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Nicky Campbell’s phone-in today discussed ‘British values’:

The education secretary Michael Gove says he wants to put them at the heart of what every school in England delivers — but what are they, and how do we make sure our kids are learning them?


Now Nicky tries hard to be impartial but as always his inner Liberal always breaks loose and rampages around, quietly in a nice middle class way trying to be lovely and tolerant to one and all without condemning anyone for anything.


Talking about the hijacking of secular schools by hardline Muslims who wish to impose Islamic values upon those schools he tells us, as he did yesterday, that this is not a Muslim/non-Muslim issue.

But it is precisely that.  British/western/democratic/secular values versus Islamic ones.

He then claims that no one knows what British values are…in fact just listened to 5Live Drive and they peddle the same line.

Of course that’s nonsense….but a simple way to deal with that vascillitude is to say what is unacceptable……here is the extremism defintion of unacceptable views: ‘The government defines extremism as “vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs”.’

You might ask if that isn’t just a definition of Islam and therefore is Islam itself ‘extreme’ in the context of a western, secular, progressive democracy?  That question might be backed up with asking if it is unacceptable to promote the view that women are second class citizens, that gays should be killed, that people who want to leave a religion can be killed, that unbelievers are unclean and immoral and can also be killed.


He then tells us that the real problem is intolerance of intolerance.

So…it is people being intolerant of clerical fascism that are the problem in Nicky’s view and not those who would impose a medieval religious regime upon us?


I think the problem is too much tolerance of intolerance….Nicky Campbell and the BBC being at the forefront of that way of relativising everything and never condemning anything….except the Tories and UKIP of course.








Here’s a retweet from the BBC’s Nicky Campbell. I wonder WHY the BBC stalwart would seek to retweet this particular essay on the Texas politician who may well become Obama’s opponent? A pre-emptive strike so early? Hat-tip to Biased BBC reader Keith!     

Does Rick Perry believe his idiotic religious rhetoric, or is he just pandering for votes? By Christopher Hitchens.
29 Aug via web

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This was posted a few days ago by B-BBC commentator Too True. “What do I think of the BBC today? I detect a speck of light in the darkness of that foul, propagandist, news-laundering organisation:  Just after 54 minutes into a 5 Live programme on anti-Semitism, we have this exchange:

 Nicky Campbell: Are you a Muslim Abdul?   

Abdul: Yes.   Nicky Campbell: You are properly horrified when there are Islamophobics attacks because of the atrocities committed by Muslims and Islamists, so why aren’t you similarly horrified when there are anti-Semitic attacks?   Abdul: If there are anti-Semitic attacks….   Yardina, Jewish Brit: There are!   Abdul: …first of all we do not condone, we do not accept from anybody…   Nicky Campbell: You seem to be looking for a justification by saying if Israel committed…   Abdul: …that’s not what I’m saying; there is suspicion obviously because the funding is coming from here, the funding is coming from America…   Nicky Campbell: Do you understand why there is suspicion from some people of Muslims in this country?   Abdul: …I appreciate that obviously… what the media portrays… that Al Qaeda is responsible…   Nicky Campbell: Why are you saying, “What the media portrays as Al Qaeda” if it’s not true? You don’t think Al Qaeda is responsible for atrocities?  

Fair play to Campbell on this occasion however I have to say that I think the only light I see is that of another left-wing train coming. One welcomes forensic examination of the Islamic mindset and I would like to see much more. But the overwhelming BBC meme is that ISLAM is a force for good, but perhaps with a few nutters within it (Just like Christianity, natch) and in that context I think this is a false dawn. 


Well, another Sunday morning and the BBC advances its own hateful agenda. On Nicky Campbell’s “Big Question” we are asked; “Should Tony Blair be tried as a war criminal?”  You know where the BBC answer will come from on that one! Then, we have, shockingly, the argument for child euthanasia “Does a child have the right to choose death” Finally, there is the seemingly innocuous “Is it always right to uphold your religious convictions”  (Inspired by those evil Christian hotel owners who —- gasp — “discriminated” against gays) Hang Blair, kill kids, persecute children….just another day at the State Broadcaster.

The Campbell’s Are Coming!

They have helped to build a media culture in which feeding frenzies have become the norm, making life intolerable for innocents caught in the glare of  their spotlights.’  


That was a quote from The Guardian 2003 attacking its fellow newspapermen…or rather those on the ‘Right’.

It is of course very apt 10 years on in the wake of Leveson and the introduction of the Press regulatory Royal Charter…or the ‘Crooks and Creeps Charter’ if you prefer.

What is perhaps a paradox is that it is of course the ‘Rightwing Press’ that is the target of this legislation….promoted as it was by a cabal of very wealthy left wingers along with some even more wealthy donors in cahoots with the Labour Party…in effect carrying on its ‘war against Murdoch.’

The News Of The World was vilified for phone hacking and its stories on celebrities and members of the Public….and yes some of that was highly dubious….but in the scale of things perhaps not as serious as the actions of some other media organisations…particularly those on the left whose active promotion of, and careless incitement of, anti-Semitism must surely rank higher than the dignity of a public figure photographed in a compromising position.


The Guardian for instance…. So well known for the anti-Semitic tracts inside its pages that it has had to publish a disclaimer of sorts….. both accepting anti-Semitism whilst denying it:

The readers’ editor on… averting accusations of antisemitism

‘Guardian reporters, writers and editors must be more vigilant about the language they use when writing about Jews or Israel

As a newspaper the Guardian has been critical of all sides, but it is seen as being especially critical of the Israeli government and its actions. And that has led to complaints that the Guardian, in print or online, is carrying material that either lapses into language resonant of antisemitism or is, by its nature, antisemitic.

For antisemitism can be subtle as well as obvious. Three times in the last nine months I have upheld complaints against language within articles that I agreed could be read as antisemitic.

I have been careful to say that these examples may be read as antisemitic because I don’t believe their appearance in the Guardian was the result of deliberate acts of antisemitism: they were inadvertent. But that does not lessen the injury to some readers or to our reputation.…reporters, writers and editors must be more vigilant to ensure our voice in the debate is not diminished because our reputation has been tarnished.’



The BBC is guilty of something similar….its Middle East coverage whilst probably not intending to be anti-Semitic has the same effect when the journalists deliberately demonise Israeli actions whilst covering up or ignoring Palestinian violence and war crimes.

The BBC’s coverage has the effect of inciting and encouraging anti-Semitism around the world leading to attacks on, and possibly even deaths of, Jews wholly unconnected with the conflict other than for the fact that they are Jewish….never mind the BBC’s cruel use and sacrifice of David Kelly so that it could get its ‘scoop’ in its fight against the Iraq War.

To my mind such reckless, or even deliberate shaping of a story which leads to such serious, harmful, and dangerously lethal effects must be considered far more damaging than any embarrassment from a story about sordid politicians or even the hacking of a missing girl’s phone.


Nicky Campbell was on the case earlier this week on 5Live ‘Your Call’ in which he was discussing the Press regulations.

The first caller was ‘Geoff from Oldham’ who launched straight into a tirade against the Rightwing Press and the millionaires backing Cameron. Well I think I’ve already noted the hypocrisy of that.  Geoff apparently is a frequent caller.

We were then met with a familiar figure…Labour’s Alistair Campbell who preceded to cover the same ground as Geoff, making the same claims.

Campbell, the BBC’s new friend, was allowed a long and uninterrupted say.

Brought in to oppose his view was ex News Of The World Journo Neil Wallis.

Wallis hardly got a word in being constantly interrupted by A. Campbell and rubbished.

Wallis then had to leave and Campbell remained.

This is the same Campbell that Max Hastings in the Mail today describes thus:

‘Campbell, meanwhile, has become the darling of the BBC, forever a guest on its chat shows and invited to air his views on news programmes as if he was an elder statesman rather than spinmaster of the most mendacious government of modern times.

Campbell’s off-camera behaviour, as a foul-mouthed bully, was brilliantly captured in the political satire The Thick Of It. But the man himself is nowadays welcomed into studios as if he was a national treasure.’


Campbell of course worked hand in glove with Murdoch all during Blair’s reign….to now attack the ‘rightwing press’ has to be some of the most dishonest and hypocritical opportunism we have seen….especially as Labour’s new spin meister is none other than Tom Baldwin….ex-Times journalist and the man who channelled Campbell’s ‘stories’ into prominence in the Times paper.

As the New Statesman reveals: Baldwin saw it as his job as a journalist to: ‘keep Labour in power as long as I can.”

The Daily Mail also has some revelations:

‘Alistair Campbell was known to liaise with Baldwin in endless attempts to ­discredit the Labour government’s enemies, the results of which regularly ended up prominently in The Times — a paper once admired for its thundering independence.

Like Campbell, Baldwin, 44, has a ferocious, emotional hatred of Tories….one fellow political journalist puts it: ‘His judgment was completely blinded by his hatred for the Tories and his fixation with Alastair Campbell, who used Tom as a stool pigeon to find out what other journalists were up to and as a cipher for stories he wanted to place….allowing himself to be turned into a blatant propagandist.’



The BBC using a man whose sole aim in life was to gag the Press or to get a favourable story planted in it for his political masters is perhaps one of the greatest ironies of this saga…especially so as Campbell is probably most famous for his ‘war with the BBC’ over the Kelly affair. 

The rest of the programme went in a similar vein mostly taken up with attacks on the ‘Rightwing Press’ and Tory millionaires.

A couple of Nicky Campbell’s own contributions were his attempt to make excuses for regular BBC contributor and Labour politician, John O’Farrell, whose comments that he was disappointed that Mrs Thatcher didn’t die in the Brighton bombing were brought to light in the Eastleigh by-election….a gross injustice according to Nicky Campbell.

Another was the case of Louis Walsh when the Sun printed unfounded allegations and had to pay him £500,000 in damages…..this, apparently,  was a damning example of Press irresponsibility and intrusion ruining people’s lives….Campbell reckoned £500,000 was nowhere near enough for over a year’s battle with the Sun.

Trouble is Campbell made no mention of the BBC’s own recent attempt to ruin someone’s life…that of Lord McAlpine, by making completely false allegations against him….having never even contacted him for his reaction to the claims….the BBC only paying about £180,000 to McAlpine for the extremely serious allegations.


The whole programme was in essence just an excuse to lay into the Sun and Murdoch and when they could, the Daily Mail and its owner Paul Dacre.


Janet Daley sums it all up:

The ‘BBC Left’ is using hacking to get revenge

Left-wing politicians and broadcasters do not want to debate ideas but they do want to remove their opponents.



And if that’s the case perhaps it’s time for serious thought about the BBC’s privileged existence and the journalists who pump out so much damaging leftwing propaganda on the license payer’s shilling.

Time perhaps for wondering if it should be allowed to continue abusing its unique position and whether the harm it does by far outweighs any good.

Loose Change…Loose Talk

We don’t half get some rubbish from the BBC.

According to Nicky Campbell Putin’s speech the other day when he was boasting of Russia’s latest missile and its abilities was in fact part of a Trump/Putin conspiracy to boost American weapons sales…..the speech was ‘very profitable for the American arms industry’ Campbell whispered in such a way as to suggest a bit of Machiavellian connivance between the two old buddies.

And of course it wouldn’t be the BBC without trying to tie Brexit into the mix as it claimed our place in the world is so reduced #duetobrexit that we have no allies and no influence to stop Russia killing people on the streets of Britain ….this was again a narrative today…apparently we are so desperate for allies in a post-Brexit world that we will cosy up to any old tyrannical regime…such as Saudi Arabia….never mind we have been joined at the hip to them for decades…for weapons and oil and politics…and that Russia has been killing people on our streets long before Brexit…still, don’t let the facts get in the way of anti-Brexit propaganda on the BBC.

We also had Tony Livesey suggest that there is no such thing as British Values….just values that are universal and which are not the result of coming from a particular place.  Naturally he was talking to Jo Cox’s sister, Kim LeadBeater, who had been running round the country for the BBC asking people what they thought British values were and concluded….

For me one of the most heart-warming and inspirational conclusions that the kids came to was something I feel myself – that the things the lesson covered were not just British values – they were values that everyone should have, no matter where they live or come from.

“International values” as one child said or, as I like to think of them, ‘human values’.

Apparently primary school children’s views were more worthy and sensible than grumpy old people who griped miserably about the loss of values…

The kids also all agreed on one thing – most adults could benefit from the odd British values lesson!

It was interesting to see the differences between the three groups – to hear the disappointment there was in the older generation over the loss of values they held dear compared to the enthusiasm of the primary school children for being part of such a diverse class.

I suppose that’s why their parents fled to this country…for its lack of values…they didn’t come for the democracy, the tolerance, the freedom.

It is of course rubbish to suggest such things are not the product of a particular place, such as Britain.  Such values come from unique circumstances in combination with political, social, religious and economic situations allied to a mindset of the people…they do not spring forth fully formed around the world out of some hole in the earth.  There are indeed ‘British Values’ that are the result of hundreds of years of struggle, bloodshed and thought that produced the unique circumstances that bred those values.

The BBC once again tries to dismiss the importance of ‘Britain’ in its usual narrative of relativity, of a world where every culture is of equal value and no culture or society is better than any other.  Just not true.


BBC stars taking a pay cut


Only last July Lord Hall Hall was telling us that he paid his ‘talent’ so much because they are worth it and it is the going market rate, don’t pay it and there will be an exodus of talent…….

“I completely understand that to lots and lots of people these are very large sums but we are a global broadcaster, in a very competitive market,” Lord Hall told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

“And we have to be competitive but not foolishly.

“No-one would want us to be paying sums where it’s not at a discount to the market. People expect us to have great broadcasters, great presenters, great stars but pay them less than they would get in the market.”

He said he was “satisfied” that every one of the 96 top earners were worth the money.


Hmmmm….well, they were not worth it.  They were given that money purely because the BBC had so much money floating around, they could pay it so they did…which might indicate the licence fee should be cut….and more salaries cut.  Let’s experiment….offer far lower wages and see if the people recruited are a match, or more than a match, for the supposed superstars we have now.  So what if they do decide to eventually head off to the mega wages of the commercial world?…recruit more people, fresh talent that will bring new life and vibrancy to the BBC instead of the entrenched, aged dinosaurs who dominate the place now.

Lord Hall Hall always insisted that he had to pay the market rate to get top talent and that they would flee the BBC to the commercial companies if their wages were cut.  Well now we will find out….and as said, perhaps find out if there is more talent, and cheaper talent, out there than the BBC believes.


Amused to see Sopel is having a cut…this morning he was chuntering on about how inconsistent the White House was [under Trump…never, ever, happened under Obama],  one minute they’d say one thing and later they might correct the story…..never happen at the BBC of course….from the Telegraph….

BBC confirms pay cut for male stars after it changes story five times

The BBC has confirmed that Huw Edwards, John Humphrys, Jeremy Vine, Nick Robinson, Nicky Campbell and Jon Sopel have agreed to reduce their salaries, after a morning of farce in which the BBC website reported some of their names and then retracted them.The BBC has confirmed that Huw Edwards, John Humphrys, Jeremy Vine, Nick Robinson, Nicky Campbell and Jon Sopel have agreed to reduce their salaries, after a morning of farce in which the BBC website reported some of their names and then retracted them.

A source said: “This hasn’t been handled very well.”


Astonishing how many people are paid over £150,000 at the BBC.



Midweek Open Thread


Nicky Campbell thinks it would be great if Christmas were to be more secular because then all other religions could join in and ‘celebrate’ it too.  Perfect illustration of BBC mindset…surrender your own culture to accomodate those who have absolutely no intention of compromising their own culture to fit in with British and western society.

BBC Bias, or stupidity, list it all here……..



Triple Tripe…Norman’s wisdom

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The best things come in threes so they say and the BBC must agree as it lectures us  on what we can say and think.

We’ve had Nihal educating stupid white people who think mass immigration has been bad for the housing market.

We’ve had Nicky Campbell telling us we can’t compare the EU to the Soviet era….that’s just hysterical nonsense.

And now we’ve had Norman Smith telling us we can’t have a ‘No Deal’ even if it’s better than a bad deal.

Which is a shame as he has decided that a ‘No deal’ is the most likely outcome of Brexit negotiations.  And you know whose fault it is?  Ours.  Well, the British government’s due to its inability to tell the EU clearly what it wants, and this is due to a lack of unity and clarity in the Cabinet.  [Hmmm…if there is any lack of unity it would be due to Remainers like Hammond and Rudd trying to stop Brexit..sack ’em May!]  How is it that the intransigent, bullying and dictatorial EU is never to blame?

Remainders, he tells us, will think this outcome a ‘Horror’ due to the dreadful ramifications for the economy…however hardline Brexiteers will welcome it regardless.

But, Norman tells us, a No Deal is a route that is not to be considered…it’s just too terrible to contemplate.  Nice of Norman to save May the trouble of formulating any policy herself…she can just give him a ring at the BBC anytime she has particularly thorny problem regarding Brexit.


Looking at the comments it seems I’m not the only one to have heard Norman’s wisdom….


Absolute rubbish from Norman Smith on WATO, just now, proclaiming that the reason why ‘no deal’ seems to be looming is because the Cabinet is so divided that the UK is unable to tell the EU what sort of deal it is that Britain wants.

This, of course, is simply the BBC peddling the EU’s lies for it. The truth is that the EU is deliberately obfuscating and prevaricating in the hope that the massed voices of Quislings like the BBC will somehow magically convince the UK to change its decision.

This really is disgraceful behaviour from the BBC and there needs to be a reckoning.




To Infinity and beyond

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For some of you history is over, it’s back to the Thirties for you, no bright, shining future, no heading off to infinity and beyond for you.  You being nasty little Brexit voters.

The BBC has spent years telling us that we are heading back to the Thirties….they loved to conjure up that dark, forebidding image when talking about Tory austerity, once claiming in a complete lie that spending was heading back to thirties’ poverty levels, a low level of spending never reached before…

“It is utterly terrifying, suggesting that spending will have to be hacked back to the levels of the 1930s as a proportion of GDP.

“That is an extraordinary concept, you’re back to the land of Road to Wigan Pier.”

….hmmm…except in 2001 when Labour were in power and the economy was in the black…but let’s not mention that…and of course the BBC never then suggested Blair and Co were taking us back to the era of Nazis and death camps…only the Tories can take us there!

The ‘Back to the Fascist Thirties’ narrative was disinterred for Brexit under Project Fear and the BBC began its labelling of Brexit supporters as racist little englanders who were the vanguard of a sinister rise of nationalism across Europe, Hilter was back stalking the innocent lands of the EU with malign intent.

Image result for greece germany nazis

Amused then to hear Nicky Campbell try to smack down a caller who compared the unelected EU to the Communist era and mentioned the Nazis.  Campbell thought this was a hysterical exaggeration…the EU is a lovely, humane, compassionate organisation that brought peace to Europe…didn’t it?

As the caller pointed out you cannot get rid of the EU….it is unelected and if you do not like its policies, such as forcing migration upon your country, then that’s just too bad.  This is the EU that was quite happy to see massive force used against the Catalans, that was happy to take control of the Italian government and impose its own as it did with Greece…before beggaring it.  The same EU that had an iron grip on Ireland and which forced countries to keep voting until they came up with a result the EU liked.  And of course look how they try to treat the UK…rather than a sensible, mutually beneficial agreement, they seek to punish and undermine the UK whilst dictating terms to us.

Funny how the BBC feels entitled call Brexit voters nazis and racists, as well as anyone who votes Tory, and to tell us that the horrors of the Thrities will be visited upon us again #duetobrexitorausterity but anyone else doesn’t have the right to make any similar comparisons of their own.  Apparently ‘Back to the Thirties’ is BBC copyright.

Oh and on austerity…who is to blame?…let’s just remind ourselves and of how long it was predicted to last…by the IFS in 2009….

An even higher percentage of the electorate are probably unaware that based on current government forecasts, Britain’s is facing not one but “two parliaments of intensifying pain”, as the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) predicted.

The IFS said that for each of the next eight years, a new round of cuts will have to be found to fill the black hole in the nation’s finances – a hole the Treasury estimates amounts to a £90bn shortfall between tax revenues and government spending.