Jeremy Bowen sets out to hammer home what the BBC has, for the last sixty years, been persuading us to believe. First he demonstrates that Jewish settlers are deluded fanatics who believe that the
occupiedterritoriesillegalunderinternationallaw have been given to them by God.

Then he spends considerable effort conveying that Palestinians are peace loving victims whose land (Muslim land) has been stolen by religious European and American Jews who habitually spew sewage over it. Olive trees, (lush) are introduced to convey pathos and wrest more sympathy from the listener, who will not be aware that Mahmoud Abbas the so-called moderate partner for peace said recently “I will never allow a single Israeli to live on Palestinian land.”
The BBC sets out to show that the negotiations have been scuppered solely by Israel’s refusal to extend the moratorium on building within Jewish settlements. The BBC deliberately gives the impression that this involves extending Jewish territory and contracting future Palestinian territory, when the truth tells quite a different story.

The anomaly regarding the religious connection to the area, (apparently ridiculous when expressed by Jews, but acceptable and incontrovertible when applied to Muslims) doesn’t seem to have struck the BBC.
Bowen portrays the Palestinians as if they were a genteel team from an English village protest group in a tussle with some fanatical Jewish zealots, armed to the teeth and bristling with aggression, over a bit of stolen property, when the reality is nearly the reverse of that. Their David is really Goliath, and their Goliath is radical Islam.

The BBC doesn’t want us to think of Israel as a liberal westernised democracy whose struggle for survival is seriously threatened by followers of Islam with its attendant duplicity and inherent antisemitism; not to mention being surrounded and outnumbered by the enemy and vilified by the BBC and therefore the rest of the world.

BBC Eases Blockade on Balance

At the beginning of the year Jane Corbin made an appalling Panorama about Jerusalem called “A Walk in the Park” which was full of malicious innuendo.
However this time she must have done something right, because this one about the Mavi Marmara incident has antagonised Ken O’Keefe and at least one other Israel-hating blogger. They are convinced that the ‘pro Israel BBC is at it again’. You’d laugh, if it wasn’t so sad.

It was gratifying that this Panorama took Israeli testimony seriously at last, bearing in mind that as far as the BBC’s concerned we’ve been conditioned to be grateful for small mercies.
Jane Corbin’s whole programme lacked context, so you knew that despite being presented with an exceptionally generous airing of the Israeli perspective, most viewers would still be thinking uneasily about the ‘’humanitarian crisis in Gaza, the ‘illegal blockade’ and ‘the Israeli attack occurring in International Waters’.

Panorama could have been more forthcoming about the IHH, and about Ken O’Keefe’s dubious record. They could have said something about the reason for the blockade, and about Hamas’s genocidal ambitions.
But I realise that one programme can’t tackle everything, and learning that there was a pre-planned strategy of violent resistance from the activists, and that the ‘aid’ was symbolic rather than useful might have set some people thinking.

The programme would have been livelier if they’d taken a little look at the media’s response, notably the BBC’s instant reflexive condemnation of Israel. In view of all the emerging evidence, a hindsight examination of the rush to pass judgement would have made compelling viewing.

There was very little in the programme that wasn’t already in the public domain, should anyone have taken the trouble to find out, despite Jeremy Vine’s hyperbole about revelations.

Honest Reporting has linked to the Panorama message board. I haven’t looked at it since this morning, when many comments said it was outrageously biased in favour of the evil Zionist entity. They know it’s evil because the BBC has told them so.

You’ve Been Framed

Aren’t videos brilliant!
They get all sorts of people into hot water, proving that they’ve told a porky pie.
There’s film of the BNP saying things they wish they hadn’t, and politicians too numerous to mention being incontinent with their agendas. Everyone in the public eye is continually being filmed or caught on camera.
There’ s a big downside too. Take Hezbollywood, or the Pallywood industry, fakers of atrocities by trade, whose purpose is to make Israel look even worse than they made it look previously.
But on the other hand, the videos that showed beatings being carried out with great gusto on the Mavi Marmara might turn out to be quite handy if they’re admissible as evidence.
Awkward too is the video that shows the Arab Israeli Knesset member Hanin Zuabi doing what she swore she didn’t, namely witnessing certain preparations she pretended she hadn’t, and almost willing another martyrdom; someone else’s, not her own.
But the BBC’s favourite spokesperson for righteousness, charitable good works, helping the Palestinians, and making Israel look even worse than he made it look previously has also been caught out being economical with the actuality.

Christopher Gunness always says UNWRA schools and childrens’ camps are non political. But he’s a liar. Hoist by his own self promotion.

Boothing the Ratings

We may not like it, but we have to accept that the BBC regularly employs controversial characters, the flakier the better, to boost the ratings.
The risk they’ll say or do something outrageous live on air adds a certain frisson. Will Self and Tracey Emin are popular for that, and Frankie Boyle. So is George Galloway. A number of viewers surely tune in to Question Time when he’s on the panel hoping for some excitement. Think how disappointed we all are when Gorgeous temporarily impersonates mister sensible, surreptitiously reverting back to bonkers as the final credits roll.

One person who gets to be on the BBC a lot is Lauren Booth. Being Tony Blair’s bête noire is probably one reason, and sharing the Scouse Git as a parent with half sister Cherie is another.
These credentials have procured for her many an opportunity to be mad as a hatter on air. She’s been on Question Time, Women’s Hour and Today, where she is inexplicably referred to as a journalist.

She has done some notable things in her own right. One of them is inciting people to attack Israel, another is training her children to perform Palestinian propaganda in rap form and uploading the embarrassing production onto YouTube, and the most notable of all is the ruthless exploitation of her family in a series of second rate misery memoir revelations in the Daily Mail.

My terrible childhood; My mother doesn’t like me; I had a row with my husband and now he’s in a coma; I dumped my husband on Facebook; My husband is an alcoholic; and the latest: My French dream is over.

She is also known for being photographed with Ismail Haniyeh, shopping in Gaza, and addressing rallies against Jews.

Don’t forget, we pay.

Now for something completely similar. Moving on from attention-seeking bigots we see too much of on the BBC, to an article expressing the kind of sanity we see far too little of, or not at all, on our state broadcaster.

“A Hamas that cares not to fill the bellies of those starving in Gaza is also the same agency spending millions of dollars on televised indoctrination designed to manipulate young, plastic minds. See for yourself: go to Palestinian Media Watch. Children, in the prime ages of 5-7 are critically vulnerable to developing attachment figure-like relationships to God. At precisely these ages, they are bombarded with “Hamas Box Office” productions: aspirational propaganda extolling the virtues of suicide bombing as vengeance. Through his work at Palestinian Media Watch, Itamar Marcus has revealed just how institutionalized terror has become in the territories. Work by Dr. Pehr Granqvist and colleagues at the University of Stockholm in Sweden has shown it is precisely at this time and stage of child development at which belief systems are most influenced, and concrete immutable beliefs can be established. Useful, therefore to introduce young minds to the concepts of self-destruction which are quickly embedded, and absorbed and nurtured. Who is decrying the morality of this manipulation? Who is the war criminal now?”

From a must-read article by Qanta Ahmed MD
Must-read is addressed to everybody including Ms. Booth and the BBC.
H/T Elder of Ziyon; CiFWatch.


Interesting choice of BBC language here.

Munich 1972..Israelideaths ‘masterminded’ in an “audacious” Palestinian attack…which “killed” 2Israelis….9 others “died” in a botched german police rescueattempt.

Not machine gunned and grenaded to death then?

BBC weekend staff even more appalling than the usual crew. It’s almost as if they admired the Palestinian savagery on display in 1972, and every year since.

They Say We’ll Have Some Fun if …….

A B-BBC reader wonders why we’ve missed an important part of the story about Summer Camps in Gaza.

I quipped about Mr. Naughtie’s unproductive chat with Jon Donnison and his cosy tête-à-tête with John Ging on the subject of Hamas torching the UN kids summer camp in Gaza. But I did note later that others had tackled the issue more broadly.

I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not a journalist at all, but I have got broadband, and I like to find things out. So the aspect that everyone seems to have overlooked, and the thing that was troubling the aforementioned reader is a kind of elephant that should have been in our room.

It’s the indoctrination that goes on in these camps. We all know that Hamas instils hatred in Palestinian children. The BBC knows it. Jane Corbin, who has a soft spot for Hamas, knows it; she even acknowledges it in writing.

Allegedly, this is the primary purpose of Hamas’s summer camps, and must be one of the reasons they want their camps, and their camps only, to be camp of choice for its young recruits to Shaheed. So, to make certain, they eliminate the competition. Good move.

There are many many articles on the internet detailing this brainwashing programme, so the BBC, with its generously remunerated journalists, whose soon to be revealed salaries will undoubtedly reassure us of their worthiness, must be well aware of the situation. Apart from James Naughtie. Oh, and Jon Donnison.

But there’s another thing. It’s a widely held assumption that the UN and the UNWRA schools are genuine summer camps. Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda, Here I am at Camp Granada. Guys are swimming, guys are sailing,…..

But it seems not. It is said that the UNWRA camps are pretty bad too. That would explain John Ging’s contortion-like reluctance to criticise Hamas.

Take me home, Oh Mudda Fadda, Take me home…..


I was reading this BBC report on the news that Israel has stopped a Palestinian terrorist attack, this time at sea, as four Palestinian humanitarians wearing diving suits met a watery death. In the first sentence the BBC tell us that Israel has killed four Palestinians. 8 paragraphs later the BBC informs us that “The al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, a militant group linked to Fatah, has reported that four of its men were killed and a fifth is missing.” So, Israel kills terrorists might be a more accurate heading. Given Al-Aqsa’s long track record of cruel and vicious terrorism, calling them “militants” seems as preposterous as calling the Islamic thugs on the Marmara “peace activists.” Given that the BBC portray Al Fatah as the more benevolent side of Palestinians, and given that this was THEIR terror group in action, I’m surprised the BBC has so few questions to ask about it. We know Hamas are sanitised by the BBC, and now so are Fatah.

Speak no Evil

More and more websites include references to the BBC and its bias.
People not only recognise it, but take it as read. They’re acclimatised to it.

The BBC carries on regardless, and so do the politicians.

All three parties have morphed together to form an ostrich like coalition of the three wise monkeys apropos the Middle East, and together with the BBC they reinforce one another, reporting and influencing each other in turn in an impervious perpetual continuum. Creating an alternative reality; all the better to lull us with, reassure us with, and govern us with, my dear. h/t red-riding hood.

Andrew Marr, for example, whose programme I rarely watch, presented us with two examples, which Melanie Phillips has written about today.

The first example was the newspaper review with David Remnick of the New Yorker. I switched on towards the end, in time to catch him saying that the fundamental problem in Gaza was the blockade. Melanie thought he said it was the occupation, but I think he said the blockade. Never mind. If he did say the occupation, of course he was mistaken, as the occupation of Gaza has been over for some time. If he said the blockade, he was equally wrong, because of course the fundamental problem is not the blockade. The fundamental problem is obviously the refusal of Hamas to recognise Israel, renounce violence etc. etc…….or even more fundamental, the inherent Jew hatred in Islam that drives the whole shebang.

The second example was David Miliband’s blind and deaf but unfortunately not dumb assessment – ‘Israel’s series of deadly and self-defeating actions’ – of the flotilla disaster in which several Shahid-bent activists achieved martyrdom – – and the exaggeration of the nature of the crisis in Gaza, and the distortion of the root cause of it.

Because we’ve all seen the videos, and we know that they know – they surely must know – they can only be enacting a charade, just for us.

But now I’ve seen this, and read Douglas Murray’s article last week, everything falls into place.

It reminds me of when I joined this blog. There was a heated discussion with the commenter from the BBC who called himself John Reith. When we tried to explain about global jihad and the BBC’s bias against Israel and its sanitising of Islam, he finally blurted out ‘You’re not helping!” So. They know alright. Just that they’re not telling.


A Biased BBC reader writes..

” A protest is due to be held in Belfast against theIsraeli seizure of an Irish aid ship trying to break the blockade of the GazaStrip.The protest is due to begin at the City Hall at 1600 BST

 Thanks to the BBC for the tip off.”


It was inevitable that I’d have to return to this story for the third time, now that things have come to the boil in such an unfortunate manner.

It is always difficult for defenders of Israel to make their case in an atmosphere of such overpowering hostility. When Israel’s actions appear disproportionate, unreasonable or excessive, both to the casual listener or viewer and the downright antisemite, everything reaches a horrible crescendo.
In this case Mark Regev has another monumental task. He faces disrespect, discourtesy and ignorance. Indignant, disbelieving hostile questioning and from BBC News 24, a kind of interrogation with underlying insinuation and cynicism.

On Today, an unusual interview with heroic apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali preceded the report about the flotilla. Her comments about Islam were apposite. Yet no-one on the Today programme was honest enough to make the connection.

The media is playing its own not insignificant part in whipping up the situation, and the more we hear about Angry Muslims Rising Up, the more they will do so.

I often complain about the BBC’s ignorance. If anyone is interested in how Israel came into being and the legality of its presence in Jerusalem, I suggest they watch this. It’s long, but persevere, because you’re worth it.