OK, so coming up on tonight’s programmes, here are the questions that will be posed for discussion and YOU are the guest panelist as libertarianism finally breaks through and asserts itself!

1. The BBC is biased. Yes? In favour of right of left values. Really? Provide instances of this so we can lobby the State broadcaster!

2. Do you think the BBC coverage of the G20 Conference was fair and balanced? In what way could it have been improved?

3. Pakistan – is it the centre of the axis of Jihad and why does the BBC seem curiously disinterested from examining this?

4. Those of us old enough to recall how the BBC treated the Thatcher and Major administrations remember the relentless attacks from the BBC. By any standards, the Brown administration is a disaster and yet, and yet, the venom of attack is missing. Why?

5. Last question, Should we boycott TV for Easter? A Cleric (of sorts) in NI has savaged the lack of Christian programming and reckons the best thing to do is turn off the TV. Could YOU give the BBC up for Easter?

All this – coming your way – and fit birds, honest…..


Hi all! Just getting my feet back under the B-BBC table after being away for the past week and what I thought we could do is that given the fact that Question Time is off-air for another few weeks we could do our OWN Question Time. What are the questions you would like to discuss – in particular relation to the BBC’s coverage of current news? Make your suggestions below and I will prioritise and we can discuss tonight. All will be the same as normal except no Dimblebore and legions of lefties! That said, all are welcome!


Tomorrow night IS Question Time night and you are all cordially invited to come along for an hour of quality banter and a chance to chat with all your B-BBC’er’s! On the panel we have Fattie Charles Clarke, Fattie Eric Pickles, Loony Caroline Lucas, Creepy Ed Davey and Wacky Michael Winner! Make sure you tune in, turn up and have your say.




Just a few hours before this goes live, I do hope you can join us for an hour of topical dissection of the BBC’s leading political “debating” programme. Your suggestions for this evening’s question?


Just to say we will be live later this evening for our weekly indulgence of Question Time. Fern Britton??? (I would have preferred Holly Willoughby I have to say if we are going to have presenters posing as political pundits ) Vince Cable – a biased BBC favourite graces the screen as does Fattie Clarke. Douglas Murray should be good and we can all have a laugh at the wretched Tessa Jowell! BTW – did anyone else hear Harriet Har-person being interviewed on 5 Live at lunchtime. What a man-hating enterprise-loathing crone she is – and such an easy ride from her pals on 5 Live.


So, here are tonight’s boneless wonders for us to dissect! We have Postman Pat, Charles Moore, Susan Kramer, Baroness Warsi, “comedian” David Mitchell and Mr Dimblebore. Hope you will be able to join in the liveblog. I’ve been away all day so just back here at B-BBC and looking forward to our usual cracking debate, regardless of what the panelists come out with!


David Dimbleby, Douglas Alexander, Andrew Mitchell, Baroness Williams, Germaine Greer and Toby YoungI’ve been away so sorry about lack of posts from me! Anyway back in time for Question Time and what a soaraway sizzler it promises to be. We have Shirl the Pearl Williams, we have Germaine “Moonbat” Greer , then there is wee Dougie Alexander, Conservative Andrew Mitchell (Sounds a bit drippy to me) and Toby Jug Young. Might be a laugh watching them big up Prudence ever since he conquered the USA yesterday. Will anyoneoppose quantitative easing? So hope you will join me in a few hours time – prepare for battle!


Just a reminder that we’ll be live blogging Question Time tomorrow night! There is a welcome in the valley signature to the panel with that most honest of politicians Peter Hain, political editor of the Sun George Pascoe-Watson, Conservative shadow secretary of state for Wales Cheryl Gillan, leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats Kirsty Williams, and leader of the Plaid Cymru group in Westminster Elfyn Llwyd. We’re all Welsh now – or at least we will be tomorrow night. I bet the audience will be barking as well so it’s one for the connoisseur of sheer awfulness. You are cordially invited!!