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  1. MarkyMark says:

    Why the Indian caste system is still affecting people in Scotland today
    By Sanjeev Mann // BBC The Social contributor // 26 November 2021

    The caste system is an ancient form of social hierarchy and is a class-based structure that is determined by birth. Loosely, it means that in some societies, the opportunities you have access to depend on the family you happen to be born into.



    • Up2snuff says:

      Just don’t talk to the Campbells about the Mackenzies and Maxwells and MacLeods and MacDonalds


  2. MarkyMark says:

    Before the Hate had proceeded for thirty seconds, uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from half the people in the room. The self-satisfied sheep-like face on the screen, and the terrifying power of the Eurasian army behind it, were too much to be borne: besides, the sight or even the thought of Goldstein produced fear and anger automatically. He was an object of hatred more constant than either Eurasia or Eastasia, since when Oceania was at war with one of these Powers it was generally at peace with the other. But what was strange was that although Goldstein was hated and despised by everybody, although every day and a thousand times a day, on platforms, on the telescreen, in newspapers, in books, his theories were refuted, smashed, ridiculed, held up to the general gaze for the pitiful rubbish that they were — in spite of all this, his influence never seemed to grow less. Always there were fresh dupes waiting to be seduced by him.



  3. MarkyMark says:

    It was rather more of a shock to him when he discovered from some chance remark that she did not remember that Oceania, four years ago, had been at war with Eastasia and at peace with Eurasia. It was true that she regarded the whole war as a sham: but apparently she had not even noticed that the name of the enemy had changed. ‘I thought we’d always been at war with Eurasia,’ she said vaguely. It frightened him a little.



  4. MarkyMark says:

    JCVI ‘largely opposed’ to Covid vaccination for children under 16
    This article is more than 3 months old
    Exclusive: Members of government’s expert committee disagree with politicians and Jonathan Van-Tam

    Coronavirus – latest updates
    See all our coronavirus coverage
    Young people lineup to get vaccinated in London on Friday. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA
    Rowena Mason and Jessica Elgot
    Sat 7 Aug 2021



    • TheRebelUK says:

      In the olde days when the BBC used to do investigations to seek facts and truth for the good of society.. it’s hard to believe really but they did have investigative journalism who wanted answers. And had some occasional shows covering that. Now they are rotten to the core with no principals like fat Boris. Defund then BBC


  5. MarkyMark says:

    UK says COVID-19 ‘Test and Trace’ system cost to rise to 22 billion pounds


  6. Foscari says:

    Why don’t we hear from the Chinese their approach
    to the new variants ? This COVID 19 is by far the
    largest export they have given to the rest of the world.
    Is it possible that these new variants are part of their strategy?
    10 million in the west dead? 15 million? 25 million or


  7. StewGreen says:

    Friday : BBC local news
    Hull wheel chair man 61 , died of covid after just 8 days
    even though double jabbed
    “Hull City’s ‘biggest supporter’ Gary Shepherdson dies after getting Covid”


  8. Guest Who says:

    So what she is saying is….?


  9. Guest Who says:

    They regret rein.


  10. Thoughtful says:

    I see Malala Youefzai is in the news having graduated from Oxford university and the media is rehearsing the same old lies they have been telling ever since she was shot.

    The Taliban released a letter explaining exactly why she was shot and it had nothing to do with education, but that did not fit the narrative so it was ignored.

    The Taleban explained it shot her because she was ‘slandering’ one of their regional commanders, and they quoted the Qur’anic verses which supported them in doing this.
    They went on to state that they do not oppose the education of women per se, but they do oppose mixed sex classes and is places are limited then males should take the places first.

    This is a whole different persective which the lying media does not want to tell the public because it does not fit their warped narrative version of what they want the truth to be.


  11. Guest Who says:

    If this is not worth five bill, what is?


  12. Johnda says:

    Any body noticed the similarity between Martin bashir and Amol Raman. I give you a clue they both work fo the bbc and they both hate this country. And everything that’s good about this country.Any other similarities? Just asking


  13. Guest Who says:


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I am starting to read a very nice book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the Chairman of the Children’s Health Defense.

      Its about Covid-19, Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates and called “Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”.
      Its full of secrets censored by the BBC, Google, Facebook and the Mainstream Media. Like information on the censorship of Invermectin and the Covid-19 Military & Intelligence Project called “Operation Warp Speed”

      Like his dad, he could be assassinated, because he claims that “Covid-19 is not the problem. The problem is endemic corruption in the medical-industrial complex, currently supported at every turn by mass-media companies. This cartel’s coup d’etat has already siphoned billions from taxpayers, already vacuumed up trillions from the global middle class, and created the excuse for massive propaganda, censorship, and control worldwide. Along with its captured regulators, this cartel has ushered in a global war on freedom and democracy”

      So thank God I dodged from taking the Vaccine, because it doesn’t look good for those who have.


    • TheRebelUK says:

      It’s strange how this new varient, which they are using the Greek alphabet to name is not called XI, which Is the next letter after mu and nu . Could it be they don’t want to offend the Chinese who started all this mess in the first place.
      Plus it’s strange that in Botswana where this new varient emerged and where only 6% are vaccinated that it’s appeared in doubled jabbed people? Something’s not right


      • Thoughtful says:

        the ‘vaccine’ never was touted as producing immunity, nor contageousnous, just a lessening of symptoms. Few people appear to know that past the media spin.


    • TheRebelUK says:

      Exactly right, do all nationally funded broadcasters work just for the government or do they instead work for everyone that lives there? What has happened to the BBC? Once reporting the truth but not anymore the shit heads


  14. StewGreen says:

    BBC1 6:10pm The Hitlist celebrity special
    Will it look like the make up of GB ?

    Don’t be daft
    presented by Rochelle and Marvin Humes (the mixed race couple presenters)

    – Journalist Ranvir Singh, actress Chizzy Akudolu (fat black woman on Strictly)
    – TV presenter Ore Oduba with his Strictly dance teacher Joanne Clifton
    – Ian Waite (presenter of Strictly) and TV presenter Karim Zeroual (Strictly finalist)

    So it’s a celebrity show with people who are famous cos they were on a BBC celebrity show, which is also on tonight


  15. Jeff says:

    So, Bunter has wobbled out, flanked by the Chuckle Brothers and told the nation he’s making mask wearing compulsory in shops and public transport. Is anyone surprised? Oh come on, there’s less than a month to Christmas, I think we all know what’s coming…

    I’m dismayed, but I can’t pretend to be disappointed, because I hold the man in such contempt. He’s a gutless little boy who would rather waffle about pretend problems like climate change, rather than face up to his real responsibilities in keeping our economy on track and our civil liberties alive. These measures will keep the BBC off his back for a few days until he gets bullied into taking more stringent measures. I’m only surprised they haven’t put up Kitchener style posters, with a stern looking doctor pointing out at us asking, “Have you had your booster yet?”

    This bloke isn’t a leader, he’s a follower. He floats up into the political ether, sees which way the prevailing wind is blowing and then follows it.


  16. digg says:

    Thought I would watch C4 story of the Mary Rose as it’s in my City.

    Almost immediately they were pushing to suggest that crew members were not English. One skeleton appeared to be. Carpenter and was found near some Spanish coins and tools. So probably a Spaniard!

    They never considered that these might have been spoils of victory over some sunk Spanish ship. I’m sure the English sailors would have been happy to take what they could, a much more plausible explanation in my view.

    ….then onto some crew might have been African and away we went into Disneyland…

    Enough, just another bloody woke pantomime to junk history so the diversity message comes across – they can stuff it.


    • StewGreen says:

      Simon Webb’s video from May https://youtu.be/Rwe560kBrik


      • MarkyMark says:

        Comment on youtube … “On a tour of HMS Victory, the guide told us the crew were of many nationalities, many were French. In the museum there was a list of crew members, all had English names.”


    • BigBrotherCorporation says:

      I’m fascinated by the accounts of the Elizabethan Sea Dogs, and it doesn’t seem entirely implausible to me that there might have been a handful of ‘foreign’ men among the crew of the Mary Rose when she sank, but the odds of many of them being Sub-Saharan Africans seem extremely remote, probably not much more than the odds of them being Chinese, or Martian.

      There could well have been a number of Spaniards (and Portuguese) on English ships though, and vice versa, the Mary Rose sank in 1545 and I don’t think the English started fighting the Spanish until the 1580s? In fact, I think the Spanish were allies against the French at the time. Sometimes enemy seamen were ‘pressed’ to join the other side anyway, especially if they were navigators, or pilots, or had other useful skills, and working on one West European ship was probably very similar to any other.

      I agree though, just because a seaman had Spanish tools and coins, it doesn’t follow he WAS Spanish… a lot of my work tools are Swedish made, and if I’ve recently been on a work trip to another country I’ll probably have some foreign change in my pocket. Sailors travelled, and Spain was one of the main destinations for ships in the era. Perhaps the guy had recently returned from learning his trade in a Spanish shipyard? Perhaps he’d just got back to England after a voyage on a Spanish ship? Perhaps he’d married a Spanish lady and she’d bought the tools for him?

      When the evidence is so sparse, you can make up whatever stories you want, and that’s the problem really. I don’t trust the BBC not to extrapolate what they want us to hear from the slightest possible shred of evidence which COULD be interpreted that way, however unlikely it would be in reality.

      Also, there are ‘Africans’ and there are ‘Africans’. Given the Moorish occupation of much of Iberia for hundreds of years, I’m pretty sure a lot of Spaniards would have strong ‘(North) African’ genes. There were lots of Guanches, or mixed race Hispano-Guanches from the Canary Islands on the early Spanish ships (they were considered some of the best pilots), and they would have had a lot of ‘African’ genes too, but certainly weren’t ‘black’. Just because someone has strong ‘African’ genetics, doesn’t mean they had black skin, does it? Plenty of non-black North Africans.


      • Banania says:

        “In the museum there was a list of crew members, all had English names.”
        Doesn’t that settle the matter?


  17. moggie63 says:

    He’ll only be happy when the whole of Africa is transported here and all white people are dead. Of course, masks work so well, don’t they? Forget Christmas, we’ll be back in lockdown by then.


  18. Eddy Booth says:

    Here we go again
    “Face coverings will once again become compulsory in shops and on public transport in England from next week.”



  19. Northern Voter says:

    Further to my post of yesterday evening, I would just like to thank Boris for fooking up my visit to the UK. Cheers you fat, useless bastard.


  20. StewGreen says:

    “A new Covid variant is no surprise when rich countries are hoarding vaccines | Gordon Brown”
    The Guardian


  21. Bulldog says:

    A touching tale, courtesy of the beeb, narrated by author Michael Morpurgo of an imaginary perilous crossing of the Channel by a child migrant and his desire to reach the promised land that is the U.K. as described by his uncle – perfect recruiting material for the smuggling gangs, just needs Arabic subtitles

    Warning notice – the listener is strongly recommended to have a sick bag close at hand



    • Jeff says:

      I’d bet my bottom dollar that Mr Morpurgo isn’t going to create an imaginary white schoolgirl, living in poverty in downtown Rochdale, being hounded by groups of bearded and aged paedo Muslim men.

      And if he did you could bet your life savings…and mine… that the BBC won’t be playing it…


  22. taffman says:

    The Conservatives and their MP’s have failed the nation on protecting our borders and closing the BBC.
    Its time that UKIP and The Reform Party got together and put Nigel Farage into power.
    Otherwise we are stuffed with Peppa the Pig and his ‘Green’ boys in charge.
    Over to you Tory posters …………………


    • taffman says:

      As above ,Contd. after nearly 3 hours …………
      Tory MPs and your posters, your silence is deafening. Can you not defend Peppa the Pig ?


  23. Thoughtful says:


    As not seem in any media, but being enriched by the vibrancy to death – literally this is an unusual case of a ‘doctor’ – surgeon performing an operation so badly he is now charged with manslaughter.

    “Isyaka Mamman, from Oldham, has been charged in connection with the death of 48-year-old Shahida Parveen, who died following a medical procedure at the hospital back in September 2018.”

    But just remember that if you object to Mr Mamman operating on you or yourown the Fascist Left will label you with their meaningless weaponised word ‘racist’.


  24. MarkyMark says:

    “What did they say to you? (the French Gov)”

    “You must leave of we will kill you.”



  25. MarkyMark says:

    The man sought was described as approximately 5ft 6ins tall, of slim build, with dark features including hair with a ponytail.


  26. Philip_2 says:

    OFCOM report on the BBC. They find the BBC a bit ‘off’.

    “The BBC needs to convince the public that it is impartial following a string of controversies over alleged bias, say Ofcom”

    Of a total of 5,429 BBC complaints received by Ofcom, 28 per cent related to impartiality.

    A survey quoted in the report found only 55 per cent of news viewers rater it highly for impartiality against a figure of 63 per cent for ITV news.

    Less than half of adults questioned rated it highly, on ‘reflecting the lives of people like me’

    The BBC replied: that it has a ‘large audience’ and a ‘large number’ of viewers who think the BBC is the best thing since ‘sliced bread’ and is the next best thing next to reading ‘The Guardian’ as its a lot cheaper than buying a copy and having to put on a pair of glasses to read the ‘big print’. The BBC TV license is the most popular in the world, and that is why we are so lucky to have this based in the UK, rather than Moscow or Beijing. Its a voice of confidence that ‘we have got it about right’. We always do, that because we are so much better at employing the ‘right people’ into well paid positions.

    They may have said, or something very similar to ‘get stuffed Ofcom’.



  27. Philip_2 says:

    What’s the chance that wobbly Boris demands that we all wear face masks next week? And then following on vaccine passports to prove that we have been jabbed! Then ask yourself ‘am i now protected? if so from what?

    Two videos that are clear that something is not clear to me at all. Why are the Vaccinated spreading a virus and then making it mandatory for children – who then become susceptible or die from complications? It does not make any sense at all. Unless its a form of global fraud.

    Oxford Finds Vaccinated Have 251X’s Viral Load as Unvaccinated


    And then if we are really confused, we can always ask a Doctor who is qualified to ask. Why are we doing this to children?


    And then finally. Is this murder? Dr Vernon Cole has medical proof that this is murder of the innocent.



  28. Halifax says:

    I had my booster the Modena type on Thursday. Didn’t feel a thing at 11am went home and worked, spoke to my boss “I’m OK see you at 07:30″……Next thing and literally ten minutes latter I’m shaking uncontrollably for about 5 minutes then freezing cold crawled to bed and stopped in it for 36 hours shivering and hallucinating and I’ve had COVID. I had no reaction whatsoever to the second jab so god only knows what’s in it !!
    BTW I had my engineering head on whilst waiting and figured out they could probably vacinate more people in a day if they didn’t have to wait an age for people to take off winter layers….then let them get dressed again in the cubical. Put your coat jumper scarf and all in a plastic (recyclable) tray and pick up at a dressing station after your jab. There you go NHS ive just improved the efficency by minimum 15%.


    • Up2snuff says:

      Halifax, hope you are better now. Although the ‘vaccines’ are said not to contain any virus, I suspect that at times in the massive rush to manufacture these things, mistakes somehow happen. Humans!

      In addition, I suspect that various mutations of ‘flu’ are out and about everywhere. The nurse vaccinating you with your Moderna booster may have been themselves carelessly vaccinated for influenza and is carrying a mutation of that which he/she generously passed on to you.


  29. Richard Pinder says:

    Dr. Joseph Goebbels wrote that ‘A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth’

    So a lie told by the BBC, a thousand times, becomes the truth to those who got vaccinated and wear masks in Shops.

    I would strongly advise you to read Bobby Kennedy’s book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Real-Anthony-Fauci-Democracy-Childrens/dp/1510766804

    I am beginning to realise I am reading the most important book that I have ever read in my life.

    No wonder scumbags keep assassinating Kennedy’s


  30. Zephir says:

    As part of the attempt to suppress a winter spike, Ministers drew up plans for the ‘Don’t take Covid home for Christmas’ advertising campaign targeting students, to run from December 3 to 17.

    But it is being held up by the Cabinet Office on the grounds that it is not ‘inclusive’ enough.

    The Government plans to use social media ‘influencers’ on sites such as TikTok, to urge the 1.2 million students who will be travelling home at the end of the term to take a Covid test before they do.

    But in an email sent on Thursday, an official said: ‘We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas…

    ‘The other option was ‘festive season’ which keeps the emotional motivation. We have gone with ‘Don’t take Covid-19 home for the holidays’ – as it links to school and university Christmas holidays. The alliteration with ‘home’ and ‘holidays’ scans well and is memorable’.

    Another official then objects: ‘We don’t refer to Christmas as the holidays (that’s an Americanism). Please can we say, ‘Don’t take Covid-19 home’.’



    • Banania says:

      Please can we not say anything about “covid” at all? and the biggest step towards this would be to stop all this silly testing.


  31. Non Snowflake says:


    So someone in Essex and someone in Nottingham both have a runny nose which means we all need to wear masks?

    I have a two-word answer, the second word is “off”.

    This whole obvious sham/fiasco is perhaps best summed up in the web link above, where it’s mentioned that there have been 144,724 Coronavirus deaths in the UK. Apparently. Well I think we all know that this includes people who test “positive” then die of something completely unrelated but are still listed as a “Coronavirus death”. A total sham. I suspect that the number of people who genuinely die from COVID 19 and have no underlying issues and are reasonably young and healthy is…..well lets be generous and say 0.1% of that figure, meaning 144 people.

    The bBBC are as complicit in all this as anybody.


  32. AsISeeIt says:

    Love at first sight. Perhaps all we need is love?

    Read all about it in this the crushing inevitabilty edition

    Or, history repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce – as Karl Marx once observed.

    New Covid variant: Is the government going far enough on Omicron?‘ muses the BBC’s Health and science correspondent, James Gallagher.

    In the past week a heavily mutated Covid variant has been identified, rapidly labelled a “variant of concern” by the WHO. It is named Omicron and been detected in countries including the UK.’


    Omicron’s genetic profile has raised concerns, but there’s a shortage of real-world data that means nobody has the complete picture of what it can do’ – note how we have given a virus a certain agency there. Just like the weather when we observe it to be warmer than it should be at this or that time of year. I digress. ‘It is unclear how big a threat it poses.‘ – Omicron, not the weather this time.

    Perhaps James should consider shutting up about it then? And get back to us with facts.

    It’s like you or me deciding whether to marry someone after the first date.‘ – oh, you quaint old fashioned thing, James.

    So while the BBC considers whether Omicron is a case of love at first sight, our print press jump straight into bed with it. The Sunday Times offers: ‘PM orders return to masks and isolation‘ plus: ‘Four pages of mind-bending puzzels and games

    The PM orders, does he? The Sunday Mirror orders: ‘Mask up.. even you, Boris. Face Coverings, boosters and travel bans to save Christmas‘ – and I guess BoJo’s about to bend over to that and expects us the public to do so.

    I can’t decide whether the mask has slipped or as the comic tabloid Daily Star – perhaps with a straight face – who can tell behind the mask? Says: ‘The mask is back. Weapon against scary variant as it arrives here..’ – that weapon will be a scrap of paper and string hanging off our hooters – or what the Chinese might term a paper tiger.

    Bozo may not like wearing masks but he’s ordered they will be compulsory again on public transport and in shops after two cases of the worrying new strain of Covid found in the UK

    And in other world shattering news events…

    90mph wind shuts down I’m A Celeb‘ (Daily Star)

    Other health concerns are – sadly – still available out there: ‘The instant my world turned upside down. Alexandra Shulman reveals her breast cancer diagnosis‘ (The Mail on Sunday) – bear this story in mind as coronaphobia turns the NHS world upside down again. And I’m guessing just about every reader hereabouts will have a directly personal or a closely related cancer story to tell.

    And that’s about your lot for frontpage news, apart from our more left-leaning of sundays banging on about the migrant drownings, caused by the more left-leaning of political encouragement of mass migration.

    On a more cultural note, one was reading a Guardian review of the recent release of some late ’60s Beatles film footage. The Gruan reviewer was of course drawn not so much to the music but to the socialogical and cultural aspects. In particular some vox pop material of the general public in contemporary London. Oh how British society has changed, mused the Guardianista. Universally “white” was the inescapable observation. Careful now, thought Mr AsISeeIt.

    Moving quickly on… the next take away was the accent betraying class divide so clearly on display just down the road from the roof top Hey Jude performance. A marked divide between working and upper class speech and nothing much in between. On much happier themes than race the Guardian reviewer was relieved to conclude, nowadays we’re practically all middle class. These Guardian types eh, they like to mix with their own and they don’t get out much do they, especially lately? If only it were true. That would be a nice case of “Come Together” I suppose.


  33. JohnC says:

    The BBC are absolutely reckless at scaremongering when they want to be. Take this headline today:

    ‘Tighter restrictions have come into force in the Netherlands, amid record Covid cases and concerns over the new Omicron variant.’

    They then proceed to outline all the new measures – none of which have anything to do with ‘omicron’ and everything to do with surging ‘normal’ COVID rates. ‘Omicron’ is basically just banning flights from South Africa.

    Absolutely typical BBC trick. They lump the two together even though they are different then present all the information as if it applies to both.

    Clearly the agenda is to scare people into submission. ‘Omicron’ is being used as a tool to get the peasants back under control.

    Deliberately misleading like this is no different to lying. They do this trick all the time.


  34. Guest Who says:

    Like the Mirror, the bbc also publish anything Labour sez verbatim.


    • JimS says:

      “Hi Hal! Cleggers here! Just to let you know we tracked down the first use of ‘Megxit’, some troll who works for The Daily Mail. And oh, by the way, we think that White Supremacists are going to invade Congress on the sixth. Obama isn’t answering his phone, perhaps you could give Oprah a call? Cheers mate!


  35. Guest Who says:

    Seems big in cubicle gardens.


    • JohnC says:

      Good old BBC spending our money reporting on what matters.

      I wonder what percentage of the UK population have ever heard of ‘Shah Rukh Khan’. Though I expect that number will be much higher for the staff in the BBC offices due to their racist hiring policies.


    • Guest Who says:

      Loving him showing how to mask like a Boris in this bbc approved effort.


      • Sluff says:

        Yeah, right BBC.
        We all woke up this morning and the main thing on our minds was not unfettered mass immigration, the economy, inflation, holding down our jobs, Christmas shopping, or the dreadful state of the BBC but………female engineers in Yemen. Wherever that is.
        Don’t tell me. She’s BAME as well.


  36. pugnazious says:

    ‘Sunday’ is pretty much the BBC everyday of the week just wrapped in a thin coating of religious waffle….the trick is to take any issue that the BBC focuses on and then get a Bishop, Rabbi or Imam to comment..thus it is religious….Lord Sentamu was on today….tick, tick, tick….immigration/asylum, vaccinations, climate change and racism…..everything but his new role as chair of Christian Aid….and no questions to him about a 12 year old girl being murdered by a mob of youths on our streets?
    I note the presenter moved rapidly on when he suggested Muslm asylum seekers should not prioritise maintaining their islamic faith but should instead be first concerned about just being safe in whatever foster home, christian or otherwise, they found themselves placed in.

    The programme had all the favourite subjects starting with the demand to send vaccines to the rest of the world…it is ‘unethical and dangerous’ not to do so. That’s surely a philosophical question and not something that can be stated as fact…is it better and safer to vaccinate all your own population or to leave them still vulnerable in order to vaccinate some of the vulnerable in other countries? As for dangerous…the facts might disprove that..or at least the BBC’s premise….we were told the lack of vaccinations was due to supply….this isn’t true…in South Africa there is ample supply but a reluctance to be vaccinated. Also the infection rate is around 300 a day compared to our 50,000…and yet we are highly vaccinated and they are not. The so-called ‘Omnicron’ variant is now said to be mild and likely not anywhere near as infectious as claimed in the sensationalist reporting and that the political reaction might suggest.

    We are of course once again being ‘nudged’…’fear is the key’ as they try to get us to keep on accepting lockdowns and other measures….this is to try and normalise lockdowns as an acceptable means of running the country….climate lockdowns are already happening in the way they try to restrict your travel using covid tests and isolation, levies and taxes to deter you…how long before other issues become solvable with lockdowns…say curfews for crime or general health lockdowns to stop flu etc…or only so many of you can play sport on a weekend so as not to overwhelm the NHS with injuries lol.

    The door has been opened and the government and others are keen to keep it that way so that they can control everything you do…to save the NHS, to save the planet, to stop crime, to stop ‘fake news’, to stop protests that they disagree with.

    Odd how a new variant is suddenly discovered and is found to be really dangerous[even though they admit not actually knowing anything about it] everytime the government needs an excuse to close down the country and assert control.

    There are thousands of variants out there spread all around the world…and yet suddenly one is picked out and hyped as very dangerous….we are all being played and conned just as with climate change….there are risks but those risks are being exaggerated and turned apocalyptic for political reasons.

    If only we had an impartial news broadcaster that could investigate and report on these issues and the real reasons the politicians are exploiting them. If only.


    • theisland says:

      Not that they need much encouragement.


      • Banania says:

        Any inquisitive journalist worth his salt would disregard such advice. What is the hold that the management has over journalists, cutting at the very root of their vocation, or that the government has over the management?


  37. pugnazious says:



    ‘Snowdonia communities ‘exploited’, says Gwynedd council’
    ‘Communities in Snowdonia have been left feeling “exploited” after one of the busiest tourist seasons in living memory, Gwynedd council has said.

    Gwynedd council said visitor numbers have been rising in recent years, but increased substantially this year because coronavirus restrictions meant fewer people taking holidays abroad.

    It believes parts of Snowdonia have joined major European destinations like Amsterdam, Barcelona and Venice in having more visitors than they can cope with.’

    Yeah but….these are people in desperate need of an invigorating break in the wilderness…they are, if you like, asylum seekers from the ratrace…and they bring untold economic benefits to the community as well as a welcome influx of diversity…so shut up and go away all you racist Welsh bigots….welcome the incomers with open arms and warmth….and best of all they go home at the end of the day unlike other people who come to exploit our country.


    • Banania says:

      I thought it was the “communities” that exploited the visitors, in the nicest possible way, which is why they want the visitors to come. Perhaps they would rather we all stayed away.


  38. brexiteerkent says:

    Not the BBC but fffXxxng woke Google.. Homepage today has christmas decorations on it but click on it and you get this woke garbage.

    ” Festive season is an informal name for the period leading up to and including the holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. … ”

    Yes I know google is a global brand but these are the UK pages. So christmas is being cancelled .. Or at least demoted .. A few more years and it will be gone..an item of forgotten history … even if the next Greek letter doesn’t get it, the woke brigade will.


    • theisland says:

      ‘Cancelling’ it every year on some pretext or another looks like a deliberate attack on Christianity and families.
      However, it will hopefully have the opposite effect to what they want.


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      LIberals are, by definition, not very bright. But it is still amusing that in the USA they promote the use of the phrase ‘Happy Holidays’. Holidays is simply a concatenation of ‘Holy Days’, so it thoughfully reminds us that the ‘Festive Season’ really is about religion and Christianity.

      The other examples that Google give are mainly modern inventions of the 20th Century. New Year has been widely celebrated in many places and times, but the emphasis in Russia is largely due to its promotion as a secular alternative to Christmas during the anti-religious campaigns of the Stalin era. Kwanzaa is a black American invention from 1960’s California, courtesy of a man called Ron Karenga. Hanukkah is a traditional minor Jewish religious holiday to mark the recovery of Jerusalem and re-dedication of the Second Temple, dating back to the 2nd century BC. It is only in the past 50 years or so that it has been explicitly promoted as a sort of Jewish alternative to Christmas, again in America and mainly by secular Jews, largely for the benefit of children.


  39. pugnazious says:

    Good to hear that the husband of Kurdish woman who died last week in the Channel is safe and sound at work back in Iraq.

    Isn’t it odd how many ‘asylum seekers’ return to their dangerous homeland when they find the streets aren’t always paved with gold in Europe? Guess all those claims about persecution and death threats were so much hokum.

    Remember little Alain Kurdi who drowned in the Med? His father then returned to Syria to work.

    Most ‘asylum seekers’ are economic migrants whatever the BBC tells us.


  40. Sluff says:

    Between England and France, a car and four people return fare should cost no more than £300. For that you get a fast train. OR a ferry with lots of amenities.

    So why would you spend £3000 single fare on a dinghy?
    And more to the point. Where did you get the money from?

    £3000 in UK money would be worth…what ? Shall we say £15,000 in certain, ahem, ‘developing’ countries.
    That’s a lot of dosh.
    Was it for example legally obtained?
    Or might it be the product of crime?

    Isn’t it amazing how many ‘vulnerable, traumatised’ young Muslim males are so rich !!!

    Yet mysteriously I can not recall a single occasion when the BBC has asked anything.
    Funny, that.


  41. JohnC says:

    Just mulling over the ‘Omicron’ reporting and it occurred to me that the BBC have two main tricks to lie without actually lying.

    The ‘lie by omission’ where they basically lead you to think a certain way by not telling you the bits which don’t fit the agenda.

    The ‘lie by association’ where they associate ‘A’ with ‘B’ at the start then tell you about ‘A’ with the intent you assume it applies to ‘B’ as well when it doesn’t.

    Any other tricks they use ?. It’s good to have them summarised to point out later when they do it again.


    • G says:


      Here’s a man (deceased) who would be very welcome in this day and age. Short video, well worth a look:


      • MarkyMark says:

        “Stupidity is a more dangerous enemy of the good than evil,” wrote Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German theologian. Penning this sentence ten years after the accession of Adolf Hitler to supreme power, these words reflected tough lessons soaked in blood. Bonhoeffer formed part of a small circle of resistance to the dictator in Germany, risking his life for an ideal.
        It was a dark time in his homeland. Total war had engulfed the world, and a totalitarian regime was controlling the country. Bonhoeffer pondered how this came to be. He thought about the nature of evil, but came to the conclusion it was not evil itself that was the most dangerous enemy of the good. Rather, it was stupidity.

        View at Medium.com


    • Banania says:

      Sonia Elijah worked for the BBC, then in advertising, and now as an independent investigative journalist. She says experience in advertising has been invaluable in teaching her how the Government and BBC work to manipulate us. Brilliant interview here: https://odysee.com/@JamesDelingpoleChannel:0/elijah:0


  42. pugnazious says:

    The BBC has spent a whole week attacking and mocking Boris for his CBI speech…bet you haven’t got a clue what he actually said and the message he was giving to the CBI though…the BBC weren’t actually interested in that. Instead they moved into the usual gear…‘Is this the end for Boris…has he lost it?’…the BBC is desperate to ‘cut through’ to the Public with their anti-Boris narrative. They actually spent more time on the Peppa Pig crisis than on Alec Baldwin shooting two crew members on the film set.

    Boris was mocked for his car engine sounds, for Peppa Pig references and for losing his place….hmmm….losing your place is easy to do, stuff happens to the best of us….how many autocue or script cockups do we get on the BBC? Lots.

    Listen to the speech and the engine sounds fit perfectly into the speech…the Peppa Pig story also fitted into the narrative of the speech about the brilliance of British innovation and business…the delivery wasn’t perfect but nothing wrong with the idea…better to pepper your speech with interesting and ‘out there’ points to keep the audience listening than a dry list of facts and figures.

    The speech was vintage Boris just not delivered with the usual slickness or rather Boris charm…we all have off days…and at the end of the day it was a nothing story whipped up into a ‘crisis’ by the BBC and its fellow travellers somewhere in government who will try to do the dirty on Boris. When Kuenssberg assures us an ‘inside source’ says this is the end for Boris you have to ask who is that source and what is their own agenda?…the BBC using anonymous and hostile sources is clearly not journalism but activism.

    Turning this very minor cockup into a significant political moment is laughable but it’s what the BBC does these days…a black propaganda unit/lobby group for the Labour Party….no coincidence both the BBC and Labour demand we vaccinate the world and not our own.


    • Fedup2 says:

      Whether Nut nut can deliver a speach or not – i wouid still rather have a serious conservative low tax PM than that buffoon .


  43. pugnazious says:

    And yet look at the BBC website and the frontpage is plastered with dire warnings and alarmism.


    • G says:


      She is surely racist? Where’s all the black scientists making that discovery? After all, Africa’s for the black African’s right?


    • Banania says:

      Something that we may not have noticed has been deadly all along? We are being treated like idiots.


  44. G says:

    If we had a press that was not predominantly biased toward Marxism, (i.e. a step away from total Communism), I suspect they’d swoop on this story:

    “Biden imposes travel bans he called Trump racist for imposing”



  45. pugnazious says:

    Culture Wars…you understand how this began….with the leftwing counter-culture movements from the 50’s and 60’s onward trying to trash the Establishment and the orthodoxy, moving into today’s marxists in academia and the media, naive NGO heads and spineless corporate bosses bowing to BLM terrorism.

    If you thought that then you’d be wrong…the culture wars were all started by the Right…by extremist Christian evangelists in America…says the BBC. Naturally the BBC targets these people as they are usually Trump supporters thus de facto Nazis.

    Odd the BBC hasn’t heard of the lefty counter-culture or the left-wing or the race-based terror groups that set out to change the culture using violence as a back-up to the long march through the institutions.

    Still if you have the power to rewrite history in a version that suits your own agenda why not eh?……

    ‘If you’ve ever yelled at someone on social media about, say, cancel culture or mask-wearing, then you are a soldier in the culture wars – those everyday battles for dominance between conflicting values. The acclaimed writer and podcaster Jon Ronson has seen friends swallowed up in them to the extent that it’s ruined their lives. Jon was curious to learn how things fell apart, and so he went back into the history of the culture wars to find some of the origin stories: the pebbles thrown in the pond, creating the ripples that led us to where we are today. ‘



  46. Guest Who says:

    Bbc pension contract small print is a bit more robust.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I do like watching Colin brazier letting fly


    • MarkyMark says:

      Was Sky News softer on Qatari affairs due to Qatar Airways’ sponsorship of Sky weather reports? An empirical analysis

      The analysis revealed that Sky News covered Qatari affairs at large in the most positive tone of all three networks examined and its specific coverage of Qatari terror-related affairs was also significantly more positive than the other networks’. Sky News’ output advanced Qatar’s desired image as an intermediary force in the Middle East much more than the other stations’. In contrast, Sky News was more critical than the other stations toward Qatar regarding the FIFA bribery allegations.


  47. pugnazious says:

    Classic BBC…take an issue…like identity politics and cancel culture…that the BBC has a very particular narrative on to push, wheel in someone whom they know is onboard with that narrative to ‘curate’ the programme…give it the appearance of being a debate and then of course give the ‘curator’ the final say as they wrap up and summarise with their own prejudices and biases shaping that ‘definitive’ surmisation….acknowledging other points of view but dismissing them as not credible, ethical or humane.

    The good Professor Abigail Williams is fully on-board with the decolonisation, white privilege, white supremacy BBC narrative.



  48. Fedup2 says:

    Jon Snow grants an audience to the BBC newpaper today . I wont be reading it but saw that he leaves C4 next month – hopefully just before C4 is privatised and C4 news flushed away . …

    Marr going ✅
    Boulton ✅
    More please✅


  49. TheRebelUK says:

    Neil Oliver commenting on the new Covid Strain. https://www.gbnews.uk/gb-views/neil-oliver-fear-has-blinded-people-to-the-reality-of-manipulation/166257
    Well worth a read, anyone that used to work for the BBC (like Oliver,) but rejected their ideology and now works for GB is someone that deserves a hearing.

    This new varient has come just at the right time, people were getting used to no restrictions on our lives so we needed reminding to be scared . Boris is useless and needs replacing just like the BBC


    • G says:


      The problem is, I think, this last 3/4 years has seen a massive growth in people rejecting ‘Our Leaders’ / figures of authority and what they advocate. They simply mistrust what they’re being fed. The BBC is a prime example of people finally walking away from “Our (own) Worlds Most Trusted Broadcaster” in increasing numbers. Good or bad, the public now turn to the internet for versions of any particular subject matter and, in many instances, ‘The News’ and they assess what’s wrong or right based on an evaluation of different perspectives.