust as an economic manager and political leader.

Well now the latest pose-fest seems to have squibbed, the BBC having to play backstop for the Prime Mentalist. Despite another grotesque miscalculation on the part of HMG, the BBC report covering the event now simply leads with the glossy affirmation that “G20 vows to spur fragile growth”. Gordon’s latest serial embarrassment is slipped surreptitiously in lower down as having “received a lukewarm response from other G20 countries”. This is just prior to Geitner’s statement of a “very broad consensus that growth remains the dominant policy imperative across our economies”.

Watching the C4News clip here, I almost laughed when Geitner prefaced his rebuttal of Gordon’s scheme by saying that he wanted “to show the appropriate deference to our hosts” (Gordon/UK). Interestingly, Gordon’s gesture did seem to meet a little gleeful approval from the French. And of course from the BBC, until the wind changed.


This excellent example of bias was picked up by Will20001 on our current Open Thread and I thought it deserved much broader exposure. Get this;

A propaganda piece on BBC2 last night, an uplifting tale for the little people who are fearful of immigration.

“Grow your own” an everyday tale of allotment holders. BBC Radio Times sets the scene

An influx of refugees from Iran, China and Zimbabwe initially brings out the worst in these Little Englanders, but as they unite against a common foe – a mercenary mobile phone company wanting to erect a mast – a sort of garden-shed socialism is achieved

So there you are, unite to fight capitalism – you know it makes sense.

The programme made by “those who know what’s best for you” & financed by (who else) you – joint BBC/National Lottery production