Just a quick one for you. There is a  plan afoot to reduce the Drink-Drive alcohol limit here in Northern Ireland from the current UK figure of 80mls/100mls blood to 50mls/100mls. In one of those happy coincidences, this is also the EU directed figure. (Natch) The UK Government has rejected this but the NI Minister for Nanny State, Alex Attwood, knows better. He also aims to bring in a 20mls/100mls blood for young drivers and those who drive for a living, whatever that caveat means. I’ll be debating him tomorrow morning on BBC Nolan Show. I oppose this plan on the grounds that; a/There is no empirical evidence to prove that a reduction from 80mls to 50mls would save lives. Furthermore this new low limit could criminalise an entire glass of people whose crime would be to have a glass of wine one evening and drive the next morning. 2/He seeks to grant police the power to stop anyone who is driving without having any cause for concern. In essence it is stop and search – only drivers are the target. This is an obscene power grab as far as I can see. 3/The majority of drunk drivers are WAY above the limit. In what way does reducing the limit further deal with these people?  The BMA, NICE and lobby groups such as Brake all cheer this on and demand the Coalition follow. But I disagree. Thoughts?


The strange quality about BBC coverage of the Labour Party conference is the way in which 6th May 2010 has become Year Zero. The 13 years of Labour mismanagement of the economy are now being deliberately erased as if they never happened. This, of course, is the only way that Miliband and his cheer-leaders can try and reinvent themselves and even then it is highly dubious if most people will buy the lie. I listened to a remarkable Today interview with Yvette Cooper on the issue of Immigration this morning. Any neutral observer will accept that Labour deliberately pursued an Open Doors policy during their years in power. The traumatic consequences are transgenerational (Not least in some core Labour voting areas) and include such further disturbing facts as 40% of the growth in households between 2001 and 2008 being down to Immigration. But Cooper has no intention of taking any responsibility for this and Naughtie has no intention of interrogating her on it.  Instead, she was allowed to make general blandisments, waffle about points based rules, and then attack the Coalition. It is stunning to see Labour get away with all this revisionism, be it on Immigation, on the Economy, on Employment, on Health, on Education – but then again when we consider that the BBC was an enthusiastic propagandist for all of this societal nihilism, may be should NOT be that surprised?


Asher and Yonatan Palmer
A 25 year old Palestinian Dad is driving home with his baby son in the car when both are cruelly murdered by Jews throwing a large rock into their car. Can you imagine the publicity the BBC would afford such a story? It never happened, of course, but THIS did. Was this savagery, to borrow a term used by Galloway towards me the other day, another example of Palestinian outreach? Why the lack of any BBC coverage? Don’t the lives of these human beings count? Don’t they merit our attention – or would doing so spoil the Palestinians as most oppressed people ever narrative. You tell me.
Hat-tip to Martin.


When I open the Biased BBC mailbox each morning, there are always really good emails. And then there are the droolings of the moonbats who send me the likes of this;

Elders of Zion

Message*: I realise that British people who are not traitors long ago gave up bothering to read the inane rubbish on your pathetic “Voice of Tel Aviv” website,but is it not time we asked what would have happened if a group of westernised Arabs had “returned” to the ME after a few thousand years and kicked a settled community of Jewish people of their land with the assistance of the sort of Wall Street vermin who have wrecked the global economy twice (1929 and 2008)?
Would the loyal and diminishing band of ignoramic Zionist imbeciles who post on your “Loyalist” (loyal to whom?) grovel to the power of global organised crime be gibbering about their “right to exist”? 

I assume that this series of lunatic mails have been prompted by the fact that this site rightly and persistently flags up BBC imbalance of the coverage of Middle East affairs. So, i just wanted to say to the individual concerned that we shall continue to hold the BBC responsible for how it treats stories from the Middle East and we thank you for your interest.

Labouring under an Illusion

This heartfelt comment by Jarwill101 on the Open Thread deserves a main post. I liked it, and I’m taking the liberty of reproducing it here. Hope that’s okay.

“Yvette Cooper’s nauseating admission, ‘We got things wrong over immigration’, has to be challenged. No, Yvette, credit where credit’s due, given New Labour’s avowed policy, as revealed by speech writer, Andrew Neather, you got things right over immigration. You wanted to obliterate the Brtish nation state as rapidly as possible & mass immigration was your weapon of choice. And the beeboids filled the atmosphere with an enveloping, rainbow-tinted iCloud of touchy-feely propaganda to speed the transformation on its way.
Never mind the quality of the incomers, forget their, very often, utter unsuitability, their arrogant refusal to integrate, their immediate reliance on benefits, their propensity for criminality/terrorism. Our towns & cities are now descending into the Second World, a volatile, crowded, violent waiting-room, before the descent into the Third. Places like Tower Hamlets/Haringey should be the jewels in Yvette’s papier-mache crown. You, Yvette, & your cultural Marxist destructors have ensured that there will never be a harmonious society in this country again. Your job is done, don’t be self-effacing about it. Step out into our wonderful, ‘diverse’ streets, especially at night, rejoice in the ‘enrichment’. Perhaps a kindly passerby will help you count the holes in you face, help you into the ambulance.
I’ll wave to you from the river, upon which the indigenous people, & the hard-working, law-abiding immigrants, have been sold down in exchange for the advancement of your own worthless, traitorous little soul.”

I would just add though, that the Labour Party’s immigration mea culpa still avoids confronting their most treasonous ‘mistake’. As far as I’m aware, the type of immigration that they own up to ‘getting wrong’ is the, cheap labour, job-undercutting type, the hardworking Polish builder, and the Eastern European economic migrant. They serve as a scapegoat for the resentment many people feel over the other kind of immigration. The kind that dare not speak its name, the immigration that is fundamentally at odds with British values, the immigration that really undermines our way of life.


I take a great interest in the Economy and so I am increasingly perplexed at the BBC/Flanders/Balls meme which suggests the UK can choose either “austerity” or “growth”. This makes no sense but it is how left wing politicians like to portray the situation. I keep hearing BBC interviewers ruminate on whether we should be adopting “Plan B” and choosing growth AS IF this was a real option. It’s not!! The current UK government – indeed any government – will always prefer to see economic growth. But that is virtually beside the facts that; a/ We have a massive structural debt as a result of years of Labour fiscal recklessness that must be addressed even if it means fewer Diversity Czars  and b/ Economic growth is a desirable outcome, not a specific policy. This is an entirely bogus argument which has been advanced by the BBC on behalf of Labour for some months now. It is also shameless because the very Labour politicians such as Balls who wrecked our economy are now posturing as the saviours of it and rather than interrogate the inherent hypocrisy and fiscal folly of what is being advocated, they simple cheer-lead for this mindlessness. I disagree with plenty of things the Coalition are doing but for anyone to pretend that it is wilfully ignoring “growth” is just plain nonsense and the BBC really needs to get to grips with itself on this issue.


Here’s a mail I received today and I thought I might share it. It gave me a laugh.  Carlo writes;

“Has it ever struck you that the BBC has such an easy ride because their only credible critics are your website?

What intelligent person with an open mind would bother contributing to your site when the openly CIA/Zionist-run BBC get`s accused of being anti capitalist/Zionist/American by the political cretins you find in America and Israel? Very amusing!

David, it`s NOT working old fruitcake.And worse still it`s giving the BBC more elbowroom to carry on selling us down the river to the sort of crooks who run Washington and the EU through their grip on the RC church and Wall Street and the City of London and “our” Westminster Parliament.

Don`t believe me? Just try making one fair criticism of say,Israel or George Soros or the CIA and just watch what happens.The CIA apparatchiks at the BBC must toast your name every day Biased BBC exists!    “

I think we all know who the fruitcake is here…cue the Red Flag…..


Rod Liddle may say BBC bias is not a conspiracy, and John Humphrys on Friday claimed in the BBC’s blunderbuss response on Today to Peter Oborne’s Guilty Men paper that the corporation is not “monolithic”. But it’s hard to avoid such a conclusion when – as part of their vast tapestry of newspeak and bias on major issues – someone, somewhere in the corridors of BH and White City has decided that the terms “AD” and “BC” are to be abolished because “modern practice” now means that everyone uses instead “CE”. In other words, chaps, we have decided to airbrush out – to appease the Muslims, no doubt led by multicultural BBC trustee (and all-round complaints quango queen) Mehmuda Mian, doyenne of the Lokahi Foundation – another major component of our proud heritage. James Delingpole has a brilliant analysis here.