So tonight is the night when Biased BBC goes live with real-time coverage of Question Time. Have a look at the panel, and weep. Or laugh. We have the ludicrous Jim Knight, the appalling Lembit Opik, Mr Smug himself Will Self, Jungle Bunny Ester Rantzen, and conservative Nadine Dorres. 5:1, I think is the ratio, so it’s important that WE are all on air to offer a little balance! Hope you can join me at 10.30pm when the we shall go live, should be a fun experiment and I will be ready and waiting…..bear with me if there any technical problems, this is a first at my end as well!!



It’s Thursday night and for all you who take a perverse pleasure in watching the bias that is such a distinguishing feature of Question Time, let the fun begin. Tonight the programme comes from here in Northern Ireland – although I was not given an invite for some reason. The good news is that they do have an IRA gunman on the panel, so the scent of cordite should hang over the audience. With half-wits such as Arlene Foster and bumbling Ken Maginnis, along with Mark “Where’s my Party” Durkan, expect this one to even worse than normal.


It’s on – and lots of fun.Your comments? Thus far the concept of the free market is being beaten up on with Lib-Dem Chris Huhne and John Denham leading the charge. More sovietisation of the economy please and back to the early ’70’s. Usual moonbats in the audience -higher taxes all round and sod the “rich”. Nice to see that fat bloated traitor Ken Clark patronise Sarah Palin to tumultuous applause. I suppose it slipped his mind that another female politician from humble stock rose to a position as one of the greatest leaders of the Conservative Party. It was bash Palin night amongst the spawn on the panel – no mention of lyin’ Joe Biden.


Anyone watch the Student Grant produced edition of Question Time tonight? Was it just me or was the ethnicity mix of the audience seriously disproportionate to the UK population? Again. Maybe it was Grange Hill that provided the student numbers? I thought the student on the panel was mostly sensible but the left wing hectoring of the failed “Apprentice” women Saira “Bless Gordon” Khan was dreadful to behold. (Say “Oil” and you get a big cheer) IDS did well, wee Dougie Alexander was abysmal and the Lib-Dem was nice but dim. Wonder what you made of the wild cheers from the audience when it was pointed out how disgraceful it was that black people were seven times more likely to be stopped by the police than white people? I suppose pointing out that knife crime is endemic in certain black areas would be too obvious an answer? The good news is that this weekly horror show is now off our screens to the Autumn! Thank god for summertime!