David Dimbleby, Tony McNulty, Michael Heseltine, Sarah Teather, Piers Morgan and Tim CampbellQUESTION TIME ALERT.

It’s coming again tomorrow night! Yes, it’s going to be Question Time and what a troupe we have for you to consider! Tarzan – the man who stabbed Thatcher on the back – is on. A BBC favourite. Then there’s the forces sweetheart, Tony McNulty. Adding even more feminine charm there’s Glib-Dem lovely Sarah Teather. Next up is the demure Piers Morgan. Finally, there is “Apprentice” former winnerTim Campbell. Who says the BBC is dumbing down. Impossible. Anyway, hope you’ll be able to tune in and join in OUR conversation!


David Dimbleby, Liam Byrne, Justine Greening, Salma Yaqoob, Kelvin MacKenzie and Monty DonQUESTION TIME!

Just a little reminder that a week has flown by and tonight we face another episode of Question Time Live! Here’s the panel of charmers the BBC has lined up for our edification – Liam Byrne, Justine Greening, Salma Yaqoob, Kelvin MacKenzie and Monty Don. I’ll be here this evening and hope you will be able to join us – it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Coming here tomorrow night – it’s “Question Time” again

David Dimbleby, Geoff Hoon, Theresa May, Nigel Farage, Will Young and Shami Chakrabarti Coming here tomorrow night – it’s “Question Time” again, being blogged live and uncensored (Well, mostly uncensored) and YOU are invited to join in the fun and games. I attach an image of the panel and as you can see, UniveRsal Shami is back on again! Did she win some election I have somehow missed or is this an example of rampant BBC patronage for left wing shills? I’ll be here, with Geoff, tomorrow night prepared to do battle, make sure you can make it too!


Well, it’s Thursday night and for a bit of fun, it’s Question Time live, as promised last week! This week’s panel has Caroline Flint (Smug Left) Liam Fox (Centre Right) David Laws (Lib Dem – sandal-wearer) Sir Christopher Meyer (Dripping Wet, Left) and Janet Daly (Centre Right). A bit more balanced than usual but wait until the audience gets stuck in! It kicks off at 10.30ish and I will be back then to moderate. Hope you can make it – nice way to get ready for the weekend!


Hi David Dimbleby, Shaun Woodward, Chris Grayling, Baroness Tonge, Willie Walsh and Stephen Pollardall! I’ve been away all day and am being taken out tonight by my wife and kids to celebrate my birthday so I won’t be able to do the liveblogging thing on Question Time that we all seemed to enjoy back in December! I promise to get this going next week but I would suggest that tonight should be real leftist hate-fest, with Israel in particular in for a mauling. So, tune in and watch it if you dare, and leave your comments here! Tongue will be worth a watch but the I bet audience will be baying…!