The Bias That Keeps On Coming

Mark Barlex (BBC News On Demand Editor) quoted on the BBC College of Journalism twitter account:

The link takes you to this BBC video report of the Iraqi guy throwing his shoes at George Bush, complete with different camera angles and a slow motion replay.

A few minutes later there was a further tweet highlighting another one of Barlex’s favourite BBC online items:

The BBC’s position on American politics summed up in two tweets.

On the subject of BBC echo-chamber Obama-loving Republican haters, there was a typically biased discussion about Sarah Palin hosted by self-important left-luvvie coke-snorting fame junkie ex-children’s TV presenter Richard Bacon on his Radio Five Live show yesterday. A perfectly nice American woman who – horror of horrors! – likes Sarah Palin had to endure Bacon’s continuous sneering and the negative comments of two journalists from anti-Republican publications (Newsweek and the Guardian). Another fine example of what passes for balance on the BBC.

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12 Responses to The Bias That Keeps On Coming

  1. Martin says:

    Classic BBC spin. Some camp male beeboid talking about the Cabinet meeting up in the north east “Lord Mandelson is visiting the Corus plant today to see if he can save the jobs…”

    What like the BBC who spun both Brown and Mandelson spouting the same rubbish over the Cadbury’s factory that is now going to be closed?

    Yet another lie from the BBC, there is nothing Mandelson can do about the factory being closed, WE know why it’s being closed it has to do with this climate change Carbon crap and personally if the tools who live up there fall for this nonsense they deserve the dole.


  2. Martin says:

    Just been an amazing Tory ambush on Radio 5 with fat boy Nolan. Nolan had Sir Nicholas Winterton on who made a complete tool of himself about expenses. However, the BBC managed to turn it into a complete anti Tory stunt, with endless callers and texts saying  the usual rubbish like “I’m a Tory voter but I will be voting Labour now..” or “This has finished the Tories off..”

    Of course Tory HQ didn’t know this tool was going to be on and Nolan really racked up his own personal Tory hatred. So what about all those Labour MPs that have been up to no good?

    You guys will have to take a listen back. Yet another example of the BBC twisting something to try to back Labour.


  3. George R says:

    “BBC accused of institutional ‘trendy left-wing bias” -2007, and so it continues.

    Next week: BBC News comes live, courtesy of Castro, from the BBC’s political spiritual home: CUBA:


  4. ap-w says:

    1. Did anyone hear John Humphrys interview Green party leader Caroline Lucas on Today earlier? The BBC’s idea of a tough question to the Greens is something like “but you have said you’re going to make a breakthrough before haven’t you?” and then sit back and allow them to talk uninterrupted about how unjust our electoral system is. They seem to take it as read that there are no challenging questions on policy that can be put to the Greens. And when Lucas listed Norwich South as a target seat for them there was no mention of the Greens’ lousy performance att the Norwich North by-election.

    2. And did anyone hear Libby Purves on Midweek on Radio 4 yesterday? She had on some Non-Entity Actor from “JSTO”, which to those of us outside the bubble is apparently shorthand for “Jerry Springer The Opera.” Purves immediately made the point (on what evidence I don’t know) that many of the Christians who denounced it had not seen it (and presumably in her eyes if they had sat through the song “Jesus is Gay” they might have come to appreciate it), and in sycophantic tones sympathised with the Non-Entity Actor about the “extreme attacks” of evangelical Christians on it. Presumably these are the sort of “extreme attacks” that involve people handing out leaflets and sending e-mails rather than strapping explosives to one’s back and buying a London Underground ticket. 


  5. Martin says:

    Classic beeboids. “The BBC had learned Labour will be unveiling it’s 4 point plan for Britain for the election….”

    No beeboids, you were given a statement by Downing Street and you simply read it out.


  6. Sceptical Steve says:

    I’d hate to be the cleaner on duty in the 5Live studios after today’s performances. Steven Nolan, Richard Bacon et al were clearly in a high state of sexual excitement as a result of the Winterton interview and the God knows what mess they’ve left behind them.


    • Martin says:

      They should have had nappies on they wet themselves so much. In fairness Winterton was a tosser, but so what so was Tam Dayzel or whatever his name is when he thought it was OK to claim 16K for two bookcases for his ‘Hansards’. Go to bloody Argos you twat.

      The BBC also failed to cover the Jacqui Smiff expenses story ignoring it for weeks and then launching an attack on the couple that lived next door to her (who were of course proved right) claiming they were Tories.

      Here is a typical bit of BBC defence on Labour sleaze.

      Sources close to the home secretary have told BBC News she spends the bulk of her time in London but had asked the police to maintain a “low profile” so the neighbours may not have realised she was in residence.


  7. Martin says:

    The BBC spinning Mandelson’s lies about Corus again. When will the BBC stop giving airtime to these lies?

    British jobs for British workers

    Kraft has been warned about not cutting jobs

    Now Corus.

    Utter bollocks.


  8. fred bloggs says:

    Found this on Spectator – Coffee House comment by ‘Billy Blowfeld’

    After-all – this doesn’t appear on the BBC News front page. If this was something we needed to be worried about, don’t you think it would replace one of these trivial items:
    – The Taliban are low on ammo
    – A family has filmed a ‘twister’ in Queensland
    – Clever pandas at the design awards
    – Lama mania
    – Children aren’t getting enough sleep
    – Standard class is “too noisy” for MP’s
    The Great Leader has his hands safely on the tiller. There is nothing to worry about (apart from maybe the war in the Falklands that they have spun and exaggerated to divert the news from the dire state of the economy).

    Others are seeing the bias as well


  9. Abolish the BBC says:

    Richard Bacon ‘interviewing’ Cliff from Cheers yesterday.
    After a short amiable intro Bacon sneered ‘You are a Republican, are you not’ his voice full of contempt.  After explaining he is in fact an independent with Republican values he went on to explain how the West is going to be even more bust soon as we don’t actualy make anything anymore.  This obviously enraged Bacon who thinks an economy can be sustained with coke and mirrors.
    Bacon has neither the maturity or charisma to carry a mid afternoon show and stamps his feet whenever faced with Tory or Republican.
    He merely parrots the narrative of the far looney left.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      John Ratzenberger is not only not a Republican, but is in fact a Tea Party supporter.  I’m surprised to see Bacon even dare to wade in.  I’m going to look this up on Listen Again.