Here’s Richard Bacon introducing one of his guests this afternoon:

“Doug Stanhope is here. Just a remarkable stand-up comic. If you haven’t seen him and want a flavour of what he’s like go to YouTube now and type “Doug Stanhope Sarah Palin” [laughs] and get back to me.”

Bacon could have recommended any Stanhope routine, but it was the Palin one he wanted his listeners to hear. Here’s the meat of it:

Sarah Palin is the most fucking horrible, horrible [sic] – on so many levels…

Sarah Palin is this woman – she’s the mother of five, two of whom are retarded. One of them has Down’s Syndrome and the other volunteered for Iraq. She’s got a baby with Down’s Syndrome for Christ’s sake. How do you expect America to get behind her when even God hates her…

…after that last fucking retard baby came out of her – did you see the size of the head on that thing? The alien skull on that fucking retard baby had to tear her apart. Can you imagine the carnage, the violence of that thing coming out of her. It’s like someone stood at the foot of her cunt and yelled “Hey Kool Aid!” They [sic] bursting through her. That baby had to do more damage to her undercarriage than the Viet Cong did to McCain’s entire upper torso. I believe that if she were in the White House when she tried to deliver that child the secret service would’ve had to shoot it in the soft spot as it was crowning to save her… I think the Democratic Party is really dropping the ball if they don’t hammer the big cunt retard baby issues for the rest of this campaign and just stay on point. Don’t get distracted with all the other nonsense. Stay on point. Bring everything back to big cunt retard baby. They shoulda done that in the vice presidential debates and Biden dropped the ball. Everything shoulda come back to – whatever red herring she tries to throw at you – “Well I broke up the old boy network when I was the governor of Alaska” ” I heard the only thing you broke up was that sorry cunt of yours when you fucking threw that spastic out of your tard launcher, that’s what I heard.” And the moderator would’ve said “You have two minutes to rebut the big cunt retard baby allegations” and she’ll throw some other nonsense – “How’s your campaign equipped to deal with that proverbial 3am phone call?” And he goes “I don’t know but we’re not going to have some fucking waterhead running around kicking the phone of the hook so it goes straight to voicemail with his tongue on the button. I know that! What’s up with that?” And then the moderator would chastise the crowd to hold their applause to the end and remain seated. “What’s your record on earmarks?” “What’s your record on spitting out fucking bulb-headed [laughs] – I heard your fucking snatch is so split open they had to put a tent zipper on your snatch so your guts don’t shoot out when you sneeze. That’s what I heard.”

The routine ends with Stanhope saying: “Fuck you, go blog about it.” Thanks, I am doing.

This hateful shit is amusing to Bacon because it’s about Palin. The fact that he felt comfortable recommending it to his listeners speaks volumes about the groupthink that pervades the BBC/media luvvy world he inhabits.

This recent retweet by Newsnight’s Gavin Esler reveals the same mindset:

If anybody thinks the BBC’s coverage of the 2012 presidential election will be impartial I’ve got something they might like to buy.

(I read somewhere that Richard Bacon’s wife is pregnant. I hope she has a safe pregnancy, an easy birth and a healthy child.)

BBC Admits Editorial Breach Over McWhirter (Eventually)

From the Telegraph: “BBC apology over suggestion that Norris McWhirter was a fascist” “David Baddiel and Alan Davies discussion about Norris McWhirter on Radio Five Live was in breach of the BBC’s editorial guidelines.”

Cranmer points out that when he and others complained to the BBC about the comments they were informed: “The Alan Davies Show is a live, light hearted, entertainment programme and in this context we are satisfied that no broadcasting guidelines were broken.” One can just imagine the conversation at the BBC: “Bunch of f***ing right-wingers – fob ’em off with any old crap.”

It was only following the intervention of MPs that the BBC looked into the matter further and admitted its guidelines had indeed been breached. Cranmer asks: “Will the BBC now be apologising to those of us whose complaints they summarily dismissed out of hand?” Don’t hold your breath, Your Grace.

(H/t George R)


The BBC’s Kevin Connolly has been doing a series of reports from Missouri this week for Radio Five Live Drive. Yesterday he spoke to Reed Chambers, a Tea Party activist in the city of Independence. In response to a series of quick-fire questions Chambers said that he wanted lower taxes, federal government to keep out of healthcare, less gun control, that he backed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (adding “any war should be prosecuted to the fullest effect of our military until the opponent is crushed”), and was personally against abortion. He said Obama was a horrific president (which Connolly misheard as “terrific”, much to his own amusement) with a leftist agenda. Peter Allen in London couldn’t believe what he was hearing, so alien to his mindset were these opinions: [Read More…]

“Listen Kevin, are you searching around the country and finding these people or just… are they…(laughing)… are you quite legitimately just bumping into them? (More laughter).”

When Connolly said that the views weren’t out of the ordinary, Allen responded:

“The Tea Party. I dunno – they’re a bit strong for our tastes.”

“our tastes”. The conventional wisdom of the BBC echo-chamber.

From the BBC’s new editorial guidelines, section 4 – Impartiality (News, Current Affairs and Factual Output):

4.4.12 News in whatever form must be treated with due impartiality, giving due weight to events, opinion and main strands of argument.  The approach and tone of news stories must always reflect our editorial values, including our commitment to impartiality.

4.4.19 We must challenge our own assumptions and experiences and also those which may be commonly held by parts of our audience.  BBC output should avoid reinforcing generalisations which lack relevant evidence, especially when applying them to specific circumstances.

The BBC is delivering 16,500 copies of its new guidelines to staff and freelancers. I can only assume that they’re printed on toilet paper, the easier for journalists like Peter Allen to wipe their backsides with them.

(Listen Again available for one week. Skip to approx 2 hr 27. H/t Martin & mphousehold in the comments.)


Rhod Sharp, regular host of Radio Five Live’s Up All Night, returned from holiday this week and on Wednesday morning received an update about recent events from Cash Peters:

Cash Peters: About three weeks ago I got into a little trouble with the very first stand-in we had, I got into a little trouble. We were talking about this RightNetwork, which is a conservative network, and I was going on about how I didn’t think it was very good – y’know it’s sponsored by Kelsey Grammer and he’s on it and I just didn’t like it very much. Well, I shouldn’t have said I didn’t like it because apparently I’m terribly biased for saying so [*]. Well then we breezed by that, I got over that crisis, then this week Kelsey Grammer writes to me and says…

Rhod Sharp: Oh, you’re kidding!

Cash Peters: Yeah – he’s following me on Twitter! I’ve now got Kel… I call it intimidation frankly, who knows what I’ll say about him next? But yes, Kelsey Grammer is following me on Twitter. It’s very exciting. I keep wanting to say something about him but then think nyah, better not. I better not say anything , it’ll only stoke the fire.

Rhod Sharp: That’s wonderful. Terrific. Terrific.

“Kelsey Grammer writes to me and says…”

Yeah, right. Try this – whoever runs Kelsey Grammer’s account decided to follow Cash Peters (probably as a consequence of Biased BBC) and Peters got the automatic “xxxx is following you on Twitter” email that everybody gets when someone follows them (such as nearly 10,000 other people have received from @Kelsey_Grammer) For the benefit of the BBC this became an ‘OMG Kelsey Grammer wrote to me personally!’ moment. And Rhod Sharp lapped it up. I’ve asked Peters about it on Twitter (yes, Twitter – like Stan with Facebook I’ve tried to avoid being sucked in but can resist no longer). I’ve had one somewhat evasive reply from him so far.

[*] “and I just didn’t like it very much. Well, I shouldn’t have said I didn’t like it because apparently I’m terribly biased for saying so”

Where might people have got that impression? This description of RightNetwork, perhaps?

“It’s all ‘Big business is more important than people, the rich shall not pay taxes, whatever makes a profit is far more important than people suffering.'”

Yes, nothing “terribly biased” about that at all.


Daily Politics reporter Giles Dilnot is the stand-in presenter on Radio Five Live’s Up All Night this week. On this morning’s show he and the show’s regular conservative-hating US TV reviewer (and New Age goofball) Cash Peters discussed the new right-leaning TV network backed by Kelsey Grammer. Here’s the sneering, mocking exchange in full:


Sweet irony – Cash Peters deriding a broadcaster for being one-sided when the BBC has provided him with a platform to spew his venom about conservative America for over ten years. A BBC correspondent who was as openly antagonistic to the American liberal left would have been dropped after one week. (Incidentally, are there any regular TV or film reviewers on R5L who aren’t lefties?)

Earlier in the show Dilnot asked USA Today’s Bill Nicholson about the success of Tea Party candidates in the latest round of primaries . “We should remain polite,” said the presenter, knowingly, before immediately pointing out that some see the movement as “down right fruit loop!” Clearly Dilnot has been watching the BBC’s coverage.

At least RIGHTNETWORK is open and honest about what it is.

UPDATE 21.15.

UPDATE 21.30. Don’t worry Cash, your star can only rise in the BBC firmament after this.


From a discussion about crime, punishment and rehabilitation on Kate Silverton’s Radio Five Live show this morning:

Laurence Lee (solicitor for Jon Venables): It goes back in my opinion to maybe the sixties, lack of parental discipline. I don’t want to sound too right-wing here…

Silverton: No, carry on because we all get accused of being too left-wing here so we like a bit of the other.

Yeah, a “bit” being the operative word. Apart from Lee, who felt the need to apologise for sounding right-wing, Silverton’s other guests were The Guardian’s chief political correspondent Nick Watt, leftie blogger Sunny Hundal and, for the second week running, leftie lawyer Philippe Sands. And people have the nerve to talk about left-wing bias. As Beeboidal says in the comments: “Kate take a look at your programme today and tell me if the accusers might just have a point.”

Silverton’s programme was followed by the first in a new series of 7 Day Sunday which, for once, did try “a bit of the other” by including in its guest line-up Toby Young of the Telegraph and Spectator. I only caught some of it but what I did hear was a definite improvement on the last time I listened.

Perhaps I should do one of these about a production meeting for Kate Silverton’s show.

"Lib Lab please"

Hello all, good to be back (not that any of you noticed I was gone, you feckers).

Do you recall that time of political limbo following the general election when the make-up of the next government was still undecided? We all had opinions

I mention this only because “maxiec” happens to be a producer on Radio 5 Live’s Breakfast show.

God forbid should anybody suggest that the BBC isn’t impartial.

Frank Spencer

The leaders’ debate opinions of Radio Five Live’s Interactive Editor Brett Spencer this evening (click on image to enlarge):

Clearly Mr Spencer fears no repercussions for his anti-Cameron opinions. After all, inside the BBC bubble he’s not saying anything contentious.

Update April 23, 11 am. He’s now removed the oh-so-witty remarks about Cameron’s forehead, as well as a tweet which said “Brown seems well ahead to me, and is now playing his joker” (Beeb Bias Craig quoted that one before its removal, and one person retweeted it). Spencer’s still angry that YouGov called it for Cameron – he’s banging on about it again this morning. I doubt the pollsters will be too concerned by the opinions of someone who thought Brown won the debate.

Update 2, 4pm. Brett Spencer has now removed all tweets relating to the leaders’ debate and the YouGov poll.

Update 3, 5.20pm. And now…