Aiding and Abetting Part 2

It seems the revised ‘Free Gaza’ Flotilla E.T.A. is Saturday (tomorrow.)

I hear that someone from BBC radio 4 is on board one of the vessels, but the BBC has been strangely silent on this.

Amongst the online chatter about the situation in Gaza – the abundance of produce, Olympic-size swimming pools, the availability of luxury goods, and the ultimate gourmet experience advertised by Roots Club – the argument goes that all this does not prove that there isn’t real hardship and poverty there too.

There are many other places on earth where extremes exist side by side; where corruption keeps the poor in poverty and the rich in luxury.
They probably have to make do without a flotilla, and presumably without humanitarian aid from countries they’ve sworn to annihilate.

Hamas smuggles various goodies through the tunnels, but nevertheless Israel supplies Gaza with necessities such as fuel, medicine and food despite Hamas’s continued refusal to moderate its hard line stance. Numerous inventories of the goods regularly delivered to Gaza by Israel do little to disabuse Israel’s critics from their persistent allegations of humanitarian crises and deprivation, illogically attributed to Israel. Hamas having been absolved of all responsibility.

The flotilla is less concerned with Human Rights than with carrying out a provocative publicity stunt to stoke up a propaganda coup against Israel. They are such humanitarians that they turned down a request from the parents of Gilad Shalit to plead his case with Hamas.

Tomorrow, if Israel rises to the bait and confronts them, the BBC will probably have the story they are waiting for.

I am not the only one who has noticed the BBC’s bashfulness. Someone from the opposite camp has noticed too, and thinks it would make just the story the BBC likes, so he’s written a letter.
“Hi. As a BBC online viewer, I’d like to alert you…….”


I don’t know how many of you came along to the Question Time Liveblog last evening but I just wanted to say that apart from the infamous post 9/11 QT, this programme was an utter disgrace. It became the Alistair Campbell/Piers Morgan roadshow, with Dimbleby constantly deferring to Campbell. I think it was right that the Coalition did not put forward a candidate and perhaps a boycott of QT by the new government would be a welcome development? The BBC has been leading news this morning on this subject, all part of it’s zeal to see the Coalition divided.


Another day, another Obama outburst against BP. and the BBC lovingly carry this story on, Just after 7.09am and then again at 8.10am, the BBC agenda is to out to project “Big Oil” as corrupt, reckless and in need of further regulation. I thought the BP spokesman did well, given the provocation of the line of questions, but it is clear that the BBC is just an echo chamber for Obama-angst on this issue. 10 days into the crisis in the Gulf, Obama is finally travelling down to see the devastation. 10 DAYS – can you imagine how the BBC would have commented on this had it taken Bush 10 DAYS to travel to the crisis site? One set of rules for when a liberal is in the White House…


Only on the BBC! In a simpering item on Obama’s new National Security Policy (circa 6.15am) I double checked when I heard the BBC commentators approvingly agree that “global warming” was a cause of international terrorism. The “sophisticated” approach of Obama and his repudiation of the Bush doctrine obviously rings the BBC bell.


Roger Harrabin reports here on the Royal Society being forced to review its pro-AGW fanatcism by a revolt of members. I note, despite his uncharacteristic inclusion of some of the thoughts of those who support the revolt,that he still maintains that climate change propaganda is “very widely believed”(no doubt whose side he is on)and he still drones on about the importance of “consensus”, as if scientific truth was reached by the same process as electing a member of parliament.

Question Time 27th May 2010

Question Time tonight comes from Gravesend in Kent, famous mostly for the world’s oldest surviving cast iron pier and being the town where Pocahontas died. The seat of Gravesend is held for the Conservatives by former SAS Captain Adam Holloway.
On the panel we have former Welsh Secretary John Redwood, Liberal Democrat Susan Kramer who lost to Zac Goldsmith in the Richmond Park seat, Alastair Campbell, Piers Morgan and Sir Max Hastings. Piers Morgan is more correctly called ‘Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan’ if you ask his mother, or ‘Piers Moron’ if you ask any Private Eye reader.

For those playing the Buzzword Bingo, we’ll be trialling the BBC Coalition Undermining Protocols (2010 revision) which means that referring to David Laws as a closet Tory is worth double points and a sell-out traitor gets you 20 credits to spend in the Biased-BBC online shop. As the first question will definitely be an attempt to get John Redwood to criticise Coalition economic policy, players can only nominate “taxes” as their joker together with a named-tax under-card.

As usual the LiveBlog will also cover the entertainingly awful This Week, which will be missing the mad banterists Abbott and Portillo…the sofa will be temporarily relaxing under the less stressful load of David Davis and Hazel Blears. It’ll be Godzilla vs the Chipmunk.

Your re-elected and loyal 1922 Committee is once again TheEye and David Mosque, who have chosen not to have ministerial cars but will be arriving by public transport here at 10:30pm.


Anyone catch the 7.34am item on Today in which Mark Mardell takes the opportunity to explore just how awful BRITISH Petroleum is? There may be unwanted oil gushing from the Gulf but there sure is plenty of slime ooozing from Mark.


So, who would have guessed it. Apparently prostitution is not really about money and the local community in which prostitution takes place (in Bradford) is fine with it. Or at least so the BBC would have us believe in the item @ 7.51am that features Liberal Councillor Qasim Khan and Niki Adams, spokesperson for the English Collective of Prostitutes.Perhaps the real whores are those who £3.5bn a year from us and prostitute every atom of journalistic intregrity? Just saying….