Well, Question Time is back this evening and there is an interesting panel of pundits in the form of Yvette Cooper, George Osborne, Sarah Teather, Sir Stuart Rose and Ian Hislop for us to discuss. I imagine the boot will be put into Osborne so I trust he is well prepared. Hope you can join the liveblog at 10.35pm!


Hi folks! Been busy all day so just catching up. The QT Liveblog is happening tonight at the usual time, 10.35pm. The BBC panel consists of former BBC employee Ben Bradshaw, Theresa May, BBC favourite Charles Kennedy, Dr David Starkey and Dambisa Moyo. See you later.


David Dimbleby will be joined in Norwich by Geoff Hoon MP, Baroness Warsi, Baroness Williams, Clive James and George Galloway MP. I hope YOU will be joining this – the last QT of the season. With the verminious Galloway being given more publicity by the BBC, the omnipresent Shirl the Pearl, the gormless Hoon, there should be plenty for US to talk about. Make sure you come along…!


Co-conpirator over on The All Seeing Eye, G.OT. picked up on this little gem from last week’s Question Time. Have a look at the interplay between La Harperson and Dimblebore. Then please click here to read G.O.T’s take on this instance of BBC bias – well worth your time. The good thing is that there are more than enough of US spotting THEIR bias.


Just a reminder that tonight is Question Time night and we will be liveblogging it so please come over for the hour of good natured (!) debate!!!

“David Dimbleby will be joined in Sunderland on Thursday 18 June by Lord Falconer, Kenneth Clarke, Edward Davey, Polly Toynbee, and Esther Rantzen.”

Ester Rantzen – oh my god, what did we do to deserve this? Bet Clarke will be used to open Tory wounds on the EU….


Doesn’t time fly past! Tonight sees Question Time on our screens and what a nightmare panel it is. Hain the pain is on from Wales, Comrade Derek Simpson is on, smarmy Chris Huhne is on, as is drippy Conservative Caroline Spelman and erratic economist Ruth Lea. So, no-one from the solid right on tonight. So we need to provide a little balance. Be there or be square!


Sun is shining outside, a beautiful June evening here, and Question time on in a few hours time. Trust you may be able to come along as we catch up with the BBC’s idea of debate!


Well then, I believe Question Time in on tomorrow evening and given the political fever that is in the air it seems a shame to let it go. So I shall return to blog it live and hope you will all come along for the fun. The panel consists of Baroness Royall, Liam Fox, Paddy Ashdown, Sir Max Hastings and Fiona Phillips. Since it is now way past “Save Gordon” time, it will be interesting to see how the BBC handles this.