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Poop Scoop




The BBC has been blowing its own trumpet today with its ‘scoop’ about Assange, yet another of the BBC’s heroes along with the traitor and spy, Edward Snowden, and the self-admitted terror trained Moazzam Begg.

It’s been telling us all day about the ‘arbitrary detention’ of Assange….and yet he hasn’t been detained, he has voluntarily chosen to remain in the Ecuadorian embassy as he hides from the due process of law in regard to an accusation of rape.  The BBC tells us that…‘Assange’s supporter and friend Vaughan Smith hopes he will now be freed’.

‘Freed‘?  He’s not incarcerated…he’s in hiding…from the Law.

Whilst the BBC article gives the vast bulk of its space to Assange and his supporters it grudgingly admits the government thinks the UN panel is wrong….

“We have been consistently clear that Mr Assange has never been arbitrarily detained by the UK but is, in fact, voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean embassy,” he added.

No sign from the BBC’s own analysis that Assange’s case at the UN is so much bunk and completely without any sound basis in reality.

The BBC also misleadingly says this…’Swedish prosecutors dropped two sex assault claims against Mr Assange last year. However, he still faces the more serious accusation of rape.’

That makes it sound as if there was no case to answer on those two sexual assault charges….but that’s not true…and again in the report the BBC link to that fact is once again underplayed telling us that…

Earlier, Swedish prosecutors dropped two sex assault claims against Mr Assange, who had denied the claims.

Mr Assange still faces the more serious accusation of rape, which he also denies.

Only way down the page do we find that this is the reality of why those cases were dropped…


  • August 2015 – Swedish prosecutors drop their investigation into two allegations – one of sexual molestation and one of unlawful coercion because they have run out of time to question him.


They dropped the case because the statute of limitations on the lesser charges has run out…it’s a legal technicality not proof of his innocence.

The Telegraph reminds us of what the BBC prefers you don’t know…

Assange chose to knock on the door of the Ecuadorian embassy of his own free will, begging to be allowed inside because he’d lost his case to avoid extradition to Sweden. It wasn’t just that he’d lost, either; he lost spectacularly at every English court he went to, including the Supreme Court. That’s the highest court in the land, and not known for being a patsy of the ‘dark forces’ supposedly conspiring to destroy the Australian campaigner for truth, transparency and international justice.

If Assange really is a campaigner for all those things, he needs to explain why the basic legal processes that apply to the rest of us should be waived for him.


Always the same with the BBC…if you’re a Muslim, an immigrant or one of the Left’s iconic figures you can get away with anything from terrorism to mass murder and rape.






Alright then, Here’s a new Open Thread for you to detail the bias. I was on with Jon Gaunt this morning and we were discussing how the BBC emotes its coverage of “Syrian refugees”. They are using their massive media reach to convey THEIR opinion that we must “do” something to help Syrians. That’s not their job and its time we stopped seeing this alleged reporters hamming it up as third rate actors.

Hush it all up


When Fox News announced that Birmingham was a Muslim only city [can’t be long now] the Left went into overdrive to deride and vilify the comments…how different their approach to Labour MP, Jess Phillips, who claimed that Birmingham’s Broad Street was subject to roaming gangs of native Brummie sex abusers and criminals on a scale similar to Cologne.

Phillips was naturally called out on that nonsense  by most people but not by the BBC or the Guardian who both came out in support for her…though their real aim, as was Phillips’, was to pretend that this was not an issue about immigration or the culture of the immigrants in Cologne or indeed across Europe…just as they tried to dismiss the truth about the racial and religious aspects of the choice of victims in Rochdale and Rotherham and other cities across the UK.

The Guardian has come up with the idea that Phillips was only criticised because she was a woman….which is a curious take as she herself is betraying the women of Cologne, Europe, who are being attacked….Phillips, the BBC and the Guardian, would rather these women get attacked, raped and abused than deal with the causes of the abuse….the failure to control immigration and the importation of the very people who commit these crimes….how many women would still be alive, would still be able to walk the streets in safety, if it weren’t for the BBC’s et al’s undying, uncompromising, extremist support for mass, uncontrolled immigration regardless of the consequences?

Mishal Husain,(08:30) who is Muslim and so has an interest in downplaying the role of immigration and culture in this issue, tried  to back up Phillips’ claim and did so by suggesting that a pat on the backside of a woman in a pub was somehow the equivalent of anything that happened in Cologne…she was insistent that this was ‘sex abuse’ and that many such crimes must go unreported…therefore Birmingham is just like Cologne if we take all those unreported crimes into account…yep…raping women, gang raping women, ripping their clothes off, hunting them down in packs, thrusting hands into their vaginas, just like a pat on the backside in a pub.

Husain brought in Salma Yaqoob who is well known as an Islamist activist….clearly she was brought in to deny the ‘Islam connection’ and she didn’t fail to do as expected.

The BBC, having been happy to attack Fox News for its slandering of Birmingham, have spent a lot of effort to downplay what happend in Cologne, and across Europe, even going so far as to claim it was a right wing conspiracy, but curiously now they try to spin a pat on the backside in a Birmingham pub into the sex crime of the century and are quite happy to denounce Birmingham men as rapists and sex beasts and all because they have a narrative about immigration….nothing bad must ever be allowed to get on the air that might show immigrants to be less than wonderful and a delight.

Which brings us to this…..any sign of the BBC reporting this at all?  No….

German journalist claims the government tells its media what it can and cannot report on following outcry over Cologne sex attack news blackout

A former news boss in Germany has claimed the country’s media is told what to report on by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government.

His admission comes as the country grapples with accusations media ignored hundreds of sex attacks committed by migrants during Cologne’s New Year celebrations.

Dr Wolfgang Herles, the former head of a public broadcaster Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF), said journalists are instructed to write news reports that are to ‘Ms Merkel’s liking’.

Dr Herles labelled the situation a ‘scandal’ during a radio panel discussion on media and freedom of the press, Breitbart reported.

Asked if the media landscape had ‘got out of whack’, he replied: ‘Today, one is not allowed to say anything negative about the refugees.


With all the BBC’s proud boasts about independence and the importance of free speech and a free press, they are strangely quiet about this very serious accusation…a government silencing the media on the subject of immigration and its fallout.  Then again the BBC has long been in cahoots with our government in how it reports on issues surrounding Islam and the EDL….pro-Islam, anti the EDL.

Here are some other news reports that the BBC won’t be highlighting…

Refugee crisis will cost Germany £38 BILLION by the end of 2017, new study claims


Six in ten migrants not entitled to asylum, says EU chief


Philip Hammond warns less than HALF of the million migrants flooding Europe are fleeing war in Syria




5Live spoke to Bryan Cranston, (14:07) Breaking Bad actor and lead in ‘Trumbo‘, a film about McCarthyism.

Trumbo was blacklisted and silenced as a Hollywood screenwriter for being a member of the American Communist Party.  The Left, and the BBC as here, has always been outraged at this example of ‘Gestapo’ tactics.

After having gone through that ritual outrage the BBC presenter, Colin Paterson, moved on to the present day and asked ‘as so many actors are Democrats do they get looked down upon?‘…..which is a strange way of looking at life as it is the Republicans who are vilified and sneered at more often than not…and indeed we then got onto Trump.

Bryan Cranston said everyone’s voice was important, that when we lose respect for someone elses opinion, when we villify the different opinion, it is the slippery slope.

Cranston said Trump had the right to say what he wanted and it was his truth as he saw it….he said how Trump is treated was the exact example of the meaning of Trumbo….which probably wasn’t what Paterson was hoping for as the BBC has given over so much of its time and coverage to vilifying and insulting Trump rather than giving serious consideration to his politics.

The BBC acting like the Gestapo as it tries to smear and silence Trump as McCarthy tried to silence the Commies?  LOL.

Of course Farage knows all about that as even now he is treated with disdain and derision…when he comes up the BBC presenters all have a laugh together and don’t take his views seriously.

When he made a speech today about Cameron’s EU smoke and mirrors in which he went through the list of what is wrong with the proposed agreement all we got from Jon Pienaar was that Farage was ‘rubbishing’ it and that he was going to keep on rubbishing it….which is a completely dismissive take on Farage’s views and analysis…Pienaar is saying that Farage isn’t taking a reasoned and critical approach to Cameron’s trickery but is merely shouting it down regardless of what it says.

Pienaar told us that Farage only made one point…but he actually made many examining Cameron’s promises and claims one by one.

Pienaar’s own analsysis is as hopeless as always.

Laura Kuenssberg suggested that the Brexit campaigners were like ‘Rats in a sack’ this morning on the Today programme to hardly suppressed mirth from the other presenters in the background….there does seem to be an urge at the BBC to present the ‘out’ campaigners as disorganised and more set on infighting than anything else.

It is of course difficult to assess the BBC’s coverage of the EU at the moment because there is so much of it and they have a habit of splitting it up…In one news bulletin they will have only the pro-EU Chuka Umunna on to praise the EU with no opposing voice…later they may or may not have a Brexit supporter on as a critic of Cameron’s agreement…such a tactic makes it impossible to assess the BBC’s balance in reporting this subject as you can’t possibly see or hear all the voices the BBC brings on…perhaps that is by design….if you claim one interview is totally unbalanced they will counter with one in which there is only the opposite view put…but of course you have no way of knowing how many of the unbalanced interviews have been broadcast…is the ratio one to one or is there an imbalance in total?  Do we get 10 pro-EU interviews but only 5 pro-Brexit ones?  Hard to tell.

What you can see though is the tone of the reporting….such as how they talk about someone like Farage and his policies…Hush-puppied Ken Clarke comes on with his patronising, arrogant demeanour talking down to the little people who apparently just don’t understand about Europe….Farage and some Tory ministers, he tells us, ‘just don’t like foreigners’.

The BBC presenter said nothing….normally they will jump in when such comments are made but in this case not a word..quite happy to present Farage and ‘some Tories’as racist and Euro-sceptics as ignorant….never mind Farage is married to a German.

The BBC seems quite happy to let the pro side to be as abusive as they like and frequently joins in the game themselves.

There maybe a surface appearance of balance but there is also an undercurrent that subtly derides the Brexit campaigners and dismisses their views.

McCarthy lives on.





Prevent Prevent


‘Our grandfathers smashed fascism – outlawed it, executed its leaders, suppressed its ideas – because they knew how seductive that stiff-armed salute can be to idiots with a grievance, once all the illusions start to burn.’  Paul Mason



There is a war being fought and it’s not just with guns, bullets and bombs.  The Media, far from being prejudiced against Muslims, is the weapon of choice for those who seek to make Islam the dominant religion and political force in Britain, and the BBC is at the forefront of the charge.  And, this is the important thing to note, those who are ‘fighting’ this media war are not the obvious ‘radicals’ like Anjem Choudray, they come dressed in western suits and talk of reform and tolerance but always blame Muslim ‘anger’ on British society, on that phantom menace ‘Islamophobia’.  Of course what is even more frightening is that these men have not just managed to position themselves as authorities on questions of Islam, its place in Western Society and ‘radicalisation’, as Media spokesmen of choice but have also inveigled their way into the heart of Government advising it on matters of religion and radicalisation.  Biased BBC


For a long time this site has noted the BBC’s readiness to uncriticially give airtime to those who would like to neuter the anti-terrorist Prevent programme….’those’ being Islamists of many shades and their fellow travellers on the Left…. we illustrated a perfect example of the BBC’s pro-extremist stance just the other day.  But, unfortunately it’s a story that has been brewing for a long time…

Nearly a year ago we said that....

‘The BBC has leapt upon the words of ex-chief Superintendent Dal Babu as he tries to discredit the ‘Prevent’ programme….and there is remarkably little comment on the BBC from people who would say otherwise.  Discrediting the ‘Prevent’programme is the Holy Grail for Islamic extremists, amongst others, and Babu’s words align neatly with their own rhetoric about the programme and do great damage as they give authority and credibility to those extremists.’

Baroness Warsi, the woman who wanted to disarm Israel and arm Hamas, who constantly supports Islamist student societies, who spends so much of her time undermining Prevent, always gets a warm welcome at the BBC…

‘Here is a classic example of the BBC ‘looking the other way’ as it is fed a line by the Islamist Baroness Warsi on the Today programme yesterday(from 08:10) who declares that the solution to radicalisation is to let extremist groups, those defined by government as ‘beyond the pale’, put their agendas in place….by not talking to them the government is not talking to the Muslim community….the government has ‘disengaged’ with the Muslim community….The BBC completely ignored the implications of what she was saying….that the extremists and their views should become ‘acceptable’ and even more worrying that these organisations are in fact representative of the Muslim community as a whole….in other words they are not ‘extremists’ or people who pervert the religion, and far from being ‘outside’ the community they are the voice of it.’

The way to counter radicalism is to let the radicals have their way…yep…that’d work and Warsi always gets a free pass at the BBC, allowed to spread her toxic narrative without challenge.

The BBC continues to this day to work alongside the Islamists to attack the Prevent programme as it naively, or not so naively, reports stories fed to them by people who are well known Islamist activists..

Here’s something from a recent post we did…

Did the BBC get the story wrong because it had been fed to them by the extremist MCB which has, along with other extremist groups, worked insidiously to neutralise the Prevent programme?….what better way than to feed news organisations sensationalised stories of Muslims ‘under attack’.  They know full well the BBC will lap them up….and it worked.  Now why would a Muslim organisation want to nobble a programme designed to prevent Muslim terrorism?

The BBC used that story fed to them by the extremists to run another story attacking Prevent…a story they rapidly had to withdraw when the police complained it was based upon lies….

The BBC fell for this narrative by the MCB hook, line and sinker…here’s a report they hurried out in the wake of this story…

‘Terrorist house’ case raises doubts over Prevent strategy

Interesting….try the link to that story and you get this…

404 – Page not found

The BBC are backpeddling furiously on this…..they have been caught out by Muslim propagandists….the reason for that is because they are so willing for such stories to be true.  As I have said a few times here the BBC’s uncritical cheerleading of Muslim extremists, like Moazzam Begg, is a deadly game that almost certainly will have serious consequences.

Back in December we had the fake fury of the family denied entry to the US which the BBC reported endlessly as an example of anti-Muslim prejudice…we noted that…

Have to think this is an organised attempt to generate as much media and political pressure as possible to portray Muslims as victims of unwarranted discrimination with the intent that they are then given a special status as untouchables as we know the likes of the BBC and Guardian will happily fill the airwaves and pages of their websites with stories of ‘victimisation’ but offering no context or other side to the stories.

The BBC failed to report the real reason the family were prevented from flying to the US…..Islamic State of Mind

We have frequently noted Mehdi Hasan’s attempts to present himself as a suit wearing, secular democrat with progressive, liberal views when he is performing in public, such as on the BBC, when we know that in private he is a hard core Muslim believer with a great deal of contempt for the unbeliever.  It is Hasan who urged Muslims to become journalists in order to push the Islamist line….indeed the BBC’s own Mishal Husain said she was glad to have the job on Today because it allowed her to increase our ‘understanding’ of Islam and what a wonderful religion it is.


This Sunday we had the ‘Big Question’ asking if we should have a ‘British Islam’.  This shows a clear failure to understand Islam…there is only one Islam…Islam was ‘revealed’ precisely because Christians and Jews, we are told, didn’t follow their scriptures word for word and then split their religion into many sects….Islam was the cure for that…one religion, one faith, one God.  Not to undertsand that basic principle shows either a massive lack of knowledge about Islam or a deliberate attempt to mislead those watching the BBC’s programmes.

What should also raise questions and concerns is why the BBC continues to have MPACUK on as a spokesman for Muslims when it is a well known hardline Islamist group that advocated Jihad…

The Obligation of Jihad

“Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit (at home). Unto all (in Faith) hath Allah promised good. But those who strive and fight hath He distinguished above those who sit (at home) by a special reward,” Quran Chapter 4: The Women, verse 95

A high rank, forgiveness and mercy are gifted from our beloved for those who are the Mujahideen. Those that struggle and strive to protect the religion, that protect the honour of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), that protect our brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity are gifted with these amazing favours!

….for the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “He who dies without having fought in the way of Allah or without having felt it to be his duty, will die having a trait of hypocrisy”


The page has vanished from their site since we started highlighting it…but who can doubt the sentiments are still there and being disseminated by other means?  Why does the BBC knowingly give airtime to such people?

Last week Nicky Campbell was proselytising for the veil to be worn in schools and other places and brought in someone from the NUT to talk about this…..he did not ask the NUT about this from Andrew Gilligan published just days earlier…

NUT leaders ‘colluding to undermine anti-terror policies’

Leaders and activists of Britain’s biggest teachers’ union are colluding with Islamic extremists to undermine policies aimed at preventing terror attacks.

Quite extraordinary that a ‘journalist’ like Campbell should not jump at the chance of tackling that issue when he had the chance, especially when the subject they were talking about directly connected with what Gilligan revealed and as……

“They [Islamist groups] are winding up vulnerable young people with lies in an extremely dangerous way,”

Might have thought the NUT would have their own concerns about that…but no, instead they side with the extremists and the BBC looks away.

Gilligan has now directly noted the BBC’s own predilection for itself siding with the Islamist narrative…

Muslim extremists’ ‘campaign of lies’ to undermine the government’s fight against terror

An organised campaign to undermine Britain’s fight against terrorism can be revealed today.

Islamist activists linked to Cage, a group known to sympathise with terrorists, are using coordinated leaks to mainstream news organisations, including the BBC, to spread fear and confusion in Muslim communities about the Government’s anti-terror policy, Prevent.

The BBC has long been tied to the Islamist cause…Moazzam Begg being their poster child…as they ‘Dance with the Devil’

The BBC has a long history of pandering to Islamist extremists and presenting them to an unsuspecting audience as credible, authoritative and moderate Muslims whose words and beliefs are given all the more weight by the unquestioning platform afforded them by the BBC to push their ideology.

Recently we had Nicky Campbell allowing someone from CageUK to promote his Islamist cause which we looked at here…Jihadi Jock.

It’s not as if CageUK, or Cageprisoners as it used to be, is not unknown for its views….Statement by Gita Sahgal on Amnesty International and Cageprisoners

‘The tragedy here is that the necessary defence of the torture standard has been inexcusably allied to the political legitimization of individuals and organisations belonging to the Islamic Right.’

Note that line ‘the political legitimization of individuals and organisations belonging to the Islamic Right. ‘

That is what the BBC does, deliberately and knowingly…it is impossible for the BBC, a news organisation with huge resources, to claim it does not know the nature of the organisations and individuals it engages with in debate on its programmes.


Indeed…impossible for a news organisation with the BBC’s resources to not know who and what they are promoting.  Therefore the conclusion is that the BBC are wilfully giving support to known Islamists and their cause.

The BBC peddling such myths merely adds to the credibility of the Jihadi narrative and gives more ammunition to the Muslim grievance industry.

The BBC has a long history of serving that Islamist narrative and looking away from inconvenient and difficult facts about such groups….

BBC Plugs Jihadi Charities

The BBC is providing the perfect background noise for the Islamists to keep the evergrowing stream of new recruits flowing.

Time for the security services to have a little chat with Lord Hall Hall.




Why did the BBC think it was a good idea to devote an entire episode of The Big Questions to the question “Do we need a British Islam”? The location was Bradford and the audience was overwhelmingly Muslim. Did you see it? How about we have an entire programme devoted to the question “Do we need Islam in Britain” and have an overwhelmingly non-muslim audience debate it? Here were just a few screenshots of the multiculti delights on offer yesterday…