Normal time tonight – just wanting to get organised in good time. Geoff shall we with us this evening, the panel seems interesting, so make sure you don’t miss our take on things late this evening!


Just to remind everyone that Question Time liveblog will be on tomorrow night at the USUAL time of 10.35PM. There are 25 places for those who want to comment at will (that’s the max coveritlive provides) so come EARLY if you want registered! The panel looks like a good laugh We have Dan Hannan (Hurray!) and Nigel Farage, the creature from the Green Lagoon Caroline Lucas, Minister for Fitness Caroline Flint, Liberal Jo Swinson and finally, former Dome head Pierre-Yves Gerbeau


The panel will include Health Minister Ben Bradshaw, Conservative shadow foreign secretary William Hague, Lib Dem chief economic spokesman Vince Cable, former independent MP Martin Bell, treasurer of UKIP Marta Andreasen, and columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. It kicks off at 9pm – much earlier than normal.


Come along and watch Margaret a Beckett booed!!! Roll up, roll up…will someone in the audience have some ROPE handy….??


Hope you will be able to come along this evening for fun and games as Question Time liveblog commences hereon Biased BBC. This is the panel of lovelies appearing tonight. We have NuLabour stunna Margaret A Beckett, Lib-Dem failed leader Sir Menzies Campbell. Conservative wet lettuce Theresa May (what shoes will she wear?) Benedict Brogan from the in-the-news Daily Telegraph (Bet they all attack him!) and Ronald McDonald aka Steve Easterbrook, CEO of the fast food chain in the UK. (Is he bringing the snacks?)


Hey – proper Conservative Nadine Dorries on tonight – Martin, are you ready? Mind you we will also have to endure the pompous little SNP fishwife Nicola Sturgeon (again) and wee Davey Steele, not to mention pseudo-Conservative Bruce Anderson. Should be a hoot!

Biased BBC Question Time Live

Not long to go until Biased BBC’s Question Time live and unleashed so hope you can come along for the trip. It’s been a bad week for Prudence so let’s see what the BBC serves up! Can they save him? The panel seems very left wing so we can expect some top commentary from the watching gang – make sure you are part of it!


Morning folks – hope you have all recovered from Mr Darling’s scintillating Budget yesterday. No doubt this will be the lead question on QuestionTime later tonight and we will be blogging it live! Yes, we are back and ready for some more lively debate, the wittier the better. The panel may prove interesting insofar as we have two communists, a gay historian, a living saint and a token mild conservative – the usual representative mix. Hope you can potter along and join in the fun later – I will be expecting you!