Just watched Hugh Pym on the BBC 10 News doing everything possible to ameliorate the latest shocking unemployment increases whilst claiming that the recession is now behind us. Why not just cut to the chase Hugh and hold up a sign saying Vote Labour? At least there would be some honesty in that…..


In today’s narrative, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is thrown into the mix condemning the banks for “not repenting” of their evil ways. Druid Williams plays into the BBC leftist agenda by insisting that Government should have intervened to limit how Banks reward their employees. It’s an all-out assault on the Banking sector at the moment with the culpability of government entirely obscured. I can think of a certain self-proclaimed “son of the manse” who should also be doing a bit of repenting but the Archbishop, conveniently, has nothing to say about that. Is it any wonder that the BBC gives Williams the kid gloves treatment?


It would not be a normal week if the BBC was not pushing the idea that the recession is over and that green shoots of recovery are now being spotted everywhere. The Employment market is “starting to show signs of recovery” and the decline in vacancies and pay is easing. Looks like Captain Brown has steered us through the icy seas of recession and all is looking up. Rejoice, Vote Labour.


No, I’m not talking about Sarah Palin – though she is lovely! I’m talking about the generosity the BBC extends here to McDoom’s wife, Sarah and her new blog on the risible G8 conference. I recall the BBC desperately spinning the tall tale that ’twas the intrepid Sarah that came to save her husband at the last Labour conference, as she added humanity to her husband’s profile. Looks like Sarah is back on the BBC narrative…


One of the reasons I like to tune into the BBC is to hear the mad delusions from leftworld as it tries to spin for McDoom when we ALL know that it’s over bar the shouting until he is prised out of Number 10 next June with a crowbar. This morning on Today the BBC was pushing the idea that the recession is over. Or so says the Chamber of Commerce. No room for dissent, alas. Mind you, unemployment may rise to 3.2m so not all exactly green shoots but at least they are trying to give poor Gordon some hope.


It’s quite a coincidence, isn’t it. No sooner does Lord Mandelson re-installs his puppet PM McDoom in the bunker than a series of good economic news stories suddenly permeate the media, and the BBC in particular. Yesterday came the interesting news that “the recession is over.” The Today programme followed up on this this item this morning which whistled a happy tune on the recovery after “the downturn” and now comes the news that sterling has risen to a new high against the Euro. Mandy is working overtime. Anyone got an update on the unemployment figures?


OK – I am supposed to be taking a break but I could not stand by whilst Labour implodes without providing this forum for you to discuss BBC coverage of it. Gordon is in full bunker mentality, the Save Gordon project looks doomed even beyond BBC salvation – so where to now? I wonder will the looming reshuffle be timed to dampen down the results of the elections? Will the BBC linger on the outcome of the elections or the consequences of the reshuffle? Still, I hear tractor production is at an all-time high…..

A commentary of biases

We don’t normally scrutinise the BBC’s essayists. We haven’t tried a survey of how many we consider right versus how many left. As a matter of fact I’ve never read any in-house commentary on the BBC that showed any strong right orientation, but I thought I’d look at this piece from Iain Watson. It’s about the Labour party launching its election campaign for the Euros with the expenses row echoing around it. The bottom line is the most interesting:

“the party will have to hope that their core voters will be thinking more about the economy than expenses. “

Objection, your honour! Only a true Labour hack laden with assumptions of “it started in America” and “it’s all about deregulation” so “what would the Tories have done differently?” would come up with this marvellous summation of wrong-headedness. It’s the economy, stupid, that Gordon Brown has taken from boom to bust.

There’s also a sly aspect to this: the journalist ignoring the base reality that the “core” vote don’t judge the Labour party on their handling of the economy- they judge them by their benefits cheques and their cushy state incomes and pensions. Anyone who were to judge the Labour party on their handling of the economy would vote against them. Simple as. To suggest that the economy might be a selling point for the Labour party is Goebbelesque.

In addition, if you look closely at the article you will see it has a certain wry affectionateness towards Labour, and deals with the expenses scandals humorously, pointing out just a few individuals who have apparently failed their genial and public spirited leader. Ok so Gordon’s a little old school and a bit stuffy, but y’know, basically it’s all about schools n’ stuff and good folk.

Can you imagine- is it possible to conceive of such a situation even- of how the BBC would be covering matters had the Conservatives been presiding over the economic meltdown?


Nice to see the BBC oblige poor beleaguered Mr Brown by allowing his attack dog John McFall to posture on Today that it was the bankers that caused our economic recession, sorry, I mean down-turn that’s now on the up-turn, any day soon.

It’s my view that the Labour spin machine is trying a three card trick routine on us by introducing the evil bankers as a useful distraction for public anger from the corrupt political establishment. The Treasury Committee seems obsessed by the behaviour of bankers and suggests that it was the bonus structures that encouraged reckless behaviour. In turn, this helped crash the econ0my; ergo blame the bankers. Brown’s political DNA is all over the economic disaster we live through but oddly enough McFall can’t seem to find any of it! Oliver Kamm does provide a counter-balance to McFall’s propagandising but the BBC headline for this story is that it was the bankers wot done for us. And a lot of people just take in the headline. Natch.

Look at the right hand, never mind what the left hand is doing….