Did you see QT last night? Wasn’t it a delight to have a cross-dresser in the shape of Grayson Perry on the panel – perhaps the only man/woman in Britain who wants to pay “10%” more tax if we believe what he says? I presume this was a blow for gender equality in the minds of those who put together this show? QT is increasingly a freak-show and should be viewed on that basis. This kind of dross dumbs down political debate – maybe that is the intent? And wasn ‘t Mr Dimbleby gentle on the financial expenses -challenged Ms Yvette Cooper?


I look upon it as a weekly endurance test – a televisual marathon! I refer to watching the BBC’s Question Time. The panel was a bit more balanced than normal last night, with David Davis and Nigel Farage getting an appearance in. That said, Dimbleby was very aggressive with Davis, barely letting him finish a sentence. Also what was Jerry Springer doing on the panel? I also thought that Hillary Benn got away with blue murder but then again I suppose the BBC is so in awe of his father that this was to be expected. I see that next week we will have the pleasure of “Peep Show” star David Mitchell on the panel. Great news – another sneering leftie whose reactions can be predicted well in advance! Frankly, I would like to see Zippy from Rainbow or possibly one of the Teletubbies make a guest appearance since at least that way the BBC would be honest about the calculated dumbing down of political debate.


So, did you see last evening’s edition of Question Time? Universal Shami was on the panel again, naturally. In fact the panel was once again heavily weighted leftwards. Mr Bean look-a-like David Miliband was there is his position as heir apparent to Mr Broon (and didn’t he perform poorly?), Vince Cable was there to represent the uberLiberals, Douglas Hurd that soaking wet conservative was there, doe-eyed Shami- naturally and finally Peter Hitchens. Now I like Peter and he mostly on the side of the angels BUT he is an avid opponent of the Iraq war and so his constant carping on that issue fits in nicely with the BBC narrative. I don’t think the opening debate on Zimbabwe got more than a few minutes before some left wing moonbat in the audience chirped up that had their been oil in Zimbabwe then we would have invaded – to cheers from the assembled masses. The imagined wrongness of the Iraq war kept coming up in entirely unrelated questions. The only two good moments were when Hitchens pointed out that if the nation keeps voting for Labour then raised taxation is all it can expect – to the evident irritation of Mr Dimbleby and when a man in the audience rightly eviscerated the serial incompetence of the Labour government. It all finished with the predictable panel love-in for Obama – no bias there folks. I thought Shami was pathetic, Hurd was smug and forgetful, Miliband ill-informed, Cable irrelevant and only Hitchens had the guts to opine at least some uncomfortable issues. But a ratio of 4:1 seems the going rate on a BBC panel for left/right expression of opinion. It’s not balanced, it’s not reasonable and it’s a weekly disgrace.


. Can anyone explain why Dame Shirley Williams is so omnipresent on the BBC’s main political debating programmes? I note she has been on this week’s “Any Questions” and she was on “Question Time” but a few weeks ago. Have the Lib-Dem’s got no-one else to put up for these programmes? Personally I am sickened by the fawning reception that she is given by BBC hosts when she does appear and it makes me think that politically, the BBC and the far-leftism of the Lib-Dem’s are synched soul-mates, which may explain why Williams gets such disproportionate prominence.


Meant to ask you if by chance you saw “Question Time” last night? We had the predictable LOADING of the panel with Douglas Alexander (Left) Sarah Teather (Even more Left) Clare Short ( Very Left) Rod Liddle (Left but sensible on some things) and … yes, the sopping wet as a lettuce Conservative MP Theresa May. Isn’t it amazing how at some point in virtually every edition of QT some lunatic from the audience gets the chance to shout out about the wrongness of the Iraqi war and as in last nights case about the nasty American’s evil desire for oil that prompted the invasion? Where DO they get these identikit moonbats? Has there ever been a QT audience that was reflective of British society and if not, why not?

Some years ago, I was in the QT audience in Belfast, at that time I was representative of the 50% or so of unionists that opposed doing any deal with the IRA. Out of the 100 or so people in the audience, there were three others that shared my view. 97 supported the government driven Belfast Agreement agenda. In what WAY was that programme giving a balanced view of political opinion? Even if one considers that just under 30% of the people in NI voted against the deal, that audience should statistically have had around 29 other people who more or less took the line I put across. It didn’t and they don’t, do they? This is symptomatic of how editorial bias works and shows just how pernicious it is in creating faux impressions of what the British people think.


So, I settled down last evening to watch “Question Time” that flagship BBC programme for political debate. It was the usual uneven mix, with three leftists and two right of liberal panelists. We had the ubiquitous Lib-Dem Baroness Shirley Williams, a BBC favourite, who has now attained sainthood and whose every banal utterance is treated with due solemnity. Then there was Mr Bean look-a-like Labour Minister Ed Miliband. To balance we had David Davis from the Conservatives and Nigel Farage from the UKIP. I thought this provided a form of balance between right and left in terms of the political representatives but what is to be made of the sneering Marcus Brigstock, the alleged comedian, who made up the panel of five?

Naturally he was reflexively left wing but he quite clearly made an utter fool of himself when he declared that since he could not understand the Lisbon treaty, he felt the electorate was therefore not in a position to pass judgement on it via a referendum. It’s as if he did not understand the implication of his own words! Why does the BBC insist on stacking panels with this banal “Student Grant” type of left wing comedian? They add nothing to the quality of the debate and most of them just regurgitate whatever it is they have scanned in the opinion columns of the Guardian. Political debate should not be just for politicians, but the BBC’s odd idea that it must provide space for these clowns is equally unacceptable. I continue to think David Dimbleby an excellent chairman but this programme never achieves it full potential because it insists on being unbalanced in its guest list.


I couldn’t let last evening’s Question Time Scottish extravaganza go without comment! What a leftist love-in from the caledonian socialist republic with a panel groaning with those on the political left! Did you see it? Naturally George Galloway – that doyen of the communist-loving dhimmified left – was given a rapturous welcome and his every utterance throughout the programme was warmly applauded. His praise of Castro in particular was revolting – but his sentiments were generally echoed by the other panellists to varying degrees. Might Castro become the patron saint of the Scottish Parliament? Every cliche about Cuba’s “World class” health service was repeated with no one offering a dissenting view. The poisonous SNP member Nicola Sturgeon was given free rein to spew forth her strident socialism, meanwhile we had Labour’s Cathy Jamieson and the Lib-Dem’s Nicol Stephen to provide even more …erm…left wing balance.The mild mannered and somewhat wet lettuce conservative Annabel Goldie was there as the token Tory. This edition of the programme was one of the worst I have seen in a while – with the rabble in the audience cheering on that on the panel. Do you think the BBC recruit in their audiences for this programme from the local socialist workers collective – or maybe that would be too mild for them?


The BBC’s showcase political TV programme in Northern Ireland is called “Hearts and Minds” and it is broadcast on a Thursday night. As has been mentioned before here, I am on occasional contributor being the token right-winger and anti peace-processor. Last night it ran an item on the US election and both points of view were represented – Hillary and Obama’s!! Disgracefully, the programme could only find US students living in NI who were democrats, and so the entire discussion was about the Dem fortunes. The presenter, Noel Thompson, also approvingly quoted Dan Rather, in evident admiration. (Given Rather’s ignoble exit from his job, I would have thought it might be better to keep quiet about him) GOP candidate John McCain got one sentence. This is all part of the co-ordinated cheer-leading for the Democrats on behalf of the BBC and it without doubt unfair and unbalanced.

Meanwhile back in National BBC land, did you see the “Shami Chakrabarti show” aka Question Time? What a dismal spectacle this was – with a panel that was yet again loaded! We had the gormless Labour MP and Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Andy Burhham. (Left) We had the ubiquitous Shami Chakrabarti (Left), we had Lib-Dem Julia Goldsworthy (Left), we had Glaswegian entrepreneur (Left) and to balance, Chris Grayling, a Conservative MP and former BBC producer. The audience came from Liverpool (hard left). As ever, it was well chaired by Dimbleby – but the left wing view prevails on every issue. This programme is institutionally dysfunctional I’m afraid. The selection of panelists is bias incarnate. Can you imagine a QT programme where four of the five panelists were from a conservative background? Of course not – it would not happen. But having four out of five from a Leftist background seems so very reasonable, right?

Then to finish, Five Live – and the morning programme hosted by Nicky Campbell. I caught it just after 8am and it covered the Sharia Law news story by getting… the view of some Muslims on it. Anyone who tuned in would have heard some classic Islamic dissembling and some very meek and mild questioning from Nicky Campbell who was obviously reluctant to pursue exactly what the Muslim spokemen were claiming. Listening to the gentlemen from Peterborough mosque speak, why one would conclude Sharia law is a wise and kindly form of judgement. And naturally, he added that NO-ONE is suggesting that the criminal aspect of Sharia be implemented in the UK. Heaven forbid.

Just three snap shots of the BBC in 24 hours pumping out unbalanced opinion. And we pay a mandatory tax to facilitate this?


Did you watch last evening’s edition of the BBC’s “Question Time” programme? Wasn’t it a laugh? I mean IF you want to see BBC institutionalised bias in all its unfettered glory this is the must-see each week because it is always a challenge to work out whether it will be the panel or the audience which contains the greater number of foaming-at-the mouth lefties.

Last night, true to form, the panel was as unbalanced as ever. We had the Labour Minister and Conservative traitor Shaun “Where’s my butler” Woodward. (There’s nothing the BBC likes more than a Conservative defector) Then we had rabidly Europhile Conservative MP Ken Clarke, the man who seeks to increase the power of the State, who seeks to ensure the UK loses any vestigial national soveriegnty to the EU superstate, the man who fails to understand the war on Islamic terror. To add “more balance” we had comedian John Sessions who seems to have not yet outgrown his “Student Grant” set of leftist values. Then we had uberleftist Bonnie Greer, (a BIG contributor to BBC, natch!) who left me open-mouthed when she declared that whilst she did not seek to glamourise crime (Oh yes) nonetheless she was very unhappy about the way that New York had successfully tackled crime! Finally, we had the commentator Amanda Platell, who holds what I would define as mild conservative values. So, a panel of four leftists and one centre right conservative. Balanced The audience were the usual anti-war anti-US pro-Welfare rabble that so distinguishes this programme. There were a few sensible souls but they were outnumbered by the moonbat fraternity who seem drawn to Question Time like moths to a flame.

As for the content of the show, we suffered the BBC’s view of the US election being rammed down our throats. In essence the big debate is whether it will be Hillary or Obama. The panelists all focused on the Democrat side of things with scant attention on the Republican side. Even then, liberal Republican John McCain appears to be the only candidate for the GOP nomination IF one listened to the garbage being talked by the panellists. Mitt Romney did not merit any discussion at all. He is evidently persona non gratia with the Beeb. Comedian John Sessions expressed his loathing for Ronald Reagan, to audience approval. In essence, the BBC is once again rooting for a Democrat in the White House which is why even in a political debating programme like this, it’s all about one side, the side of which the BBC so approves .

I find David Dimbleby a likeable chap and have met him and feel he is a professional presenter to compare with the best of them. The problem however is that the BBC lacks the guts to allow a balanced panel. They permit the occassional right of liberal commentator like Melanie Philips or Peter Hitches to make the odd token appearance but then unbalance this with a gaggle of leftist opinion. Unlike the excellent political debating programmes on Fox News, the BBC will not balance a panel, instead it weights the panel outrageously. The audience is then brought in as a prop. It’s all a great pity since real debate would be more interesting. Do you share my view of Question Time?