337 Responses to Start the Week Thread 16 March 2020

  1. Celtic_Mist says:



  2. Sluff says:

    With coronovirus causing mass cancellations of airflights and general travel plus creating a massive hit on economic activity………
    Why have the BBC not contacted St Greta, XR, or the Greens for their take on the matter?
    Surely they must be dancing in the streets, no?


    • Scroblene says:

      They must surely contact all vegan groups, as due to seasonable availability of home-grown food and absolutely no imports of avocados, tomatoes etc, they’ll all be in a very sick state soon.

      A diet of spuds and cabbage will have to be the norm for them I’m afraid, nothing from abroad is allowed!

      Tough really, but never mind.


  3. JamesArthur says:

    I have to admit I am struggling to watch any MSM at the moment..BBC had a great GP on who has just got over it and still in isolation..very sensible and said it like it is ..a few days felt bad and that’s it…no drama no whinging…did the BBC say well that’s good and paint a positive?..NO…
    and I like Piers Morgan but he is doing my head in..I cannot watch him. He is ranting and not listening…Thank god for Dr Hilary….so TV off I think for week at least…


    • NCBBC says:

      BBC news 1800 hrs, 16th March. Coronovirus mainline. However when it came to community action, all there was on the BBC were full burqa women going from door to door, handing out food items to Whites. There was also a full bearded Muslim man, doing the same, and organisation.

      No others apparently made the grade except Muslims. Church groups and Salvation Army, notorious bunch of haters, were missing. So too Hindus, Sikhs, and others.

      This is the BBC that we are funding against our will. To destroy the Christian basis of England, and replace it with Islam.

      And forget all that Jihadi bombings and shootings. Too forget the mass gang rapes of White girls.


  4. Nibor says:

    Let’s get one advantage out of this emergency .

    The government and governance of this country to work properly , for the benefit of the legal citizens of the country , not the stupid wooly minded ” Britain must lead the way …” then throwing all advantages to foreigners .

    Start by making definately clear to all bogus asylum seekers in Calais and elsewhere that they will not be allowed to live in Britain , that their boats will be turned round and put near the French shore then shot with holes so they can’t be used again .
    Any foreigner , including Irish travellers , that comit even the slightest offence will be deported .
    No alien can take part in political activity .

    The ridiculous nonsense of expanding the population to be reversed .
    Criminals to be treated as criminals and police to do policing , not social work and advisors on what security equipment to buy .
    Hate crimes abolished and true policing instead .


    • NCBBC says:

      The BBC should also show that everyone is doing their bit for the country, and not just their favoured group. This is the kind of broadcasts that do not help.


  5. Sluff says:

    Visiting India recently we drove past a brick works.
    It consisted of half a dozen people hand making three bricks at a time using a frame. Then turning out the casts into rows to dry in the sun, of which there was a lot (35c). Once air dry, the bricks are hand built into walls in an open kiln and wood is used for the firing.
    The staff were uninterested in global warming.
    And neither much is the rest of the country, with its 1.2 billion residents.

    Which shows up in stark relief the likes of Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thumberg for the anti-capitalist, hairshirt, disproportionate, middle class conscience, total nonsense that it is.


    • Scroblene says:

      Hand-made bricks are just fabulous and decent architects, i.e. all those born before the current lot of idiots with their concrete, steel-bound rubbish, used such bricks in amazing designs, blending the dark hues in the various bonds to create a beautiful picture.

      Clamp-manufacture was the norm in Great Britain back then, and it may well be worth importing some of their bricks when we’re all back to normal!

      (Forget the ‘rebellious’ little kids, they’re nobodies who will fade into the wind pretty soon, in fact. they’re on their way out as we speak, as the BBC seems to have other more important panic-broadcasting to deal with)!


  6. Fedup2 says:

    One of the few ‘pleasant ‘ side effects of the current panic is putting the loony climate fascists in their box – and the idea of the mentally affected kid being isolation for 2 weeks is to be welcomed …and if she turned out to be a ‘super infector ‘…well…
    There is a documentary on PBS at the moment about the rise and fall of Joe MacCarthy and his battle against perceived communist infiltration of the USA in the 1950s and reflected how similar the circumstances were –

    – the group think – the threat – the victims – and someone out of their depth .


  7. Fedup2 says:

    We should run a competition for the first question in the coming daily press conference on the Chinese bug ….

    My guess …. why haven’t these conferences been done before?
    ( it won’t be a constructive question )

    I hope some BBC droid show themselves and their organisation up by playing the blame game so that even more people see what the BBC has become .


    • Darcy3 says:

      My guess “is it the bloody chinese” cos they int black innit, they just immigrate to the UK and get on with life and do not infiltrate local and national government and the media with a homophobic anti semitic white hating raping murdering religion

      Apperently the bbc have an asian channel look forward to hearing from a quarter of the worlds population, many over here, NOPE just muzzies spouting their hate and grievences whilst claiming the benefits of this country


      • Darcy3 says:

        My question I suppose is, which is the nastiest virus

        Muslin Council of Britain:
        their latest. forget Manchester forget London bridge, forget all the attacks around the world on christians, forget all muslim rape gangs in every UK city,

        This is all they want to infest their members with:

        Christchurch terror attacks: one year on

        Today marks one year since the terror attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand.

        Commenting, Harun Khan, Secretary General of the MCB said:

        “Today, we stand together in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in New Zealand on the anniversary of the massacres at Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre in Christchurch.

        “This anniversary serves as a painful reminder of the atrocities that have been committed when Islamophobia, racism and intolerance are allowed to fester. Despite the tragic loss of life in Christchurch a year ago, Muslim communities are still plagued by the threat of the far-right, and society is still blighted by this toxic hate.

        “The powerful leadership shown by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has not only provided support for Muslims, but sets a strong example to world leaders everywhere of how to reject hate.

        “We pray to God to bless those who have lost their lives and their loved ones to all forms of hate, an


        • Rob in Cheshire says:

          Jacinda Ahern has certainly done her bit to disarm the New Zealand people, like a good little globalist.

          I wonder what she is scared of?


  8. Celtic_Mist says:

    Apparently, ISIS have advised their members to avoid Europe!



  9. G says:

    Over to Disney Land, London where Justin Webb acting Toady as leading Mickey Mouse asks the ex advisor to Saint ‘Back of the Queue’ Obama if, “is this the end of Trump” come next election. Oh Yes! the now Biden advisor states with glee.
    Apparently the POTUS’ handling of the Corona virus is severely lacking – and the public know this. In the light of some countries health services sustaining the extra Corona virus load with apparent ease, Trump could have emulated their approach yet he chose not to. Mickey sorry, Justin, could you not have asked which developed countries the Biden jack-ass was referring to?


    • Fedup2 says:

      President Trump gave a press conference in the White House On Saturday and criticised the Fed for not doing enough . Overnight they’ve cut the rate at last – he was criticised at the time for singling out the Chairman – but low and behold – the Fed has acted .
      I know it’s tedious bias but it highlights the anti Trump bias of the MSM . ( I’m really glad I’ve cut down a lot on MSM and no BBC ) .


    • NCBBC says:

      First, John Hopkins site has a good virus tracking map.


      The MSM in America is fatally infected with the anti-trump virus, ATV-2020. Anything Pres Trump does or not, is criticised to bring him down.

      The World Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic in June 2009. President Obama didn’t declare it a national emergency for four months, until October 2009.

      In contrast, the WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic on March 11. Two days later on March 13, President Trump declared it a national emergency. Two days versus four months. Yet if you watch cable news, it’s Trump who doesn’t know what he is doing and is dropping the ball. What a difference a president makes


      Criticising Obama would not just have been racist but blasphemy against the “chosen” one.


  10. Darcy3 says:

    The problem is, when we were being bombed every night (not the current muzzies ) people (British indigenous) got on with it and coped

    MSM today : Anyone who refuses to self-isolate could face a £1,000 fine or JAIL

    Note the word “could” note the headline : “Jail for refusing quarantine”

    they murdered Diana through hounding her and are having another feast

    They got away with that one through pointing the finger at everyone except themselves, it is self evident who is creating panic and distress, what a wonderful world we have with a free press with irresponsilble journalists


  11. G says:

    Anybody else just received a non-solicited email from Netflix about signing up? Seems to me that it is awfully convenient to present their services in the knowledge that it is highly likely that the Government will impose incarceration shortly. I wonder also, which database they accessed to establish my age/age group.


    • JamesArthur says:

      Ignore them – they are a phising scam. Apologies if you knew that


      • Fedup2 says:

        Just send me you bank account number , sort code – oh year – don’t forget the PIN number – it’s that 3 numbers on the back of the card … don’t worry about the Nigerian postal address ….


  12. Celtic_Mist says:

    Marr retweeted –


      • Celtic_Mist says:

        Def the CFR column is misleading eg –

        CFR for (70 – 79) = (274/13882) *100 = 1.9 % – [not 9.6 %]

        Dunno where they get the 9.6 ?


        • Sluff says:

          Not sure what CFR means Celtic, possibly Crude or Case Fatality Ratio, but my guess is the 9.6% is the mortality rate for those in the given age group.


          • BigBrotherCorporation says:

            This seems like more reliable data:


            My ‘take away’ from the (real) data is that age is only symptomatic of the real killer, e.g. ‘severe underlying medical conditions’.

            Scroll down and look, only 0.9% (less than 1 in a 100) of fatalities, of ALL ages, so far are believed to have NOT had a serious underlying condition, and to be honest maybe that 0.9% had an undetected/minor heart or respiratory condition?

            As you get older you’re likely to suffer from a variety of serious conditions (cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, cancer etc… ) that’s an unfortunate side effect of ageing. Therefore, older people are more likely to have at least one ‘serious underlying condition’ and are therefore more likely to die if they contract Corvid-19.

            What’s really important is what conditions you might be already suffering from, not your age. you could be 95 and in perfect health and be much less likely to die than someone of 35 with a severe condition already. The people who need ‘protecting’ from the virus are those who are already critically ill, not the elderly per se.

            It’s cruel (and it includes some much loved members of my own family), but the reality is that anyone struggling with: lung cancer, advanced heart disease etc… is over a hundred times more likely to die of this disease than one who doesn’t have those conditions, and this virus is just the last straw for their already overtaxed and struggling bodies.

            For the rest of us, either nothing noticeable, a headache, a fever, or a cold…


    • NCBBC says:

      Jordon Peterson advises to be wary of single variate analyisis. In this case age.


  13. Thoughtful says:

    Just as I and some friends had suggested Muslims are already growing restive over gatherings of 500+ and there is every indication they will refuse to comply with the law, and that the cowardly useless incompetent Tories will make illegal discriminatory exceptions for them.

    Discrimination is different treatment on the grounds of race religion, sexuality sex etc, and therefore any exception made for the RoP would break the law.

    Not that that will bother the elites, the law is there merely as a tool for them to control the rest of the population.


    • Darcy3 says:

      go for it all muslims congregate and do the world a favour, it will reduce the 90% of world conflicts you are responsible for and no more adverts about children being raped unless we give to a charity, or look after a child because daddy is spending all his money on guns and bombs


    • G says:

      Are you suggesting that any legal challenge, if taken to the Supreme Court would surely result in the usual 11:0 ratio in this case in favour of RoP gatherings >500? How can you………………


  14. Guest Who says:

    Bloody Classic FM sneaking Global Tripe at odd times now.

    Seems ‘the government is going to at last face the media for questioning’….

    So, Kay Burley or Nick Robbo going for immortality and awards you reckon?


  15. Darcy3 says:

    GW I have noticed that too RE classic FM as bad as radio 3 sticking so called jazz at odd times God help us if they go asian as the MSM only recognise one demographic as asian for some strange reason and they dont like music, but it never stops the racist bbc sticking a muzzie on their show despite the millions of chinese etc


    • Doublethinker says:

      There is no broadcast news service in this country that isn’t well to the left of the centre of British politics. Over the years this has the effect of steadily dragging the political centre leftward. I’m sure that there is a large consumer base for a news and current broadcaster which is to the right of the current centre ground. Unfortunately any station taking up that position will be relentlessly attacked by the rest of the MSM and also would probably not be granted a Government License. The internet is slowly being purged of any views which don’t conform to the liberal Globalist orthodoxy.The grip of the liberals and Globalists is strong and , as the problems encountered by President Trump in draining the swamp or by the resistance to Brexit , they can resist democratically elected governments for years .
      Things seem a bit brighter in Eastern Europe where democracy flourishes . The days may yet come when we huddle round a radio trying to listen to the English language version of Radio Free Europe broadcast from Warsaw or Budapest despite Jammimg by Brussels and London.


  16. Guest Who says:

    BBC selections.


  17. Englands Dreaming says:

    Did anyone see any Beeb reports on the Paris riots over the weekend? Apologies if this has already been commented on.


    • Guest Who says:


      The BBC has editorial integrity that means there is not always time or space for just everything.

      Also BBC…

      “My most awkward parenting moment was…”


    • Up2snuff says:

      TOADY Watch #1 – Be Kind to Politicians

      Martha Kearney, the Bee Lady, stated that “the first round of Elections in France have not been kind to President Macron”.


      So we are meant to be kind to our politicians? Does that include John McDonnell? He wallied and waffled and waffled and wallied his way through a brick-chucking-at-the-Government-session and a brave attempt to big up the leaderless Party of the Opposition. Who?

      Poor old dear – John McDonnell will be seventy in under two years time.


  18. Up2snuff says:

    A Hitchhikers Guide to the Pandemic – Rule #1 – Don’t Panic
    A Hitchhikers Guide to the Pandemic – Rule #2 – Don’t Just Stand There – There will be opportunities

    Struck by the panic in the voice of the Irish CEO of an airline, the thought occurred that said CEO needed to prepare staff to take seats out of passenger aircraft (they are easily removable) in order to carry freight in and out of countries.

    Whether it will be concocting a better Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in the spare dustbin behind the shed at the bottom of the garden or penning some poetry that will out-Vogon the Vogons in the Cyclical Poetry Competition held in turn at the centre of the Crab, Eagle and Orion nebulae, there will be opportunities.

    Checking on that elderly person down the street or getting to know your neighbours will not require interstellar travel.


  19. Darcy3 says:

    NOPE a bit like muslim rape gangs in every city they infest around the country, its called fake news by omission


  20. Fedup2 says:

    Not BBC
    There is a criminological theory that when there is a Big Event – crime comes down – there is no clear explanation – although some say – it’s because people are sat watching the TV rather than doing evil .
    Anyway – that theory is being tested now – with a teenager dead overnight in woolwich from a stabbing . Some traditions stick . Methinks the animals engaging in the kind of violence are so thick and self obsessed that they don’t know about the Chinese bug – or care …

    I’m waiting for the news of the first virus based scam…. but the Netflix one mentioned here might qualify …. be guarded


  21. Darcy3 says:

    A white jewish sex criminal who has assaulted an actress with her consent at the time … 6000 miles away headline news

    A white jewish millionare who killed himself after enjoying many females who loved being in the company of a millionaire ? 6000 miles away headline news

    but a 12 year old schoolgirl passed around “llke a piece of meat” by our immigrant friends … local news at best 12 different cities now ? 15 different cities now ? no demand for a national enquiry ? nothing from the racist bbc ?

    Well done bbc wurld klass gernalissse


  22. Darcy3 says:

    The BBC will only villify a sex criminal unless:

    1) he is Biill Clinton, rapist or his enabler wife who attacks the victims and calls them sluts

    2) he is a black rapper / grime whatever shite that is rapist

    3) he or rather THEY are muzzie gang rapists


  23. Sluff says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the government have broadly the right idea but are terrified because of the snowflake society we have become from revealing their hand.
    For example, from Celtic Mist’s post above, if a schoolchild has coronavirus, why not let him bring it into school?
    He/she gives it to all the other children and staff. The school closes for two weeks. When it re-opens everyone has immunity and life carries on totally unimpeded. Would this be worse than dickering about for weeks, possibly months, of hopeful but possibly ineffective prevention measures, with isolation, selective or periodic closures etc.
    Likewise mass gatherings of the predominantly young at pop concerts may be no bad thing.
    Surely preferable to months of uncertainty, closures, worry, trepidation, economic inactivity, mass lay-offs, redundancy, unemployment.
    Granted special provision may be essential for elderly and those immunocompromised, but for the majority two weeks of illness followed by enduring immunity sounds like a viable tactical option to me.


    • smoogie7 says:

      yes I have been thinking this as well.

      There are a lot of demands to ‘close everything down’ and I do think that certain non essential places should be limited. Do people really need to go to restaurants, to the cinema, swimming or the gym?

      Perhaps close these places first although doing that then having ‘a few weeks off’ does not look quite as good as it seems.

      I have overheard some people suggesting that ‘bars should stay open if people are careful’ and there is the problem. People are seeing it as a kind of joke. Stock up on toilet paper, take a selfie and then go to the pub afterwards and shrug it off and think ‘well I am young, I will be fine’

      The young ones will mostly be fine. We have a University student in my area who is recovering from it but no other known cases from the Uni. So far in my area there are only 4 known cases but the number is expected to rise since the weekend. Why? Well we had a few people pulling up and staying in hotels such as the hotel I work in thinking that it would be normal. These people could be a carrier and not be effected but could unintentionally harm someone else.

      Close down non essential places but places like offices, factories and schools are not high risk yet it seems to be these places where everyone is ‘off sick’ and then going out treating it as one big holiday.


  24. LastChanceSaloon says:

    2020-03-16 01:00

    “Islamic State: US military says RAF airstrikes may have killed civilians
    By Jonathan Beale
    Defence correspondent, BBC News”

    Naughty RAF kills ISIS members and AlBeeb dons its Islamic frock.
    Coevally pretending that the BBC concern is about civilian casualties.
    The BBC actually names two of the alleged civilian casualties.

    If only the BBC was as keen with names when the Koranavirus members in the UK practise their raping and murdering of genuine civilians.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      There are always civilian casualties in war. The difference between us and ISIS is that we try to avoid them.


  25. Up2snuff says:

    TOADY Watch #2 – Irresponsible MSM including the BBC?


    There are some really stupid things being done and said by the MSM, including the Beeb. On the TOADY programme this morning they have been asking if people will be fined for breaking Quarantine Laws. What Quarantine Laws? The Dire Express is symptomatic of this irresponsible speculation although photo alongside shows a wonderful brainless ‘snowflake’ response. The Grauniad is no better.

    If anything makes Snuffy want to self-isolate from the MSM under a duvet, then this is it.


    • smoogie7 says:

      I do not trust the Express and it is as bad as the lefty rags. Always misleading headlines of ‘Brexit shock’ or ‘Brexit warning’ and ‘betrayal’

      I think they got a lot of attention during the Theresa May era and then seemed to try and pit Johnson and Farage against each other which could have split the vote during the GE allowing Corbyn to win.

      It was then when I learnt that the Express is owned by the Mirror (which is the lowest of the low) and my guess is they are a left wing rag disguised as right wing. Their weather warnings are not much worth reading either.

      As for the Guardian I sometimes get it mixed up with the BBC. Everything seems to be the same, word for word almost…


      • Deborah says:

        Both Mr D and I get headlines on our opening google page. Mr D says ‘we are going to have 4ft of snow tomorrow.’ I say, ‘is it the Express?’. ‘Yes,’ he says. ‘Get out the summer clothes’. The Express forecast is always wrong.

        Meanwhile I have given up on the Daily Mail website. It has been winding up the U.K. population into a frenzy. However this mornings warnings of 4 months in quarantine hasn’t worked. The top comments were very anti DM.


  26. fakenewswatcher says:

    Look at the main photograph on the main article in the Telegraph. It may well be selective, but it certainly tells a story, when it comes to identifying the greedy and selfish who couldn’t care less about others. They’ll be first to complain and demand, should an occasion arise, as well, I guess. Also tells us why the ‘Blitz spirit’ no longer exists.
    Do I see a guilty look at that trolley load of loo paper of 48 rolls? 96 rolls? and dozens of bottles of long-last milk, or more?


    • smoogie7 says:




      • Jeff says:

        They’ll be looting them soon.
        When I lived in south London and there was any “civil unrest”…rioting… I was always amazed that certain members of the community (ahem) always seemed to express their political angst by battering their way into Currys and making off with a forty inch flat screen or a state of the art sound system.

        This time it’ll be bog rolls…


      • fakenewswatcher says:

        Thanks, Smoogie, that’s the one. Surprised The Telegraph had the courage to put it up…
        You can imagine the howls of outrage, it may well prompt, and the quarters from which those howls may come!


        • smoogie7 says:

          the same quarters where people have been signing a petition for Boris to push us straight into lockdown.

          The most votes coming from some of the few places that Labour held in the last GE in fact…


      • BRISSLES says:

        This picture sums up everything ! there is not a single white face.

        We have politicians telling us to ‘shop responsibly’ what a laugh ! Try telling that to the BAME community !! Sadly its in their psyche as a culture to grab grab grab without a thought for anyone else.

        There is talk of the wartime Blitz spirit, but there wasn’t too many of them around during that time, which makes you think what it would have been like, if there had been.

        Although stockpiling is rampant everywhere, it seems to be most prevalent in London. Funny that.


        • JamesArthur says:

          Yep – went into Cambridge on weekend – all shelves full no queues and no fights…nobody wants to look at the demographics do they really?


      • andyjsnape says:

        The irresponsible reporter the beeb, now has an heading of Coronavirus on their website!

        Yes we know its bad, 50% of the reporting does not need to be about the virus!


      • Despairada says:

        Is it difficult for supermarkets to ration? One packet per customer?
        Perhaps they are intending to sell them on eBay for £10 per roll!


    • Guest Who says:

      The Telegraph is turning into quite the entertaining source of ‘news’.

      Most of its twitter output seems to be about using masseurs to relieve sexual tension in fugly female execs and ladies who lunch.


      Telegraph Media Group has promoted Eilidh Hargreaves to luxury commissioning editor. Eilidh was previously luxury assistant at the Telegraph.

      Nice work if you can get it, but as things progress, a role as Bog Roll Editor on the Asda beat seems more likely.


    • gb123 says:

      The dumb thing about over buying long life milk is that is has a shelf life, usually 3-4 quoted months. I made the mistake once of not rotating the ones I had. After 1yr they were split with solids and lumps, just like curds and whey. I hope it happens to them in weeks.


      • BRISSLES says:

        gb123 try having a milkman ! I’ve had a delivery all my life, and no problems – ever. Most now also deliver groceries, which as an oldie is very useful.


        • Jeff says:

          That’a a brilliant idea, BRISS’.
          I’ve been trying to do my weekly shop this morning.
          Just what happens to “normal people” when there’s a shortage?
          Talk about aggressive…
          I’m lucky to still be in one piece.


        • Scroblene says:

          “gb123 try having a milkman ! I’ve had a delivery all my life, and no problems – ever”.


          Wash your mouth out with soap!



      • Monty says:

        And once open use within 3 days


      • LastChanceSaloon says:

        Solution #1 Marvel or equivalent.
        Solution #2 Evaporated or condensed milk in tins.


        • Jeff says:

          Another excellent idea. I remember my mum had tins of Marvel when I was a nipper and I’ve used it when I went on longish trips on my boat and fresh milk would have gone off.
          Nothing is as good as fresh milk, but this is a sensible alternative.

          Blimey, this site’s turning into Housewives’ Choice…


  27. G.W.F. says:



  28. andyjsnape says:

    The irresponsible reporter the beeb, now has an heading of Coronavirus on their website!

    Yes we know its bad, 50% of the reporting does not need to be about the virus!


  29. Tabs says:


    Article starts with “A Japanese man…”. Shouldn’t that be “An Asian man…”?


  30. G.W.F. says:

    The coronavirus issue has put an end to the war in Syria. I guess the Russians and Syrians have decided not to bomb any more children. We never hear anything from Aleppo. Or were they reporting from studios in Manchester using child actors, with wimmin reporters stating in sombre voices the The-children- are- being–bombed.


  31. G.W.F. says:

    The coronavirus issue has put an end to the war in Syria. I guess the Russians and Syrians have decided not to bomb any more children. We never hear anything from Aleppo. Or were they reporting from studios in Manchester using child actors, with wimmin reporters stating in sombre voices the The-children- are- being–bombed.


  32. Sluff says:

    The coronavirus issue has one major advantage.
    There is very little room left in the left wing libtard media such as the BBC for issues and their favourite stories. Whole hours can go by with little or no references to gay, transgender, snowflake, equality, diversity, all manor of minorities, or alleged racist issues.
    They will of course be back on their favourite hobby horses soon but in the meantime…..enjoy!


  33. Despairada says:

    Is it difficult for supermarkets to ration? One packet per customer?

    Perhaps they are intending to sell them on eBay for £10 per roll!


  34. Guest Who says:

    OT but close enough…


  35. Peter Grimes says:

    Al Beeb’s daily Leftoid grievance programme ‘You and Yours’ today had a 1st class history graduate bemoaning the cost of living/rent particularly in London and the need for further experience or post-grad qualifications to get a job. She said, iirc, that she nearly got a job but they needed experience, which as a new graduate she didn’t have. How you can ‘nearly’ get a job when you are told you don’t have the requisite qualifications is beyond me. We weren’t told at which eminent yoonee she worked hard to get her, much deserved I’m sure, 1st.


  36. Peter Grimes says:

    SK(ar)Y News no better. This morning it was a ‘senior’ doctor, a cardiologist no less who posts as ‘juniordoctor’, spouting on about Covid-19 and what the Government should be doing. A quick look-up and the only Faceache comment of his I was allowed to see was his diatribe against the Sun which offered him £100 for his views on the problems of Labour’s NHS proposals at last year’s GE. Couldn’t work out if it was principle or low pay which prompted his outburst but I bet if Al Beeb or the Grauniad had asked for his comments on the wikkid Fascist Tories demolition/sale of the NHS he would have done it for free!


    • Guest Who says:

      Sky yesterday had an ‘NHS’ doctor screaming blue murder (literally), whilst neglecting to mention the dusky beauty was a Labour activist.


  37. Up2snuff says:


    This is quite revealing. Notice the ‘skills’ employed.


  38. Up2snuff says:

    TWatO Watch #1 and only

    I thought things couldn’t get much worse after Montacutie repeating a statement from Government that ‘they will take prompt action’ and Sarah asked “What does that mean?” But they did. Faisal Islam the Economics Editor has actually turned up to do some work at the BBC but he just added more snowflakiness to the whole thing.

    Off switch hit.

    I despair.


  39. NISA says:

    The BBC do listen after all!
    “The BBC is to delay TV licence fee changes for the over-75s until August in light of the coronavirus situation.

    Free TV licences for up to 3.7 million people had been due to be scrapped on 1 June, but that has been put back to 1 August.”

    Looks like they are temporarily deferring what would have been their greatest PR fiasco in their 100 years


    • richard D says:

      The BBC has an almost never-ending troop of interviewees on the Today programme – each one of whom thinks the governmnet got their budget wrong -and that they need to not be spending just £12 billion on the economy during this pandemic, but need to be spending (i.e. giving) millions upon millions in each of their specific areas, perhaps adding up to trillions I heard someone mention this morning- the tourism sector, the airline sector, the community care sector, the small business sector, the major business sector, the hospitality sector, the farming sector – never forgetting Uncle Tom Cobley and all.

      Tell you what, I can almost solve this problem at a stroke – there’s a certain public service sector organisation that gets around £4 billion a year which could be cut right down to basics, saving us more than £3 billion a year, redistributing wealth across the spectrum by cancelling the licence fee, and hardly anyone with any sense would bat an eyelid at its trimming.


  40. JamesArthur says:

    Been driving not listening to radio – made mistake of hearing end of R4 TWATO..and what follows immediately – another story about refugees….Does the BBC have a whole library of these stories to wheel out ?
    Is there nothing else to talk about? Something of relevance to the vast bulk of their dwindling band of listeners?


  41. StewGreen says:

    BBC has pushed back the end of free OAP licence from the Start of June
    to the Start of August


  42. StewGreen says:

    Vine show ..who does have on as a Corona virus HERO ?
    The Glasgow Muslim shopkeeper who’s been handing out sanitiser to the needy

    Vine : “when I saw you in the paper I had to call you up
    how’d it happen ?”
    Asiyah Javed “Yes back in February, we knew there would be a shortage so we bought a stock
    .. now we are handing them out
    ..we spent about £4K
    ..and some people are sending us money”
    Vine of course didn’t ask the obvious question , of wasn’t her stockpiling causing a shortage ?

    Vine seemed to mispronounce her name and say that she was in Glasgow ..she is in Falkirk
    name As-ii-yah : In Islamic teaching she is the Pharaoh’s wife who found Moses in the basket


  43. LynetteO says:

    A relevent extract below from article by Douglas MacKinnon, a political and communications consultant, and former special assistant for policy and communications at the Pentagon in the the Bush administration.


    Some in the news industry have played a large role in destabilizing our world. The industry now needs to come together as one to undo some of the damage inflicted by some in their business.


    Simply by reporting the positive aspects of the current pandemic. Stories that speak of the tens of thousands who have already recovered, such as the infected passengers on two cruise ships who survived the infection and are now back home. Stories explaining that this virus will run its course and that, as deadly or as infectious or as fast-moving as this coronavirus may be, it still pales in comparison to the yearly deaths around the world from flu.

    They don’t need to downplay or dismiss the dangers and the legitimate concerns, or ignore the disruptions occurring all around us as a result of this pandemic. They simply need to provide some balance.

    Positive stories such as these would go a long way toward calming people and stopping the panic.

    The “adults in the room” who work for the media need to step up immediately to calm those troubled waters by speaking as one and emphasizing not just the frightening but also the positive and the hopeful aspects of this crisis.


    • Fedup2 says:

      I agree – the Chinese bug has got great publicity courtesy of the MSM literally pumping out doom and gloom end of the world stuff .

      In the flu cycle in the winter lots of people die – but the world has gone on . The mortality rate seems to be around 4% but hitting those over 60 with pre existing conditions .

      But the markets are truly spooked and I’m about to start buying shares – recognising the bottom is a traditional art.
      If this flu was one where the affected person is more likely to die than recover the panic would be right but unless the character of the virus mutates a bad dose of flu does not warrant the closure of the economy.

      I bet a lot of people who live on their own and have little contact with other people on a regular basis will be bemused by the drive for ‘ social isolation ‘ .
      I bet daytime TV won’t get any better – homes under the hammer , living overseas where it’s warm , countdown with that tart who wants free speech stopped , Vicky Derbyshire shedding tears every 5 minutes ( I’m guessing all this as I don’t watch Daytime live TV )

      For any one reading ( at 1646 Monday ) the PM is due to do a press conference – get ready for the proper – full on BBC slagging – morning noon and night ….


  44. Up2snuff says:

    Bad attack of snowflitis afflicts GP Surgeries across the land.



  45. Scroblene says:

    R5Dead had a phone-in with an American Epidemiologist from Harvard the other night, (why they couldn’t ask a British scientist is beyond me), but the first caller immediately blamed ‘Tories austerity’ for the failure of the NHS to cope with the outbreaks of Covid 19. She came from Camden, and her name apparently was Caroline.

    I thought the beeb had all callers on 10 second delay, to stop morons asking stupid questions, but there again, why did they have a Yank as the ‘expert’ and not a Brit , who actually understands our way of life?

    As it turned out, her queries weren’t really answered, being somewhat confused and pretty stupid, and I suspect her stooginess was sussed pretty quickly, but if we’re having to pay the TV tax for ‘advice’ from other nations, it’s an insult to all the hard-working NHS staff and home-grown scientists we have here!


  46. Monty says:

    I agree, Daily Express headline
    Spanish football coach aged 21 dies from coronavirus.
    Further down the article he had leukaemia an underlying condition.
    Shock headline job done


  47. Guest Who says:

    Lurch is happy.


  48. Guest Who says:

    For no reason I can explain, my browser has started serving up page suggestions, and this was the one today, from… 2011.

    I decided to read it, and thought it worth the trip down memory lane.